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I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer


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Line6 Helix Native v1.0 x64 CE-V.RIK Multimedia AmpliTube 4 Complete v4.3.0 [WiN-OSX] Incl Keygen-R2RIK Multimedia Syntronik v1.0.0 Incl Keygen FIXED (WiN and OSX)-R2RREQ: Toontrack Superior Drummer 3IK Multimedia Syntronik: Sound Content HYBRID-R2RToontrack Superior Drummer 3 v3.0.1 WiN incl. PatchAudio Damage AD039 Replicant 2 v2.0 WiN-OSX RETAiL-SYNTHiC4TE



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Rap, Hip Hop - 1239 (17.56%)
Jazz, Classical - 256 (3.63%)
World, New Age - 78 (1.11%)
Avant-Garde - 75 (1.06%)
Folk, Country - 64 (0.91%)
Ska - 11 (0.16%)
Electronic (general) - 1548 (21.94%)
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- Club, Dance - 252 (3.57%)
- D&B - 265 (3.76%)
- House - 745 (10.56%)
- Trance - 395 (5.6%)
- Industrial - 116 (1.64%)

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fresh releases

Samples, sound effects, loops
Vengeance World Beats Vol.1 WAV screenshot
P2P | Jan 27 2017 | 932 MB
Make 'em shake it like it's hot with this new samplepack!

Vengeance World Beats offers an enormous library of more than 2,400 bangin' World EDM samples that are perfect for spicing up any Trap, Moombahton, HipHop, Oriental Dance, or Latin House track. The loops are all available in 95, 110 and 125 bpm versions, so they will fit into any sub genre.
Education » Video Tutorials
Lynda - Media Composer 8.6 Essential Training: 101 TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | Jan 27 2017 | 3.89 GB
Media Composer 8. 6 Essential Training is a two-part, start-to-finish training series that will get users up to speed with the Media Composer environment and the basics of nonlinear video editing. This course, 101, focuses on the core aspects of the editing process—from prepping and organizing media, editing and trimming clips, and adding audio, titles, and effects, all the way through media management and output. Each technique is explained thoroughly and concisely, using real-world examples from a documentary-style promotional project. Avid Certified Instructor Maxim Jago introduces all the skills aspiring video editors need to get up and running with this powerful nonlinear editor, and start creating professional video projects of their own.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
ZenSound Deep Space Zebra 2 Soundset-TZ Group screenshot
TZ Group | Zebra 2 Soundset | 1.25 MB
Deep Space is inspired in the vast and wide deep space full of alien galaxies, black holes, fast rotating quasars, nebulaes and the time and space before the big bang and after the big bang. This soundset is formed by atmospheres that reminds extremely big spaces and far away event horizons accompanied with alien voices of planets with dense, warm and acid atmospheres. Deep Space is perfect for ambient music, video games with a dark and dramatic component, or for great suspenseful compositions.
Samples » loops
Paul Cabbin Trap Soul Sample Pack Volume 1 WAV screenshot
FANTASTiC | Jan 27 2017 | 254 MB
Trap Soul Volume 1 is a royalty free sample pack from producer Paul Cabbin (Xzibit, Bishop Lamont, Onyx, Bobby Brown and more) that gives you soulful trap inspired melodic loops and samples to flip. This sample pack includes 16 samples and 10 stem folders for a total of 77 high quality .wav files for your sample flipping enjoyment!
Software » Windows
HitFactor 4.3.0 screenshot
P2P | Jan 27 2017 | 18 MB
A practical sequencer designed to help you compose your own songs using custom samples, record audio, and generate output WAV tracks

Using digital tools to create music can be done in various ways. From simple mixers to advanced editing suites, artists have at their disposal numerous tools to generate new melodies. Addressing simpler needs is HitFactor, a practical music sequencer that allows its users to create WAV songs from custom samples, or by employing the built-in MIDI keyboard.
Software » Windows
Resolume Arena 5.1.3 WiN screenshot
P2P | Jan 27 2017 | 981 MB
Resolume 5 comes in 2 editions. Avenue is the VJ software you know and love, Arena has all the features of Avenue plus features you'd expect from a media server, soft edging, screen warping, DMX input and SMPTE timecode input. Resolume Avenue can play multiple layers of full HD without skipping a beat and it can handle multiple live inputs to make it a virtual video mixing desk.
Software » Windows
Resolume Avenue 4.6.3 WiN screenshot
P2P | Jan 27 2017 | 981 MB
Resolume Avenue VJ Software - Avenue is an instrument for VJs, AV performers and video artists. Avenue puts all your media and effects right at your fingertips, so you can quickly play and improvise your live visuals.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Soundethers Talis Ethers for SERUM FXP WAV-TZ Group screenshot
TZ Group | Patches for SERUM FXP WAV | 572.57 MB
Have you ever had an experience of truly subtle, cinematic textures, ever-evolving, deep, wide fields solwly moving in Serum? If "not exactly" is your answer, then TALIS ETHERS is the right soundset for you.

