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fresh releases


Samples, Kontakt, outdated
Zero-G Akoustik Bass Hitz WAV REX2 KONTAKT DVDR-DYNAMiCS screenshot
Team DYNAMiCS | 09.22.05 | 1.27 GB
AKOUSTIK BASS HITZ. Chip Jackson is a world class acoustic bass player who has worked with everyone from Elvin Jones, Horace Silver & Wynton Marsalis in the jazz world, to Natalie Merchant in the pop realm. Together with Vinnie Zummo, producer of the award winning New York Cutz series of sample CDs, Zero-G bring you this slammin’ taste of NYC-style sweaty, fonky–ass, acoustic bass & drum loopz.
MIDI, SF, Akai, outdated
CMP Analogon AKAI-SynthX screenshot
Team SynthX | 15/06/2003 | 271.91 MB
No instruments on this one. On this CD you will find a great collection of effects and unusual synth sounds...

Sweeps, blips, crashes, hard and soft. These could be put to use in electronic genres of music.
MIDI, SF, Akai, outdated
Pyramid Sound Productions Real Rhodes Akai-CoBaLT screenshot
Team CoBaLT | 07-14-2003 | 110.38 MB
Classic keyboards continue to be used on many pop, R&B, jazz, hiphop, and triphop tunes. If you've been looking, we don't need to tell you that quality samples of these instruments are hard to find. Our Real Rhodes collection is intended to meet a real need. It is dedicated to the Fender Rhodes, but also includes samples of other classic keys of cult status. It is the only quality sample collection of its kind. The samples are 16 bit, 44.1Khz. They are velocity switched and fully programmed.
MIDI, SF, Akai, outdated
Ilio Keys To The City AKAI-DELIRIUM screenshot
Team DELiRiUM | 03-04-2002 | 498.09 MB
Looking for an intelligent way to get the hottest studio production elements into your tracks? Unlock the secrets of Platinum success with Keys To The City. Created and produced by one of the fastest rising stars of the keyboard, Michael Bearden, this library delivers tons of synth and keyboard grooves organized into multi-tracked compositions.
MIDI, SF, Akai, outdated
Ilio Hot Steel Blues AKAI-DELiRiUM screenshot
Team DELiRiUM | 09-13-2001 | 930.88 MB
Blues Guitar, Served Hot and Cool
Following in the footsteps of our legendary Fingerstyles guitar library, Hot Steel Blues reveals a soulful Blues attitude with low-down and greasy riffs played by legendary guitarist Terry Robb (Steve Miller, Buddy Guy, John Fahey) and produced by Dan Portis-Cathers (Fingerstyles, Heart of Africa).
Samples, outdated
Image Line Sample Fusion Poly-Mono WAV-DYNAMiCS screenshot
Team DYNAMiCS | 08.30.05 | 453.62 MB
The basis of all electronic and most modern music is the ability to have that one melodic line that grabs your audience, and pulls them in.

With this cd you'll have all the great synths of yesteryear at your disposal to give your music that edge that it deserves. Some of the synths that appear on this cd are the Moog MiniMoog, Akai AX73 and VX600, Arp Odyssey, Korg MS-20, Prophecy and DW8000, and the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5.
Samples, outdated
Image Line Sample Fusion Orchestral WAV-DYNAMiCS screenshot
Team DYNAMiCS | 08.30.05 | 429.65 MB
You'll find everything from Brass to Percussion, Pianos to Woodwinds. It's all here, and more! Whether you are looking to write some Classical, or Modern Rock/Pop. Or maybe scoring for a Film project. Need a violin? Choose from several played in a multitude of styles. A Choir? That's in here too. Organs. Electric Pianos. Hits, and String Beds. It has everything you'll ever need, and then some. Once you grab hold of this one, you'll never want to put it down!
Samples, outdated
Image Line Sample Fusion Dream Pads WAV-DYNAMiCS screenshot
Team DYNAMiCS | 08.22.05 | 334.39 MB
DreamPads is a collection of simply the finest, plushest pads you'll find on any sampling CD available on the market.

320 pads, produced in-house with the latest in DSP technology, these pads will be sure to give your production the texture and air it needs to keep your tracks feelin' fresh. Looped perfectly, Fruity Ready, and to be served at room temperature, hot or chilled.

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