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Edinburghrecords - Boom Bap Pack [FREE] screenshot
WAV | 270 MB
The Boom Bap Pack was Recorded by DJ Sonny on the MPC 1000 contains over 40 single drum samples & over 100 sound samples. You can use these free boom bap drum kits in any rap, old school, East coast or boom bap beats. Arm yourself with these boom bap sounds and start making some old school classic instrumentals.

Boom bap is a style of production in hip-hop music. “boom bap” is an onomatopoeia for the drum sounds prominent, the kick, “boom,” and the snare, “bap”. It was historically the East Coast style of hip-hop and the original style as opposed to the modern southern trap style. It is usually recognized by an acoustic drum loop/break sampled from a vinyl record that is then chopped up using a sampler, such as the Akai MPC or the E-mu SP1200.

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Video :)
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Haha, yeah. The drums are purposefully off-time (whether I am making Boom Bap or not, when I use my 16 pad to lay down a drum track, I try to get it exactly how I want it to sound, which is humanized, *not intentionally skewed,) and the bassline sounds like it's on heroin. XD
Drums sound decent enough though. :)
"Rap is a gimmick, but I'm for the hip-hop, the culture." - Method Man -
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