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Output Analog Brass and Winds v1.0.1 KONTAKT screenshot
FANTASTiC | 21 November 2019 | 14 GB
Throw classics to the wind. Analog Brass and Winds is a virtual instrument for those who dare. Breaking from 400 years of tradition by blurring the line between powerful orchestral sounds and legendary synths to give you next level air.


Big braams, gritty textures, wistful runs blend together to give you the best possible combinations. Get to know how Output’s unconventional sound design flows through the pipes and valves of this engine.


We sampled an 18-piece brass section, 18-piece wind section, and hand-selected soloists at the stunning BMC Hall in Budapest. Capturing contemporary stabs, flutters, trills and unusual techniques.


You’d know them by name. Legendary, modern, highly coveted synths were picked for their brass and wind-like characteristics. Patches were fashioned to inspire bold new textures that are near impossible with live instruments.


Bold and bizarre timbres fuse with brass and winds to give your sounds extra zest. Experiment with our signature custom sounds designed from unexpected sources.

It Takes Guts

Bend these sounds to your will. Our familiar and most intuitive interface to date meets new source material. An easy-to-use workflow made to breathe new life into all airy sounds with built-in advanced modulation routing, dual tape loopers, dual arpeggiators, flux sequencing, and four macro sliders.


•500+ Presets for instant playability
•28 GB sound library (14 GB compressed)
•Syncs to tempo
•Powerful dual-layer engine
•Preset menu with smart tagging
•Layer FX and global FX
•4 central macro sliders unique to each preset
•Dual arpeggiators
•Built-in help menu
•Requires Kontakt 5 Full Version or Kontakt Free Version 5.7.1

v1.0.1 - 2019-03-06

Updated NKS images.

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  Member 17.01.2014 429
Is it available only update? Thanks.
  Contributor 17.03.2015 8579 185
quote by shuffleboyIs it available only update? Thanks.

Unfortunately not
  Resident 26.01.2014 2327
great add. thank you!
..grateful for HEXWARS, R2R, SYNTHiC4TE, CASHMERE & ALL teams, AZ crew past and present, and friends I have met here who I care for and have been nothing but amazing to me.
  Member 4.07.2015 287
do we know what has been added in the update besides OS stuff. Any new presets/sounds? THX!
  Resident 18.08.2018 296
I only got into Kontakt about two months ago and I really like all the Output stuff, this looks cool. thanks a lot Fantastic! You’re doing a fantastic job
  Member 22.10.2016 421
I'm jealous of you Mud, just starting out on your Kontakt journey.
So much great stuff available to explore but you better stock up on hard drives.
  Resident 18.08.2018 296
I got a 1 month premium account and hit the 1TB limit in only 2 weeks.
  Resident 1.02.2017 478
what is 14GB (compressed) in this distorted low bit-rate '80s synth sound?
  Member 1.09.2019 21
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 12.10.2013 4 142
Many many thanks !
  Member 26.05.2012 16 1294
This is just an NKS update... useless, really...since I already have it.
  Resident 16.01.2014 -1 892
I unpacked the ISO and when I try to run the installer I get 'Run the installer from original DVD'

Solved! If you right-click on the ISO (Win 8/10) you will see a new built-in Mount, and clicking that will create a setup that lets you install it.
When I get this one, I'll be able to create something
  Member 28.08.2017 4
Has anyone got this (or the previous Analog Brass release by FANTASTiC) working in Kontakt 6.1.1 for OSX?

I tried adding the Analog Brass library from FANTASTiC's release via Kontakt 5.6.0 using "add library", but it doesn't shows up in either Kontakt 5.6.0 or Kontakt 6.1.1. I'd just like to know before downloading an additional 14GB library that I cannot use :(

Any suggestions?? I'm on High Sierra using Ableton Live 10.1.1. Thanks in advance!
  Member 14.06.2016 24
there should be an xml file for this library found at /Library/Application Support/Native Instruments/Service Center . open it in a text editor and change the SNPID Line to the SNPID number found inside the .nicnt file. The .nicnt file should be inside the Analog brass kontakt library fodler

haven't downloaded yet but typically that solves the issue

you may need to use Permissions Reset on
/Library/Application Support/Native Instruments/Service Center to write to the xml file or view it
  Member 28.08.2017 4
That did the trick. Thank you! And thank you FANTASTiC for the wonderful release as always.
  Resident 7.07.2008 3 176
for 14gB this is one huge piece of plastic ... I think I'll stick with my hardware fantom x8. at least I have a weighted keyboard and no plastic

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