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Add Library Updates : Kontakt 5.v5.6.8 SYMLiNK FIXED Add Library Problem screenshot
This is an "Add Library.exe" update for Kontakt 5.v5.6.8 SYMLiNK FIXED Add Library Problem

Add Library v1.0.4
- Fixed problem with adding self-made libraries.

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  Resident 5.12.2012 752 14872
  Contributor 2.11.2014 1564 8535
  Resident 11.10.2014 344 4109
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  Member 21.10.2017 3
  Member 24.09.2016 1 182
Is this windows only?
"Musicians don't retire; they stop when there's no more music in them." -Louis Armstrong
  Member 17.10.2017 6
Does not work
Cinematic Studio Solo Strings is not installed
the aapplication sa
  Member 17.10.2017 6
sooooorry, clicked too fast
the application says that the change will be effective at next launch of kontak... but i can't see any changes in the library list
I use 5.6.6 version SYMK
  Member 8.09.2017 2
I fixed it by deleting every instance of Add Library.exe
This is what i did

Went to my installation drive C:
Did a windows search for Add Library exe
Replaced All Found Add Library.exe with new version

hope it works for you
  Member 3.06.2016 201
Welcome kronzsw. I did a search like you did but found nothing. Could you tell me where to find it and how many instances are. Thanks.
  Member 8.09.2017 2

so i installed on the C: drive

i replaced the following

C:KONTAKT\For Information Only\Add Library 1.0.0
C:KONTAKT\For Infromation Only\Add Library 1.0.1
C:KONTAKT\C\Program Files\ Common Files\Native Instruments \Kontakt 5

in total 3 instances.

after you replace them go to
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Service Center

and delete the .xml of whatever library faild to install. run a scan again and it should work
  Member 21.10.2017 3
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 27.08.2013 3 250
for the FL Studio users that are having problems getting the symlink install to work:

it's gonna seem weird but it's the firewall software that is causing an error, if you want to get the symlink versions to work you're gonna have to turn off your firewall (take you system offline to be safe). i have been struggling for days to get the symlink updates to work until i saw the reply by Usdllama about it needing internet, thinking that that would be a bit weird i just disabled my firewall and symlink was working without any problems
  Member 12.12.2017 8
Where is the Mac Au Fix at? I have 5.5 trying to run project sam swing 2
  Resident 12.01.2014 215
Is there a 32 bit support or is it all 64 bit now?
If you're able to correct me, then you understood me fine in the first place. prick.
  Member 3.03.2018 4
but unfortunately,
it seems that there is no "Libraries Manager" like in "Kontakt_5.8_portable" ???
is there something to add to use a Library Manager with the version ?

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