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Samples » loops
Jammcard Samples Nylo Sad Girl Sex Tapes Vocal Toolkit WAV-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 11 November 2023 | 421 MB
Sad Girl Sex Tapes is a collection of over 200 vocal samples, expertly crafted and curated to suit a wide range of sonic possibilities. Expect to find lush vocal pads to crisp accapella hooks, instrumental song starters and spoken word sound bites. Sad Girl Sex Tapes is a versatile sample pack that can be used for a variety of genres, including Sad Girl Pop, Dream Pop, R&B, Rap, Electronic Dance, and Soul. The samples are royalty-free and tempo-synced for ease of use.
Samples, multi-libraries
Producer Loops Like This MULTIFORMAT screenshot
DRUGGYAUDIOZ | 11 November 2023 | 1.03 GB
Elevate your music to unprecedented heights with our patiently crafted R&B/Pop sample pack: "Like This" by Sawyr with vocals provided by Moon Rebel. Engage yourself in the sultry and captivating world of R&B/Pop, where smooth melodies and captivating vocals meet irresistible rhythms, designed to ignite your creativity and elevate your tracks to chart-topping status.
Samples, multi-libraries
Producer Loops Shades Of Love MULTIFORMAT screenshot
DRUGGYAUDIOZ | 11 November 2023 | 2.33 GB
Producer Loop presents "Shades Of Love". Are you ready to infuse your tracks with the sultry, emotional, and captivating sounds of R&B, the catchiness of Pop, mixed with a blend of electronic finesse? Look no further, because "Shades Of Love" has got you covered! Step into a world of emotive storytelling and soulful melodies with our enchanting female vocal performances that will add an irresistible layer of passion and depth to your music, setting the stage for unforgettable hooks and verses.
Samples, multi-libraries
Producer Loops Good Vibes MULTIFORMAT screenshot
DRUGGYAUDIOZ | 11 November 2023 | 3.25 GB
Producer Loops presents "Good Vibes" – a transformative journey through pulsating rhythms, infectious melodies, and evocative vocals, designed to electrify your music production experience. Immerse yourself in a sonic adventure like no other, as you explore the depths of pop music with this comprehensive collection of diligently crafted sounds, vocals, WAV, and MIDI files.
Samples, multi-libraries
Producer Loops Bright Lights MULTIFORMAT screenshot
DRUGGYAUDIOZ | 11 November 2023 | 1.29 GB
"Bright Lights," a sensational house music sample pack meticulously crafted by the renowned team at Producer Loops. Designed to ignite dance floors and infuse your productions with electrifying energy, "Bright Lights" is an essential toolkit for any house music producer seeking to create infectious, uplifting tracks.
Software » Mac OSX
Yate 6.17.2 macOS TNT screenshot
Team: TNT | Nov 2023 | 16 MB
Yate was developed for people who want complete control over their tagging experience. The application was designed from the ground up for Mac users and uses its own tagging library. The application will tag mp3 (includes mp2), m4a (AAC, ALAC), mp4 (AAC, ALAC, video), m4b, m4v, flac, aiff (aifc, aif), dff, dsf, ape, wav, ogg (single stream Vorbis and Opus), Monkey’s Audio (ape) and WavPack (wv) files.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
Nasko N-CHAOS [M4L]-FANTASTiC  screenshot
FANTASTiC | 10 November 2023 | 3 MB
N-CHAOS is an explorative 16 parallel bandpass chaos filter with high cpu efficiency and quality of life features to get unique spectral movement with very little setup!

