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this is a message I received today from yardman:
Hey Saint, How are you doing hope all is well. Im so sick and tired of try to download stuff and everytime i try to download something its telling me "not available in your country" almost all these file sharing company you guys are using now is not working for U.S ip.
And the ones that do work is Bulletupload & Depositfiles which is extremely slow like 8kb/sec.
I am so disappointed you guys are not looking out for us U.S residents please help... thank you in advance i'll really appreciate it.....

since I'm not from U.S. and i have no idea what's going on in there, i'm asking you to share your ways of circumventing this crap.

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  Member 6.11.2010 16
He's right, the only link that work here in the U.S. on this site is "Deposit and it slow as hell. it took me 2 hours to download 4oo Mb. normally take me 12 mins with "fileserve.
  Resident 27.12.2010 347
Uploaded.to/Fileserve/Uploadstation have blocked IPs from Hong Kong. Best speed appears from Deposit Files/Hotfile.
  guest -- 0
The best ones in the U.S. seem to be Rapidshare, Extabit, Fileserve, and Oron.
  guest -- 0
yes your probably using a proxy.. other than that i download @ 18Mb/s @ depositfiles.. like lightning.
  Resident 8.02.2007 11 142
@beatfluence, you must have a premium account with depositfiles, I have never seen anything faster from them than about 300 Kbit/sec.

FileServe has decent speeds and one can upload files to them again now.
My personal favorite is www.ifile.it
There are quite a few file hosts out there but most people are too lazy to figure them out and post them here for us. I have done this twice on Audioz, but at the time every uploader (and downloader) was hopelessly addicted to Rapidshare before it changed its tune.

The problem is that in the past, and probably still today, uploaders are uploading only to make bucks and not because they really want to share.
And THAT my friends is why that shit with SOPA and PIPA really started and why MegaUpload was seized by the FBI. All this crap we are now having to deal with was caused primarily by the greed of the uploaders. NOBODY ELSE. So my advice to uploaders who are in it for the money is: Get lost, we don't want you!
Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything. — The Democrat Party
  Releaser 4.11.2010 6646 1435

the free ones are too slow

If you want to download a few small files try securityKISS


the free version lets you download 300 mb per day

Just make sure to are using a non usa server

The UK one works great

Greetz..ASSiGN, AudioP2P, ST3REO, 0TH3Rside, CHAOS, R2R.
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By the way... it's not allways fair to say that the people who want money for their uploads should F*cK themselves.

They probably buy the pack once to distribute them for all of us, and makes his money back like that. i'm not saying we should like it.. but in some cases that might be the reason behind a certain filehoster.
  Resident 8.02.2007 11 142
You live in a dreamworld if you really think that, beatfluence, c'mon... Nobody buys software so they can warez it... Warez is NOT purchased, it is cracked or keygenned after it has been downloaded from the software's home site 99% of the time.

Only very occasionally is something purchased and in that case it is not an expensive program like Adobe Photoshop or Pro Tools. Every version of Pro Tools took ages to appear in the Warez scene. Why? Because it wasn't available as a trial download. When it had been out long enough somebody who upgraded their version sometimes would share it with someone else and that is how such proprietary software finally comes to us.

Uploaders rarely if ever buy the stuff they upload, they get it elsewhere, usually from private torrent sites.
Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything. — The Democrat Party
  guest -- 0
Just buy a premium account and if you cant afford a $7-10 a month use torrents, problem solved. So tired of people expecting something for nothing.....

  Resident 6.07.2011 78 750
U.S. members can use a web proxy such as DaveProxy or Hide My Ass! to access file hosts that are blocked in their country. Just make sure to choose a server outside of the U.S. There are tons of web proxies. These are just two that I've tried and have worked for me.

