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Samples » Kontakt
Native Instruments Action Strings 2 KONTAKT-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 13 May 2021 | 28.56GB
- Creative control and musicality meet stunningly realistic sound
- Compose thrilling string parts with a range of articulations captured from multiple mic positions
- Over 30 GB of dynamic phrases that can be tweaked and blended in limitless combinations

With a huge library of orchestral samples and a cutting-edge approach to sampling, ACTION STRINGS 2 gives you the high-octane sound of a full string ensemble with an extraordinary level of creative control. This innovative instrument lets you quickly produce original scores with stunning string sounds, creating the perfect workflow for cinematic soundtracks that are rich in dramatic tension.

ACTION STRINGS 2 introduces Live Modules - mini-phrases that have been meticulously recorded at different pitches and dynamic intensities, and then combined to create hundreds of phrases and themes. These innovative building blocks can be fused together in countless combinations to deliver the best of both worlds - incredibly natural-sounding string parts combined with a level of freedom and versatility that simply couldn't be achieved with a single-note library. Chop up, duplicate, and infinitely tweak elements of phrases, to create your own individual flourishes, runs and swells.

Recorded by the Hungarian Studio Orchestra in the renowned TOM TOM Studio D, the extraordinary sounds of ACTION STRINGS 2 were captured in fine detail from five mic positions. Delivered with sparkling reverb and EQ effects, these exhilarating melodies, driving rhythms, and forceful chords are ready to give your scores instant orchestral drama.

There are no boundaries to where a string score can go with ACTION STRINGS 2. The Phrase Editor engine lets you freely arrange live modules, and then tweak pitch, volume, and rhythm.

Speed up your orchestration process by simply dragging and dropping themes into your DAW to create an editable MIDI region.

As well as combining live modules together, you can play note sequences in real time with a range of articulations using a MIDI controller or DAW.

Pitch single notes and modules up or down to create distinctive phrases using Melody Mode, or transform simple chords into breathtaking passages with Arpeggiator Mode.

ACTION STRINGS 2 combines the heart-stopping tension of violin and viola with the deep, warming tones of cello and bass. Two separately configurable ensembles, Low and High, give you anything from delicately emotive melodies to ominous blasts of power. New bow-attack compensation technology also delivers an ultra-realistic playing experience, while the dynamics envelope control lets you draw in bold sweeps, from subtle diminuendos all the way to towering crescendos.

ACTION STRINGS 2 reaches a new level of playability on a KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard. Toggle quickly and easily between phrases with the Light Guide, or create scores on the fly in Freeplay Mode, all with EQ, reverb and tempo parameters automatically mapped to the controls - a direct line to your creative inspiration.

ACTION STRINGS 2 was developed with the award-winning SONUSCORE and is the fifth instrument from this successful collaboration following ACTION STRINGS, EMOTIVE STRINGS, ACTION STRIKES, and MALLET FLUX. Having worked on over 2,000 projects in the videogame, TV and film industry, SONUSCORE stands for high-quality and inspiring instruments with a twist, easy accessibility, and the most direct way from a creative idea to a musical composition.

- Free KONTAKT PLAYER version 6.5.3 and higher, or KONTAKT version 6.5.3 and higher
- Please also see the KONTAKT 6 PLAYER system requirements and the KONTAKT 6 PLAYER FAQ
- ACTION STRINGS 2 needs a fast CPU to run
- Intel i7 processor or higher

- Product type: KOMPLETE instrument
- For use with: Free KONTAKT PLAYER version 6.5.3 and higher, or KONTAKT version 6.5.3 and higher
- Sound Category: Cinematic strings

