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DISCOVER | May/16th/2017 | 13.5GB
ETHERA Soundscapes takes you into an amazing world of stunning male and female voices, synths and ambient sounds for your cinematic and electronic compositions. Ethera Soundscapes is a massive 14 GB library created for soundtrack producers everywhere. It is armed with a custom Kontakt GUI and over 500 Kontakt patches.

......:::::: Ethera Soundscapes Consists Of Three Instruments In One ::::::......
First, there is a sublime vocal library with both a male and female voice which is based on the critically acclaimed Ethera Vocal library with the phrases and phonemes inclined toward the cinematic. The second library is an atmospheric ambience collection with patches that can evoke anything from everyday experiences to shocking horror and grandiose beauty.

Lastly, there is a massive bank of custom made synth instruments designed specifically for the soundtrack creative. There are leads, pads, arps and much more all with a bespoke interface that allows the user to customise or to create brand new sounds. There is even an arpeggiator and fx rack.

Check out the video demos to see just how vast and versatile this library is. Ethera Soundscapes really is the one-stop-shop for soundtrack creation.

......:::::: Product Specifications ::::::......
Format: Native Instruments Kontakt
• Over 14 GB Of 24-Bit 48khz Compressed Kontakt (.NCW) Format Samples
• Inspirational Collection Of Original Vocal Phrases Organised By Key & Tempo
• Hybrid Organic Wavetable Synth With Sample Grain Control
• 2 Midi Assignable Modulations
• Arpeggiator With 6x Play Mode
• Scripted Legato & Portamento Vocal Voxel
• Voxel & Phoneme Sustains
• Voxel & Phoneme Controlled By Mod Wheel
• GUI with Easy To Use Controls & Fully Automated Midi Learn Controllers
• Fx Rack With Midi Learn
• Phrases With 2 Sync Modes & Legato Mode
• Two (Off-Set) Sample Start Controls On The Vocal Phrases
• Waveform Display
• Male Voice Patches
• Unique Voice Of The Vocalist (Clara Sorace)
• Roli Seaboard Supported
• Over 500 Presets
• For More Detailed Info On the Features Functionality And Capabilities Of Ethera Soundscapes Please Take A Look At The PDF Reference Manual

......:::::: DEMO/PREViEW ::::::......

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  Resident 28.10.2016 12 208
A massive thank you
  Resident 18.01.2014 290
Wow. This is really a great offer to us.
Thank you very much.
  Member 6.04.2015 104
Danke, 謝謝, obrigado, thank you, мерси, Дзякую, dank u wel, gracias, благодарам, arigato, спасибо, ขอบคุณครับ, 감사합니다, merci, grazie
  Member 18.11.2013 484
Grandioso! Muchas gracias.
  Resident 24.09.2015 1 870
Zero-G and soundscapes, couldn't ask for more.
Thank you discover!
  Resident 4.06.2012 290
Thanks. But really, Discover? Who does split DVDs anymore in 2017? And still triple RARed :(
  Member 12.05.2011 139
At least they are not in 1,44Mb floppy size anymore
  Member 11.04.2016 9 99
the matryoshka of f*ing archives
  Resident 22.03.2012 342
Can't stand those matryoshka - they're so into themselves
  Member 24.12.2015 18
Inside the DVD 1 Part 4 is missing .. thanks for uploaded
  Member 12.05.2011 139
Part 4 to 6 are in folder of dvd2 and so on
  Member 24.12.2015 18
thanks dear
  Resident 2.12.2015 237 490
Reminds me of the Battlefield 1' score
  Resident 28.06.2013 247
i wish they had a few more videos of this library.
  Resident 16.01.2014 -1 609
Dunno whether to keep the original Ethera and Ethera Soul Edition after getting this. Any ideas?
When I get this one, I'll be able to create something
  Resident 7.11.2008 5 302
There's so many walkthrough's here that it's no longer a simple walkthrough, but an epic journey through middle Earth, replete with dragons, orcs, slow voice overs, dickheads, fair maidens, great ideas, funny poems, and sounds that overwhelm thee.

Love hairy armpits on girls! Because this is one hairy product!

By the time you are done, too much time would have passed walkthrough this, but at least you would have grown to love hairy Ethera women.
Without faith nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible.
  Member 20.03.2014 36
Zero-G offers a 20% discount on this release until the 23rd of May. Plus an additional 15% discount when you register for a first purchase
  Member 15.07.2013 23
The Rapidgator links are gone. Can anyone re-up?
  Member 15.07.2013 23
Thanks for the re-up. I can't get this to work though - too many sub-folders and I keep getting messages saying parts are corrupt. Then the install folders won't delete because Windows can't find them - even though I'm looking at them.
My advice? Avoid this one altogether.
  Member 3.04.2014 13
Same here :(
  Resident 25.01.2012 1953
the (russian site) torrent of this is not zipped at all for those that use torrents. But there is only so much oh's and ah's that I can stand to hear..
  Member 21.12.2016 2 5
Can you please message me the "russian site" you speak of my friend because i cant get these extracted without errors/corrupt files ?
  Moderator 21.01.2012 916 8256
Try with this winrar 5.40
  Member 15.07.2013 23
Yes I would lke a link too if possible, please.
  Member 21.12.2016 2 5
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 17.02.2016 15
Just repair the ZeroG_Ethera_Soundscapes.part02 (or the one that is corrupted) file and it will be fine.
  Member 21.12.2016 2 5
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 21.12.2016 2 5
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 20.05.2017 2
How do i download all parts at once? or is that possible

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