It's an instant atmospheres builder collection, made for film and game composers, IDM, Ambient, Chillout, and a lot more, based on original field recordings and textures.
Software » Mac OSX
PSPaudioware PSP FETpressor v.1.0.0 MacOS-[k]- offset screenshot
vst, au, rtas. 32 & 64 bits | 27.14 MB
PSP FETpressor is a FET feedback type compressor plug-in. It’s designed to provide accurate, almost instant compression with lots of character. Great for vocals, guitars, bass, drums, and whenever a classic 1970s-style FET compressor is needed. PSP FETpressor contains everything you’d expect from a FET compressor: an internal side chain high pass filter to control amount of low frequency pumping, smoothly adjustable compression ratio, ability to select which channel to process, and a link switch. This compressor also contains a dry signal blend for parallel compression. Additionally PSP FETpressor contains makeup amplifier and output transformer emulations to add subtle character even when set to 1:1 ratio.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
The Unfinished Trilian Humankind Patches for Trilian-TZ Group screenshot
TZ Group | Patches for Trilian | 378.52 KB
Humankind is a collection of four smaller soundsets that were originally released individually back in 2013. They were limited edition collections, only released for a short period of time, and in aid of Oxfam.

In Trilian Humankind there are 64 sounds for Trilian. The patches are designed for a variety of uses and genres, although with a focus on the cinematic; all with the quality and dexterity you’d expect from The Unfinished sounds.
Samples » loops
Q Up Arts Latin Groove Factory V1 WAV REX AiFF screenshot
FANTASTiC | Jan 26 2017 | 0.98 GB
By Global Blowerks & Q Up Arts

Styles include Songo 100, 116, 132, Salsa 82, 100, 116, and Mambo 82,100, 116. Plus multi-sample single hits of percussion instruments and drums. The recognized de facto standard for Latin Music and percussion samples. This is the most comprehensive collection of authentic traditional and contemporary drum and percussion grooves from Cuba and Brazil. Grooves from the cultures of Puerto Rico, Trinidad, and the Dominican Republic are also included in this smoking set of drum and percussion loops and samples. Produced by experts in the Latin music field, this collection offers the maximum amount of feel and groove allowed in samplers today.


YnK Audio Trap-A-HolicZ 3 WAV screenshot
WAV | 175.10 MB
'Trap-A-HolicZ 3' from YnK Audio is the third installment of the the chart-smashing 'Trap-A-HolicZ 1 & 2' with five Dirty South Construction Kits, including some of the hottest Trap Beatz you have ever heard, inspired by some of the best Dirty South artists on the circuit.
Education » Methods
Hal Leonard - Dave Pozzi : An Approach to Jazz Improvisation screenshot

English | PDF + MP3 | 81 pages | 81 MB

This book/CD pack explores the styles of Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown, Sonny Rollins, Bud Powell and others for a comprehensive guide to jazz improvisation. Topics include: scale choices, chord analysis, phrasing, memorization, transposition of solos, melodies, harmonic progressions, and much more. The CD includes 99 tracks for play-along and demonstration.
Education » Methods

Mel Bay's -  Corey Christiansen : Bebop Blues  screenshot

English | PDF + MP3 | 81 pages | 37 MB

Mel Bay's Bebop Blues book introduces the jazz language to the intermediate guitarist who already has a basic knowledge of the blues. Many guitarists are familiar with basic twelve-bar blues progressions and how to solo over this form using minor pentatonic scales, blues scales, and common blues licks.
Education » Methods

Really Easy Guitar! Riffs screenshot

English | PDF + MP3 | 47 pages | 40 MB

This handy reference book and CD package contains 42 classic guitar riffs from 60s pop to Nu Metal. Each riff presented in standard notation and TAB Note-by-note performance instructions Half speed demonstration of each riff Full-speed backing tracks for you to practice with Chord boxes Hints and tips on getting exactly the right sound
Education » Methods
John Tapella - Challenge The Masters Three screenshot

English | PDF + MP3 | 50 pages | 32 MB

Guitar transcriptions of Classics arranged for Rock and Metal Guitarists. Inspired by the neoclassical movement with such stars as Yngwie Malmsteen and Randy Rhoads, this book provides tab, notes, and fingering to classics by Bach, Mozart and Paganini.
Education » Methods
John Tapella - Classical Electric Shred Guitar screenshot

