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this is a message I received today from yardman:
Hey Saint, How are you doing hope all is well. Im so sick and tired of try to download stuff and everytime i try to download something its telling me "not available in your country" almost all these file sharing company you guys are using now is not working for U.S ip.
And the ones that do work is Bulletupload & Depositfiles which is extremely slow like 8kb/sec.
I am so disappointed you guys are not looking out for us U.S residents please help... thank you in advance i'll really appreciate it.....

since I'm not from U.S. and i have no idea what's going on in there, i'm asking you to share your ways of circumventing this crap.

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Maybe we can start using eMule? Or is this a stupid suggestion, I don't know. I used to use it back in 2004 and 2005, haven't used it for a while, but it's still out there and working.

Okay I know eMule is slow too, but the more people use it, the faster it becomes.
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Rapidshare works without any problems plus its FREE and the download speed is pretty fair compare to those other ones you gotta buy START UPLOADING TO RAPIDSHARE,,,,,
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Caithleann you are wrong beatfluence is right , trust me I know.

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very cool thread with lots of useful info re. downloading via filehoster in the US, thanks. I purchased a premium account and now have a free 2 days premium coupon code to give away which is valid till 09/18/2012. I chose to offer it here to give something back. Please don't hijack & clog up this thread if you want it, but rather write me a message via /index.php?do=feedback&user=60714 :)
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Hey guys. Hide my ass is just fucking awful.. As are the other ones with the "list" of sites.

Listen up guys -

This is the most painless and un-obnoxious cure I've found to date for people in the US - no bullshit. no signing up. not a shred of "we just need this information please". not shit. And I found it here on a post too -
directly followed by the link or site.


Problem solved.
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and here's a possible solution from me:
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im in US, and dont have any problems dwnloading from any host sites.
my pref are upload, rapidgator, and seenupload, clicknupload and mightyupload.
last three are free for anyone, but i have premium for upload, and rapid, and still no issues.
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Using a good VPN. I use Cyberghost, it works well as a free vpn, you have to wait for a bit to connect unless you are premium, but it solves the internet IP blocking sufferance! You get a good collection of servers, more if you pay. But there is no real need to pay unless you can absolutely afford it.

EDIT: sorry, I know it s been a while since anyone posted here, but its relevant today more than ever.
EDIT: ooops there is a VPN post now, Go there!
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