Web proxies are what a lot of people use when the internet at their schools or work block access to sites such as email or Facebook.
What you allow is what will continue
  Banned 16.05.2010 364
I find the whole web proxy thing doesn't work very well. You wind up getting speeds that are so slow through a proxy that most of the downloads that are available here wind up taking so long it's just not worth it. I wind up coming here to see what's available, and then looking in torrent sites to see if I can get a hold of it that way, which is really a drag as I'd prefer to be supporting this site and getting stuff through Audioz. That's why this site is here, not to be an advertisement that sends me to other websites. Besides, alot of this stuff doesn't show up on torrent sites.

There are still a few hosts that are working decently, not great, to the U.S. but none of the most active uploaders here seem to want to use them. I also really wish people would stop saying the answer is to buy premium accounts. I've come here for a few years, even before I ever registered on this site, and always downloaded stuff without premium accounts; If I could do it I would, but for a number of reasons I can't. I'm sure there are others here like me in that respect, and so we need different answers. Like I said before, there are still some hosts that are working o.k., we just need to see them show up here.

There's a site I go to for movies that regularly uses mediafire and jumbofiles and I'm having no problems downloading their links and getting great speeds so I know it can be done. Oron is also still working decently, not great, but they are fast enough to deal with large files. Deposit files is sometimes working alright, but they recently seemed to have slowed their d/l speeds in a major way, so for large files they're kind of useless. Someone posted the other day here and included links from Cloudscan, which I had never heard of before, and that also worked very well. Another music site I use is posting Wupload links and they also are working well for large files. The point is it can be done, we're just not doing it here.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents on the subject. Saint, I really appreciate you posting yardman's note. I'm in the same position, and keep hoping that we will work this out at AudioZ. If the uploaders don't care about the folks from the U.S. continuing to be able to use this site effectively, so be it, I understand. I don't have much respect anymore for my country either, and the U..S. is the source of all these problems anyway. But I'd really like to stay in the loop, and hope that the uploaders here will try to help out the U.S. residents. I think this website is better if we can all use it, not just some of us.


P.S. @ Caithleann -- 100% agreed! There's a systemic problem here related to the uploaders' need to make a business out of this. I'm not sure if there's a quick fix to that, but you've most certainly pinpointed the source of the difficulty. There are many people that can't use this site effectively now because under the current circumstances it doesn't suit the uploaders business requirements. That doesn't bode well for the future of file sharing....
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  Resident 17.12.2010 20
Damnit people, just get a premium usenet account from like giganews or a similar company.
Full 100% speed of your connection instantlyand the files can't be "taken down"
Sure , it's not going to have all the non scene releases, but it's a way better solution.

Oh and Caithleann, you are so wrong it's amusing.
What do you think a supplier is?
  guest -- 0
I can recommend HMA. But they make logs. So dont do any hacking or stuff. OpenVPN Provider should do the thing. You get faster connections than Tor or something.
Where you download ... they nevermind.
  guest -- 0
I'm from South Africa, where our download speeds are nothing like your guys (Lucky if we get 300Kb/s), but while I'm getting it for free I can't complain. I'm just to happy than I can get it whether it takes 5min or 13hrs.....

Anyway, back to your actual issue of not being able to download in the US, have you tried TOR Browser?

I've been using it to download content from revitcity, as our SA IP's can never get through.
  Resident 6.09.2010 3 75
xtrabit is quick to delete files. fileserve, filefactory and wupload along with rapishare are still working.
  Resident 19.11.2010 107
The following have stopped working in US for me: uploaded.to, turbobit.net, letitbit.net, shareflare.net. The only free host I get more than 200kb from is hotfile and mediafire. I have been able to maintain my high definition tv downloading habits by learning how to use irc.

I also have a few transload servers (signature) that still work.
  guest -- 0
Hey bro, get an IP masker or IP blocker! im from the USA as well. if you mask your ip address the servers will see your not from the USA and let you download. Also sometimes,when you block your ip address the free download goes as fast as the premium download. :D
  Resident 22.08.2011 75
from my U.S. Location.

Extabit [Doesn't work with my JDownloader] but still has good speeds/rules

Rapidshare [Absolutely horrible, takes 5-6 hours for a 500mb file...]

MediaFire [Best Choice in U.S. imo, only issue is if connection is dropped right before end it won't resume and gives weird error.

