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Riemann Kollektion Psychedelic Techno 1 WAV screenshot
JukeDon , 22 June 2019 , 605 mb
Back with another instant-classic
This is a new series of Berlin based sounddesign label Riemann Kollektion called "Psychedelic Techno" which focuses on psychoacoustic harmonies and soundscapes, but nicely woven into the grid of four to the floor modern Techno.

Carefully crafted from scratch, the primarily analog sounds host that so much apprechiated organic feel, which results from the unpredictable noises and small errors of analog gear.

This exotic pack contains 701MB of high end 24bit WAV recordings which captured every nouance of the heavy analog synths like the Oberheim OB-6, Juno-106, Eurorack Modularsystem, Minilogue or different Moog models and their analog effect chains.

The Drones and background noises are a secret weapon in Techno production as well as he synth hooks and sequences, which also contain some evolving recordings which can be chopped and processed furtheraccording to your taste.

The Bass Loops, HiHiat Loops, Fx Loops, Kickdrum Loops etc. are the basic tools to build up your own beats from scratch as these are already perfect sounding source materials. You can find everything you need for a deep and elegant Techno track within this package!

Riemann Kollektion provides you with more than 15 years experience in Techno production.

All sounds are made for maximum impact on large horn soundsystems like Funktion One or VOID.

Download contains:

605MB / 270 x 24-bit Wav files

• 10 Background Loops
• 20 Bass Loops
• 20 Beat Loops
• 15 Drone Loops
• 20 Fx Loops
• 10 Hihat Loops
• 10 Kickdrum Loops
• 15 Perc Loops
• 10 Ride Loops
• 10 Snare Loops
• 30 Synth Sequences
• 10 Top Loops
• 90 Oneshots

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  Member 10.11.2013 58

Thanks JukeDon! Fiyah!
“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”
  Member 14.03.2017 30 225
You are the best! More Techno stuffs please!!!!
  Member 19.01.2018 1

so after the melodic techno now we have psychedelic techno... in the future i will wait for full on techno
  Member 17.05.2019 73 117
No man i wish.. Nowadays is Acid-revival number 6 or so .. Its ok for one track but after that it bores me
Im sticking to what i like (all kinds of music , for starters) the more "harder", pumping , DJ Rush in 2001 , Speedy J , Marco Remus, ... -type of sound mixed with hypnotic and melodic (i always found that that one , is a bullshit name cuz every sort of techno is melodic) Trippy sounds
Whole world is fuckin' crazy, you don't know what to trust. You can stay away from drugdealers and gangbangers all your life and still get killed by a squirrel
  Member 10.04.2012 214
then hightek techno and the circle is complete
  Member 17.05.2019 73 117
High-Tech Minimal you mean? :p Well yeah i kind of included that into the "hypnotic" department , but yeah ... i like melodark also if you really want all the names. Waiting on Hozho's album the 30th .
lol i Got Boris Brejcha's Logo as a tattoo on my fore arm . That pretty much says it all
Whole world is fuckin' crazy, you don't know what to trust. You can stay away from drugdealers and gangbangers all your life and still get killed by a squirrel

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