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Samples » MIDI, SF, Akai
USB Soundscan vol. 01-63 (AKAI) screenshot
USB Soundscan vol. 01-63
Old Release | AKAI | TOTAL RAR SIZE 9.46 GB

Ultimatesoundbank Soundscan collection of AKAI CDs loops, phrases, vanshoty and tools for every taste (Rock, pop, funk, jazz, hip hop, ethnics, techno, house drum ...)

List as follow:
USB Soundscan vol.01 - Hard & Loud Techno [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.02 - Underground Hip Hop [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.03 - Pure Electro [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.04 - Electric & Acoustic Guitar Loops [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.05 - Explosive Jungle [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.06 - Electric & Acoustic Bass [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.07 - Drum Loops Crazy Processed [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.08 - Jazz & Latin Drumloops [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.09 - Keyboards Old School [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.10 - Drums Acoustic [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.11 - Drums Dance & Groove [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.12 - Bass Analog & Synth [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.13 - Ethereal Atmosphere [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.14 - Special FX Twisted [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.15 - Acoustic Percussions [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.16 - Brazil Bossa [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.17 - Keyboards Acoustic [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.18 - Funky Vocals [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.19 - Hip Hop R'n B [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.20 - Fresh Disco House I [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.21 - Fresh Disco House II [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.22 - Vintage Blues Guitar [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.23 - Historical Instruments [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.24 - Industrial Loops [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.25 - Big Beat Drumloops [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.26 - Big Beat Samples & More [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.27 - Ragga & Dub Reggae [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.28 - Choir Acoustic & Synth [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.29 - Killer Brass Riffs [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.30 - Bass Grooves [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.31 - Miro's Grooves [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.32 - Roots Disco [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.33 - Disjointed Textures [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.34 - Burning Grunge Hip Hop [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.35 - Dark Side Of TripHop [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.36 - Percussion Loops [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.37 - Pop-Rock Drumloops [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.38 - Funk-Groove Drumloops [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.39 - Brushed Drum Loops [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.40 - Complete Accordions [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.41 - Roots Funk [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.42 - Celtic Flavours [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.43 - Arabian Traditions [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.44 - (Sorry Missing)
USB Soundscan vol.45 - Indian Traditions [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.46 - 70's Breakbeats [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.47 - Hip Hop R'n B #2 [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.48 - Ominous Drones [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.49 - Analog Fantasies [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.50 - (Sorry Missing)
USB Soundscan vol.51 - House Side Of 2 Step [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.52 - (Sorry Missing)
USB Soundscan vol.53 - Mediterranean Traditions [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.54 - (Sorry Missing)
USB Soundscan vol.55 - Creative and Dub Bass [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.56 - Modern Percussion Loops [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.57 - SFX Toolbox Vol 1 [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.58 - Drum'n Bass Sensations [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.59 - Spanish & Gipsy Traditions [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.60 - Asian Traditions [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.61 - (Sorry Missing)
USB Soundscan vol.62 - Complete Harps [AKAI]
USB Soundscan vol.63 - Balkanish Tradition [AKAI]

Sorry, Missing 5 DISCs.

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  Member 31.01.2012 1 48
could we play these loops with kontakt player?
  Resident 15.09.2011 1 3809
Yes, Kontakt can read Akai CDs. All you have to do is use the right CD/DVD image mounting software. Alcohol 100% Portable is what I use and recommend. So mount it, and read it from Kontakt, choose the loop you want and it will convert it for you.
"The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited
  Resident 20.02.2011 1201
Those 5 CDs has always been missing Billy J..... so no need for being sorry wink
You can't have everything; where would you put it?
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 4485
i had these plugins installed on my old G4 Mac and loved them they hhad good sound quality
  Resident 9.12.2008 5 878
@ simx

@ Phloopy
For a while vol.44 'African Traditions' was around, now don't know...

@ lyric8
me too, good plugs at time... tongue
 - ElMoreno plays LogicProX on Mac - 
  Resident 2.10.2008 515
Good job Billy, Thanks a lot!
  Member 7.02.2013 35
thanks a lot to still updating akai stuff here !!! great job !!!
  Member 25.04.2012 125
I remember soundscan at this time i have buying my first synth triton and the fx soundscan
I would like to have the traditional serie but not in the shop

So big thx billy cos it will make me glad to work with TIME OF MY YOUNG DAYS GONE BE BACK wink
  Member 15.01.2013 8
  Member 1.03.2014 3
Yes! It's a big Upload and i'm very Bad. I try to extract the upload with Deamon Tools and Winrar but It isn't possible...everyon of Audiozone use this but I can't.
No error in the doaload but use.
Can Someone help me, Please? Perhaps i need another software?
but what?
  Member 18.09.2013 5
This upload is awesome. Thanks so much!
  Member 18.01.2014 29 51
Any one know the original product-release date of this series?

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