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Thanks to team Flare the Sonic extensions are here!! Hoping a kind soul is able to provide this recent update.

From guitar sampling legend Bob Daspit. Exclusive new “Sky Verb” beautiful shimmer reverb effect!. Exclusive new “Sky Channel” Class-A channel strip effect! Gorgeous hybrid ambient guitar sounds and organic textures. Realism control adds lifelike imperfections – breathing, noises. Easily mix between three mic channels – Tube, X/Y, Wide. Fingerstyle, Picked, and Flamenco performance styles. Muted, Tremolo, Harmonics, and other playing techniques. Extraordinary new Strumming feature with Humanity and Life! Build your own strum patterns with new Arp step modifiers. Round Robins, Legato articulations, and much more…
Requires Omnisphere 2.8 or higher

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  Member 2.03.2019 96
Yepp I post my previous comment here as well:

Basically we wouldn't need to wait for somebody to upload the latest Patches or Soundsources because it can be done from the official spectrasonics site.
The problem is nobody knows the webpage links for the updates...

I saw there are updates available for Unclean Machine and Nylon Sky

Does anybody know the direct links to the official Spectrasonics updates website(s)?

Because once it has been leaked that these are for Omnisphere, Keyscape, Trilian...

So anyone can update their Software version Patch or Soundsource library.
Now I see that the exact same update method for SonicEX is the same.
The problem is you have to type in your serial number to see that updates website so we can't access it.

So Sonic Extensions has the same update system just I couldn't figure out what should be the correct words in the link.
I tried like:

None of these worked can anyone play with the guesses maybe somebody hits the correct "word"
Like .

Or if somebody owns some of the Sonic Extensions please share the link with us it's nothing to do with the serial number etc it is a public webpage which can be used and viewed by anyone it's nothing illegal about this.
  Member 5.06.2020 51
Yeah. Noticed I seem to be getting audio freezes, I think specifically with these two banks. Patch just stops playing sometimes and I need to initialise, the plugin again. This was Logic 10.7.1, Big Sur, Omnisphere 2.8.1c.
  Member 29.10.2021 11
i might know how to help sorta this guys friend might have the updates
  Member 30.05.2017 9
The plot thickens...
Download links for updates typically have this link format, where "xxx" is a three digit number:

I've iterated through the number options a bit and downloads seem to end at 159, which is the latest Keyscape Soundsource Library Update. I think Sonic Extensions updates probably have a different link format for downloads which may mean that the download page link is different from the typical software links as well. Or else perhaps the update downloads aren't live for these yet and only the details have been pre-cached so far?
  Member 2.03.2019 96
No issues at all on Windows 10 21H1
  Member 5.06.2020 51
Good to know. Not sure if its a Logic config thing. Using the VST in Cubase and seems to be ok. May just be something else.

Thanks for your post. I tried a few configurations of the url, but kept getting denied. I think you may be onto something though.
  Member 5.06.2020 51
Alas, it was an audio issue with Logic Pro. I noticed as the sound preview button on Omni was still producing a signal. Some sort of overload. Disable and reenable Core Audio in prefs and the sound comes back. Maybe to do with having low latency enabled. Not an issue in Cubase it appears.

Anybody Mac users that may be able to provide anymore insight into this would be welcome.
  Member 5.06.2020 51
Do you know if anybody sussed this, or if these two patch updates have become available yet? Seems the thread has gone quiet since release.
  Member 29.06.2019 40 83
What News in Nylon Sky 1.1c please ?
  Member 30.11.2016 1 56
Please upload it, we need it:)!!!
  Releaser 6.01.2018 116 415
quote by 24HchronoiseWhat News in Nylon Sky 1.1c please ?

Nylon Sky Patches 1.1c
Fixes issue in "Variation" control on the Patch "Tarantos Strum"

Unclean Machine Patches 1.1c
Miscellaneous Custom Controls improvements
  Member 29.06.2019 40 83
Thank you for news josenacha !
  Member 9.04.2014 116
please x10
  Member 10.09.2018 2 435
I hate it when I open Omnisphere and warns me about the updates! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr....Please provide us with this beauty! Thanks!

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