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  Member 23.05.2017 34
That's Amazing great Cinema
  Member 29.09.2017 208
Oh yes, it's here
  Resident 16.11.2013 11 630

thank you!
  Member 11.07.2017 43 199
  Member 21.03.2016 8
Is there any way to download all UPLOADED links together to save time. Thanks.
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1384 12766
Of course, use JDownloader it's free
  Member 12.01.2019 1 6
Does this work with real debrid links??? if so please explain! thanks :)
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1384 12766
I dont know, I use a 9 euros/month UL premium account.
But let's not get out of topic. You can find many info about JDownloader searching a bit.
  Resident 15.09.2013 122
Yes , premium account --> Real Debrid --> have fun !
  Member 24.08.2013 32
I've a little confused. I found ti can run on Kontakt 6.5.2 but the requirement said 6.5.3
  Member 24.08.2013 32
I'm on Mac Mini i7 + OS X 10.4 and it can run on Kontakt 6.5.2
  Member 21.05.2021 14
This doesn't work for me. When I try to unpack the files it's missing files. Downloaded all 35, took ages.
  Member 16.01.2014 305
Thank you DECiBELLE
Every Moment Of Life Is A Miracle
  Member 20.03.2016 4 19
not even requested and already there...great work!
  Member 20.04.2018 26
Thanks a ton DECiBELLE Thank you AudioZ
  Member 8.03.2016 1 242
that was fast! Thanks Decibelle. I'm saving the peeplink for when I buy my next premium account.
MY GEAR: Only Hi-End HW sonically engineered for us cats which you've probably never heard about and will never have access to, cuz we r awesome and u suk.
  Resident 29.05.2019 30
Exellent.Je viens à peine de recevoir l'annonce de sa sortie dans ma boite aux lettres ...Et le lendemain WAHOU! Audioz cheri nous comble .Un grand merci les gas

Exellent, I have just received the announcement of its release in my mailbox ... And the next day WAHOU! Audioz cheri fills us with a big thank you gas
  Member 28.01.2021 6
Enfin un français !
Dis moi, comment fais-tu pour faire fonctionner une library de NI, via Kontakt, alors que tout passe par le Native Access ?
  Resident 18.01.2014 459
This is such a great generous gesture, Team DECiBEL (all of the members)!
Thank you so much!

And thank you AudioZ, too!

...and this at the end of the Fathers Day holiday. We can play around with it all evening long!
  Member 3.11.2019 2
Thats's amazing ! Thank you so much !!
  Resident 29.09.2012 4 631
Every new NI library delivered free, that's AudioZ
Dream Trance
  Member 6.08.2019 1 23
Does this have all of what Action Strings 1 have too? Or is it just different?
  Member 23.11.2016 2 39
It's essentially an upgraded version of the Action Strings. It has completely new samples but it can do everything the first one could and more. They've recorded more phrases, made it more customisable, added midi export feature. It's definitely a replacement for Action Strings 1, if you gonna get this, there's no reason to keep the original one.
  Member 9.02.2021 8
From FAQ ;

Are the sounds from ACTION STRINGS 1 included in ACTION STRINGS 2?

ACTION STRINGS 2 consists of all-new samples recorded specifically for this library. However, the majority of phrases from ACTION STRINGS 1 have been recreated and reimagined using the live modules in ACTION STRINGS 2.

Can I load my ACTION STRINGS 1 presets into ACTION STRINGS 2?

Since ACTION STRINGS 1 does not have the modular approach of ACTION STRINGS 2, there’s no technical compatibility between the two. However, you can recreate what you were doing in ACTION STRINGS 1 by using the phrase builder in ACTION STRINGS 2.
  Member 18.02.2020 3
Many thanks DECiBELLE
  Resident 12.11.2014 6 136
Has anyone tried this with an i5 processor? I know it says it requires i7

Update: Works fine with my i5 Processor. Not even close to pushing it hard.
  Member 1.12.2013 27
Hmmm... I'm getting Demo mode is there a way to get it out of this mode ? On Windows 10 64
  Member 21.07.2020 2
Is there a way to change the install location? It wants to install on my C: drive and I can't change it in the installer. Thanks in advance!
  Member 31.01.2015 11 152
During installation you can change the destination
  Member 6.01.2015 1 195
the Comment has been Removed

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