Bitshare [Better than rapidshare by 10kbps and no weird freezelag]

Oron [ok, just ok]

Depositfiles [it works but I really dont see anything larger than 40-80megs hosted on it usually]

The rest no longer work or work so miserably that they are not worth mentioning or I simply don't know of.
  Resident 6.07.2011 78 750
Of course proxies are going to load pages a bit slower. If you research how they work then you will understand why. All of these programs that claim to hide or mask your IP all use proxies. So you can either figure out how to use them on your own, or use one of them to do it for you. An alternative are web proxies which are websites that will access other websites for you. All you do is paste the url into their little box and click "OK."

If you plan on using a lot of links that are not allowed in your country, I would recommend learning how to use proxies in whatever browser you are using. If you only use a few links here or there, a web proxy would probably be enough.
What you allow is what will continue
  Resident 4.05.2011 19
mediafire all day everyday all we ever need
  guest -- 0
I've got the perfect solution: All the uploaders who are uploading files without expecting or receiving monetary gain, please use Mediafire. It would be greatly appreciated. However, the uploaders who do it for profit should get a ball peen hammer and beat themselves repeatedly in the head while repeating the word "Mediafire". The one's who repent will be rewarded with a new respect and conscience. However, the one's that fail to get the message will beat themselves to death and be recycled, which is just as well, because they're stupid, greedy bastards who would never change anyway. Oh, and have a real nice day! wink
  Member 13.02.2012 45
mediafire and oron are good
  guest -- 0
dance I am stupid so so stupit is stupit does

A long time ago there is a legend of a great command and it shall be "REN"
RENAME YOUR FILE EXTENSIONS i do this all the time on all my backups
Any rar archive or ISO or whatever I rename to jpeg or .txt or .dat or .pussy you get the point!!! everytime there is a link it has the damn name on the upload LOL

just my 2 cents I am poor and will admit that I can't aford all this stuff that does
not mean i dont have a fkin right not to try to use it that is a dictatorship kind of like
we are living under now all over the world as banksters take over.

MOTU DIGITAL PERFORMER 8 FOR WINDOWS 7 is almost here in a few weeks, and it seems Waves 9 will be very simple to crack I am already on it, and should just be a simple patch. Will not post here but "Ether" is your name lol

  Resident 8.02.2007 11 142
@roland666, If I am wrong, you of course have evidence to prove that, right? Are you a "supplier" buying software? No? Do you actually know people who spend good money so they can "supply" illegal software thereby often invalidating their own serials?

I have noticed that Rapidshare has once again throttled their download bandwidth and even though they have not implemented a download timer, it makes downloading large files an exercise in futility. FileServe has that problem after 500 MB, so their throttling looks like it is based on a daily limit.
Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything. — The Democrat Party
  Resident 22.06.2010 248
Get NETSHADE 4! Proxy server private-- works perfect on OSX
  Resident 5.02.2012 749
Rapidshare, Mediafire, Fileserve, Filefactory, are fine! wink
  Resident 13.12.2010 113
Well, 90% of the links here works with AllDebrid. Do a mass DL in the evening, go to sleep and wake up in the morning...voila; Gigs of stuff waiting for you. I'm in the U.S. and I don't get what you guys talking about cause every single links I click on currently simply WORKS.
Some people are simply saying that certain service are not working just so they force the uploaders to upload to their favorite places. SMH!!!
  guest -- 0
filepost.com is pretty good
  guest -- 0
O-BUM-a is tying hard to %*(*%*% us so no matter what u do you will download at slow speed most of the time in the us.And the funny thing is that you do not see anything about it in the news. I decided to buy cubase six because I just can not wait for it to come out and the pain of downloading . I found the 64 bit to be stable but the 32 bit sometime crashes.I also got pro tools 9 MP since I got the Project Mix i/o but protools has problem with connection with the Master slider... However I think thrue this what we sharer community do is help each other in choosing the right product which we will eventually buy.
  guest -- 0
hotfile works just fine

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