English | PDF + MP3 | 25 pages | 10 MB

Guitar transcriptions of Classics arranged for Rock and Metal Guitarists. Inspired by
the neoclassical movement with such stars as Yngwie Malmsteen and Randy Rhoads, this book provides tab, and fingering to classics by: Khachaturian (Fast speed picking and exotic scales )
Offenbach (Melodic playing with blazing fast sweeping arpeggios ) Dukas ( Esoteric chord progressions with minor sweeping ) Brahms ( Multiple single note picking).
Samples » Kontakt
Vienna Symphonic Library Cello KONTAKT screenshot
The cello (violoncello) is the tenor and bass instrument of the violin family (violin, viola, cello).
In the 19th century the cello advanced along with the violin to become the most important bowed instrument for solo works. In the 20th century cellists began to specialize more, concentrating more on solo, chamber or orchestral playing.
It is constructed using the same components as the violin, the only difference being the larger size.
The bow is about 2 cm shorter and a quarter as heavy again as the violin bow. Horsehair is stretched between the two ends of the bow, with rosin ensuring that the bow remains in contact with the string.
Education Chord Progression Vol.1-5-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
Team MAGNETRiXX | 17 NOVEMBER 2012 | 3.38 GB
“Now it’s your turn to be envied, right? You’re serious about your music, that’s why you’re here, so I’m gonna let you in on a jealously guarded secret!”

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You finally made it to the right site, it’s not a coincidence you’re here. You’ve probably been all over the net trying to learn how to come up with the right hip hop chords and progressions for your music or beats and need to know quick, fast and in a hurry. Nobody ever told you if the chords or cycle you should use are fifth’s, fourths, minors or majors, or how to come up with aggressive beats, emotional sad beats, street level beats or even that new Maybach laid back sound that is so pleasant and orchestrated and much, much more. What progressions to use to make a track happy, or sensual and sexy. Just seems like it’s a jealously guarded secret right? They know youre not going to take the time out to learn all of that! They bank on this so that they will remain the best. This is where I can help you. How? Because I was in your shoes. I UNDERSTAND.
Software » Windows
TubeOhm WHITE-T-Organ VSTi v1.0-ASSiGN screenshot
ASSIGN | VSTI | 28.05.11 | 10 MB
Specially Organ for Pads & Atmospherics sounds. WHITE t organ is an additive 10-voices synthesizer from the TubeOhm which specially for the production of spherical organ sounds was laid out. He disposes of a register and two oscillators with 16 overtones, a generator DYNAMIC, a filter unit and a VCA.Mono and polyphonic Distortion, chancel, Panner and Delay as well as a click generator prove a varied playing field to provide of new sounds.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Clicksound Orana Symphonic MIDI Elements Vol.2 LOGIC PRO 9 TEMPLATE screenshot
Clicksound proudly presents Orana's intensely emotional Symphonic MIDI Elements Vol.2 for Logic Pro using Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 (GPO4).

Yet again, Orana has brought the full potential and might of a romantic symphony orchestra to our fingertips. In just under 3-minutes, Symphonic MIDI Elements Vol.2 doffs its hat to the unmistakable style of the incredible Hans Zimmer, giving you unrestricted access to a wildly epic, rousing, expansive and encompassing original orchestral piece.
Samples » MIDI, SF, Akai
Amin Samples Mini Ideas Vol.1 MIDI screenshot
MIDI | 4.30 MB
Amin Samples presents 'Mini Ideas Vol 1', as the name implies, this pack will give you new ideas for your productions. You'll get a collection of 25 MIDI files featuring very cute and sweet melodies created for Dance, Trance, Progressive and more!

Each sequence provides an epic touch that's ready to destroy any dancefloor worldwide!
Education » Methods
Dan Mumm - Sweep Picking Fundamentals screenshot

MKV + PDF + GPRO FILES | English | 720X400 | 30fps | 32 MB

Sweep Picking Doesn’t Need to be Difficult…

With this new program, Dan makes sweep picking accessible to a broad range of late beginner to intermediate players. This program starts with fundamental sweep patterns. Instead of increasing in difficulty, it demonstrates how intricate shapes can be made by combining simple ones. Dan’s goal with this program is to teach you the building blocks of sweep pick arpeggios. Once you understand the basic structure you will be able to construct your own sweeps with ease. Dan takes the time to explain and demonstrate the picking and fretting hand techniques in detail. These include proper string muting technique as well as the rolling barre and other fundamentals.

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