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Wave Alchemy Complete Drums 2 screenshot
Wav |3.16 GB
Get every Drum Sample Pack we've ever created.
Drum kits include Battery, exs24, Halion, Kontakt, nnxt, and sfz formats.

A labour love spanning 10 years (and tens of thousands of hours of sound design), Complete Drums is the culmination of Wave Alchemy’s life-long achievement in being the industry leader in drum sample sound design.

Vastly updated for 2019, Complete Drums gives you every drum sample pack we’ve ever created. You’ll get access to characterful, beautifully curated analogue samples from almost every iconic and inspiring drum machine in existence. You’ll find extremely unique and lovingly processed drum & percussive sounds from vintage / modern and modular synths. You’ll have access to thousands of heavily designed and forward-thinking layered drums, quirky percussion, acoustic drums, tape machine & vinyl processed drums, Foley and found percussion and much more…

Complete Drums has received a major update in 2019, and now includes over 34,000 (yes, 34,000!) lovingly produced and organized 24-bit drum samples... We’ve also created tons of drum kits, making use of all available sounds in the collection, totalling over 400 kits. As a bonus, you also get access to 5 feature-rich Ableton live environments and 2 NI Machine packs.

We kept to a 100% analogue signal chain throughout; making use of only incredibly high-end analogue gear, and carefully editing every single sound by hand.

What's Included in Complete Drums?
You'll get access to ALL of the following products, plus some extras:

Tuned Tape Drums
Over 8,000 characterful tape drum samples from a jaw-dropping line-up of iconic drum machines and layered sound sources; each tuned across two full octaves in the analogue domain using tape machine Varispeed!

From quirky drum synths such as the SDSV and Syncussion, to timeless classics such as the 808, 909, 707 and everything in-between; we sourced a collection of beautifully restored drum machines specifically for this project.

SYS-100 Drums
1500 beautifully designed analogue drum samples, each intuitively crafted and layered from the ground up using an iconic, all-time classic semi-modular synthesizer...

For extra character, we additionally recorded all sounds to ¼ inch analogue tape and 12-inch Vinyl..

Drum Tools 02
Over 4000 ground-breaking electronic drum samples, each carefully crafted and layered by hand using a huge array of analogue drum machines, analogue synths, foley recordings and acoustic sound sources!

Essential for Techno, EDM, DnB, Dubstep, Deep House, Trap, Electronica and everything in-between

2 Keyboards Worth of Kicks
An exciting collection of over 380 extremely characterful, highly usable kick drum samples that easily turn into many more inside your mixes! A treasure trove for the kick drum fanatic

Claps & Stacks
A diverse collection of 562 layered claps, synthetic snaps, processed machine claps, filthy lo-fi sounds, dusty noise hits, layered snare/clap ensembles and much more; an essential toolkit for modern music genres such as House, Techno, Dubstep and EDM…

Synth Drums
Ten Vintage synthesizers expertly programmed to create a ground-breaking Drum Library, our most comprehensive and intricately designed to date.

Synth Drums includes over 5900 cutting edge drum samples and percussive hits, each carefully crafted by hand, on a sound-by-sound basis…

Drum Machine Collection
4000 expertly crafted drum sounds from the most sought-after drum machines in existence! Sound sources include the TR-808, TR-909, TR-707 and TR-606. Jomox AIRBase99, XBase 999 and Mbase 11. Vermona DRM MK11, MFB Schlagzwerg, Linndrum and Drumtraks…

Drum Tools 01 Deluxe
Over 5800 unique electronic drum samples which have been crafted from the ground upwards by the creative layering and processing of drum machines, exotic synthesizers & field recordings!

Now featuring over 3800 additional tape variations recorded at three saturation levels to a Studer A80 MK1 analogue tape machine…

Syncussion Drums
1885 beautifully crafted drum samples from the ultra-rare and extremely raw sounding Pearl Syncussion SY-1 analogue drum synthesizer! Also includes 800 drum hits recorded to 1/4” tape via a Studer A80 tape machine…

Future Chill Drums
321 creatively designed found sound and Foley drums, lovingly processed through boutique analogue gear. Expect to find quirky percussion, abstract kicks, dusty snares and more...

Berlin Techno Drums
228 drum sounds taken from our popular Berlin Techno library. Expect to find heavily designed driving kicks, punchy snares, crispy claps, hi-hats, percussion and more...

Deep House & Garage (drums only)
185 drum sounds taken from our Deep House & Garage library. Expect to find characterful kicks, dirty snares, and dusty hats & percussion…

Future House (drums only)
108 drum sounds taken from our Future House library. Expect to find contemporary kicks, layered snares & claps, futuristic percussion and more…

Tech House & Minimal (drums only)
401 drum sounds taken from our popular Tech House & Minimal library. Expect punchy drums and creatively glitched-out percussion sounds…

Deep Tech & Progressive (Drums only)
662 drum sounds taken from our Deep Tech & Progressive library. Expect to find deep kicks, snappy snares and a huge folder of synthetic / tribal percussive type affairs…

Paperskins Snare Toolkit
A hand crafted collection of 'filthy' snare drum samples and layering tools, including 633 cutting edge sounds and blending components!...

At a glance
34,000+ 24-bit wav, 100% royalty free drum and percussive hits
15,000+ Tape processed drum samples, recorded via a classic Studer A80 MK1 and Ampex ATR-102 tape machine
1700+ Vinyl processed drum samples, recorded via a classic Neumann VMS 70 vinyl mastering lathe
4.8 GB unzipped
400+ pre-mapped drum kits including sampler patches for Battery, Kontakt, Reason NNXT, Halion, EXS24 and SFZ
5 feature-rich Ableton Live packs with full Push integration
2 Native Instruments’ Maschine packs

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AudioZ Exclusive

This release has been exclusively provided to AudioZ
by our member Etienne.


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Nice, thank you. Love this company, will definitely buy from them ASAP.
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Thanks this is useful for me. no corrupt files here with zippy.
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Massive, super high quality drum collection.
  Resident 17.04.2012 275
this is about 3rd times found the sample packs, but why not buy a true drum machine and record, processing it to create a true music?
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Thanks Etienne appreciate this share.
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thank you Olymoon!!!!
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That's a lot of drums!
Thanks for sharing these.

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