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AKAI MPC full content usb updater screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | MPC | 6.82 GB
This is the content reinstall file for the MPC Live 1 & 2, for those that deleted the factory content installed on the internal drive.

This is NOT compatible with the MPC One.

You can reinstall the factory content using an autorun folder. Download the folder and follow the provided instructions.

Akai MPC Content Reinstall:

1. Download the .zip file.

2. Unzip the downloaded file.

3. Copy the contents onto either a USB stick, or an SD card (exFAT format, at least 16GB capacity), and make sure this content is placed in the root directory of the removable device - do NOT place the content inside a folder on the removable drive. *

4. Turn on MPC and wait until the Demo selection screen pops up.

5. Plug in the prepared USB stick or SD card.

* 6. A popup will appear asking if you want to download the contents. Press “YES”.*

7. The MPC will reboot to a black screen and will start importing the content. DO NOT POWER OFF UNIT.

8. Unit will reboot after it has completed the import, and the content will be be available thereafter as normal.

To be absolutely clear, the path will be sdcarddriveletter:\autorun\*.*

* The MPC will no longer prompt to install. Make sure you have enough battery power for the installation process to complete, the process will take approximately 15 minutes, there will be no progress indicator during the install process. *

____.-===/// \\\===-.____

This release has been exclusively provided to AudioZ
by our member who wish to remain anonymous.

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I have the file from Akai for my OG Live and even zipped its 3GB bigger than this?
  Contributor 12.08.2010 103 1965
is it a rar or zip file? might be why its diff because of the compression of the files type
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Does this contain any MPC software compatible sound banks or even WAVs?
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This is the exact file Akai will send you to restore the factory content on your MPC Live 1 or MPC Live 2 (content is identical between both units).

The reason it is significant is, if the internal content is removed from the internal drive, the MPC will possibly hang or bizarre bugs will occur.

The internal drive is NOT available as a drive, thus, this is the only way to restore the factory content on the MPC Live 1 or 2 and getting in contact with Akai can be a hit or miss proposition.

For people such as myself, I purchased both my Live 1 and Live 2 used, got an amazing deal on both, but all of the internal content was missing on both, this upload is the file I obtained from Akai in the beginning of September of 2021. It is provided for those that need it.

If you don't have an MPC Live 1 or 2, this is not going to benefit you much.
  Member 18.03.2014 2 95
hats off , for me now the best beat making software out there.
When you understand the software MPC sequence, tracks, keygroups.
And when you understand midi input and channels and multi output from this software, you can build such a great setup in ableton .. its like a dream.
MPC and Ableton works so good together.
I´m in love with this :)
  Member 11.04.2014 2
I downloaded unzipped and placed the files on the root of an SD exfat but I can't get the MPC live to ask to load the content.
Any advices?
this are the files that are inside the sd:
one autorun empty folder
autorun check
autorun json
autorun sh
data folder (demos & expansions)
and update content data file.

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