Most Phasers have very limited modulation capabilities, with most phasers offering the same random modulation for all bands at the same time. N-CHAOS breaks this rule and randomly modulates all 16 bandpass filters with independent seeds, creating beautiful and chaotic filter movement not possible with classic phasers.
Education, Video Tutorials
Groove3 Guitar Rig 7 Pro Explained TUTORiAL screenshot
HiDERA | 10 November 2023 | 417 MB
If you've used NI's Guitar Rig in the past, you already know what a powerful tool it is for guitar and bass. In this Guitar Rig 7 Pro video course, amp sim expert Gary Hiebner gives you an in-depth video manual with examples of everything Guitar Rig 7 Pro, covering all the bases, from all the amp and cabinet models and effects to all the other useful tools such as the new Signal Flow sidebar, MIDI functionality, the new Loop Machine Pro, and much more! By the end of the Guitar Rig 7 Pro course, you'll have a firm grasp on everything this tone powerhouse can do and will be ready to start getting killer sounds right away! These videos are designed for new Guitar Rig 7 Pro users.
Education, Video Tutorials
Groove3 UVI Falcon 3 New Features Explained TUTORiAL screenshot
HiDERA | 10 November 2023 | 117 MB
Join VI guru Eli Krantzberg for a video tutorial covering the latest update to UVI's Falcon 3, an ultra-deep hybrid synthesis instrument with nearly unlimited sonic capabilities. In this course, Eli covers all the new updates and features of Falcon 3, including the new oscillators, templates, effects, and more. You'll be completely up to speed by the end and ready to use it on your very next track. This video is for users familiar with Falcon.
Samples » multi-libraries
Native Instruments Rolling Tides v1.0.1 ISO Maschine Expansion-FANTASTiC screenshot
FANTASTiC | 10 November 2023 | 967 MB
Create fluid rhythms and hypnotic melodies
Rolling Tides encapsulates the warmth and soul of one of the most beloved electronic genres, featuring a vast collection of drum breaks, vocals, pads, and basslines that effortlessly ebb and flow. For seamless transitions and dynamic builds, Rolling Tides captures the blissful essence of liquid drum and bass while paying homage to its rich origins.
Chime modus Sounds of New Year Protocol WAV screenshot
WAV | 94.5 MB
We've got a brand new piece of guest content up on Patreon! This one comes from Modus, known for his intricate, sci-fi themed take on colour bass. Not only do we have a detailed guide on how to introduce more storytelling elements into your music but we have a pack of 50 samples taken from his New Year Protocol series of projects for you to use in your own music.
Samples » presets, patches, impulses
FANTASTiC | 10 November 2023 | 1 KB
N-NANOMASTER is a compact temporary mastering solution for electronic music designed to encourage and promote better mixdowns.

Offering sub mono filtering, a dynamic de-harsh filter and a smart gradual Soft Clipper followed by a transparent limiter, N-NANOMASTER ensures that you get your mixdown sounding clean and transparent before you eventually swap N-NANOMASTER for your own mastering tools or keep it.


Windows, Mac OSX
Karanyi Sounds Electric Keys v1.0.34 x64 VST3 AU RETAIL WiN MAC [Free For Limited Time] screenshot
11/11/2023 | x64 VST3 AU RETAIL WiN MAC | 0.98 GB
Your Custom Electric Piano

Immerse yourself in the sonic essence of retro with Electric Keys – the plugin that revives the beloved tones of classic FM electric pianos! Crafted for the neo-80s music connoisseur, it offers iconic presets and dual built-in DSP effect units to sculpt the perfect vintage sound. For a brief moment in time, this gem can be yours for FREE (original price: $29)! Seize the chance to add timeless vibes to your tracks, and let the warmth of yesteryear’s electric pianos enrich your melodies.
Samples » Kontakt
Fracture Sounds Blueprint Greenhead Chimes KONTAKT [FREE] screenshot
11/11/2023 | KONTAKT | 225 MB

Greenhead Chimes introduces our staple Atmosphere Layer mixer to Blueprint. This layer mixer, a staple of many of our libraries, contains three different processed signals created from the original samples. This extends the sonic possibilities of the instrument and makes it instantly inspiring to play with. The second instrument in our Blueprint series was recorded in Fracture Sounds home town of Huddersfield, at Greenhead Park. The team faced tough conditions, recording in between the quacking of ducks at dusk, but came through to produce a library that would influence future creations in Zen: Meditations.

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