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REQ: Physical Music - TimeFreezer screenshot
- freezes any kind of audio in real time from audio files
- you can browse back and forth to any position of the track
- you can load wave and aiff files
- holds complex sounds infinitely
- morph to next hold with crossfades(->10s)
- transform bandpass filter in real time
- repitch the frozen sound in real time
- denoiser adjustable
- analysis time window adjustable
- clipless volume maximizer switchable
- playable with a MIDI keyboard or any MIDI control device
- two keyboard modes: 1 preset per key or transposing
- all controls directly assignable with MIDI
- hold button for notebook playing
- 32 bit float high quality algorithms
- VST compatible to most hosts

download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB Physical Music - TimeFreezer
download from any file hoster with just one LinkSnappy account
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  Member 12.02.2018 195 215
I'm surprised this hasn't been leaked out, same for the other freeze plugin I posted. These have been out for YEARS, almost a whole decade.. Someone HAS to have one of these, at least I hope so.

If someone DOES happen to have this and does not want to publicly share, I will send you my collected list of items you won't find on here or leaked. I'll send a couple items in exchange for it. Thanks for those liking this post! Message me if you have it and I'll send you a pastebin of my collected items I'm referring to.

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