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Music theory is the composer's using ideas and structures (made arbitrarily) and nothing more. Best Orchestral Strings for Rock and Pop? 24 Hour Audiosex Mix Competition: CASH PRIZE! The best Choirs library (male/female)? Fresh! Le Sound AudioElec synth plugin How to Improve Omnisphere's Loading Time and Performance (Windows) Albion II rar fixes? R2R said What is Kontakt?


fresh releases

Samples, loops
Dirty Boi Music Live From The Underground WAV REX screenshot
20.09.2012 | DISCOVER | WAV-REX | 269MB
'Live From The Underground' is the newest release from Dirtyboi Music. Recalling the great sounds of the Dirty South from artists such as Big K.R.I.T., UGK, Scarface, Ludacris, 8ball & MJG, and many more, these five Construction Kits will keep you in the studio, ready to drop hot vocals and awesome hooks.Each Kit is representative of a current popular style of the Dirty South, with deep 808's and hard-hitting kicks. All Kits are 24-Bit WAV and REX formats. Kits are all tempo-based.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

sound effects, loops
Bluezone Corporation Synthetic Organic Textures WAV screenshot
Bluezone Corporation Synthetic Organic Textures WAV | 422 MB
Synthetic Organic Textures by Bluezone offers 158 twisted sound effects such as fresh submarine ambiences, splashes, bubbly underwater sounds and ripple effects and more for a peak load of inspiration based on the organic and water theme. These high-end and totally new SFX are available in WAV format and ready for immediate use.

loops, sound effects
Prime Loops Trap Addictz ACID/WAV screenshot Prime Loops Trap Addictz ACID/WAV | 163 MB
Trap is the latest sound to emerge from the dirty underbelly of the American HipHop movement, quickly making its way into the Rap, Urban & Pop charts. It has even found its way into the sets of the biggest EDM and rave stars at clubs and festivals the world over.

Since Prime Loops is always at the fore of new music styles, we are proud to present Trap Addictz – a thorough collection of exclusive Trap loops, rhythms and sounds that have been created, produced and mastered to perfection by Prime Loops' very own Trap masters. Trap Addictz also comes to you free from any royalties and legal hassles whatsoever!
Education » Video Tutorials
Melodyne Advanced Techniques screenshot
QUASAR | 20.9.2012 | 445 MB
In this course, producer and engineer Skye Lewin reveals the techniques that professional musicians and producers use to get the best-sounding results from Melodyne. The course covers digital audio workstation (DAW) and session preparation, and shows how to perform rhythm and pitch corrections on both lead and background vocals. It includes lessons on importing and exporting tracks between the DAW and the standalone version of Melodyne, as well as utilizing Melodyne as a plug-in, through ReWire, and through Melodyne Bridge. Skye also shows how to use a MIDI keyboard to edit the pitch of a recorded performance in Melodyne and how to trigger a MIDI instrument using an audio recording.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Samples, loops
Fix-A-Flat Irie Dub Foundations ACiD WAV AiFF Apple Loops screenshot
20.09.2012 | DISCOVER | WAV-AIFF | 329 MB
Fix-a-Flat invites you to feel irie with this dubbalicious collection, "Irie Dub Foundations". These original construction kit style dub and dancehall arrangements are perfect for the dub/reggae producer. Whether creating "riddims" for vocalists or heavy instrumental music, you will find this collection to contain a wealth of useful, hard reggae elements. Available in 24 bit Apple-Loop (.aiff) and ACIDized (.wav) formats.This collection includes 16 construction kits, 8 in the style of dub/one drop, 8 in the style of dancehall/jump up. These diverse arrangements include bass lines, synth lines, guitars, pianos, strings, organs, Rhodes and a full drum kit (broken into component parts: kick, snare, toms hats, shakers, bells, claps, congas, clay drums and percussion)

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Samples, loops
Fix-A-Flat Essential Acoustic Guitar ACiD WAV AiFF Apple Loops screenshot
20.09.2012 | DISCOVER | WAV-AIFF | 1.16 GB
"Essential Acoustic Guitar" features loop samples from the virtuosic guitar playing of Nick Cassarino. You will find that Nick's playing fits many modern styles such as pop, R&B, rock and Hip Hop.This collection is full of riffs, chords and guitar gestures that will add richness to your next project. As a bonus, Fix-A-Flat Productions has included drum kit loops played in a modern style as you can hear in the demo. This 24 bit collection is available in Apple-Loops (.aiff) and ACIDized (.wav) formats.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Software » Windows
IK Multimedia ARC System 2 v2.0.0 screenshot
IK Multimedia ARC System 2 v2.0.0
R2R | 21.9.2012 | 36.7 MB

ARC System 2 (Advanced Room Correction) is the sequel of the first and only acoustic correction system that combines a measurement microphone, measurement software AND a correction plug-in to improve the sound reliability and acoustics of your studio in an elegant, low-cost portable solution.
Samples » MIDI, SF, Akai
Tonic Audio - Soulful & Deep House [MIDI] screenshot
Tonic Audio - Soulful & Deep House
20.09.2012 | DISCOVER | MIDI | 4MB

'Soulful & Deep House' contains 95 MIDI loops, broken down into 24 royalty-free Construction Kits. This pack was inspired by the sounds of Salted Music, Joey Negro, Atjazz and Grant Nelson, and is perfect for those producers looking for some instant inspiration when creating their next Soulful or Deep House masterpiece.Every Construction Kit in this pack comes with its matching bass, melody, synth, lead and string parts, enabling you to get an instant groove without worrying about which riffs go together. All Kits are key-labelled for ease-of-use when working with vocals or existing projects, and the flexibility of MIDI means you have the freedom to take your productions in whatever direction you wish.
Software » Windows
Native Instruments Kore 2 v2.1.4 Update screenshot
R2R | 21.9.2012 | 299 MB
Kore 2 is a powerful software / hardware system with a versatile library of more than 500 production-ready sounds with over 3,000 sound variations, plus over 100 effect settings. Find, play, and tweak sounds with speed, power and ease.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Software » Mac OSX
Toontrack EZkeys Player v1.1.0 UNLOCKED MacOSX REPACK screenshot
Toontrack EZkeys Player v1.1.0 UNLOCKED MacOSX REPACK
R2R | 21.9.2012 | 90 MB

EZkeys is a revolutionary plugin and stand alone instrument that combines a world-class piano player, songwriting partner, arranger and a meticulously sampled grand piano - all in one package. Developed with Toontrack Music's forward thinking approach to music composition, EZkeys will aside from deliver breathtakingly rich tonal qualities also allow the user unlimited creativity through its groundbreaking functionality.
Samples » MIDI, SF, Akai
JPlanet Entertainment - Dance & Pop Chords Sensation [MIDI] screenshot
JPlanet Entertainment - Dance & Pop Chords Sensation
20.09.2012 | DISCOVER | MIDI | 5MB

'Dance & Pop Chords Sensation' brings you hot and fresh MIDI chord hooks. These loops are great for Dance, Pop, Club and R&B productions! Hit up your productions with the power of this high quality MIDI chord collection which is sure to appeal to a variety of producers.Are you planning a hit bomb? Do you need catchy chord hooks? This product is for you!
Samples » MIDI, SF, Akai
JPlanet Entertainment Beautiful Piano Keys MIDI screenshot
20.09.2012 | DISCOVER | MIDI | 3MB
'Beautiful Piano Keys' brings you great piano melody loops that will perfectly fit into your Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Ambient, Chillout or Dance productions. This is a must-have for producers of many styles of music and will add a touch of class to your productions.Be ready to chart up your new productions with 15 great MIDI melodies from 'Beautiful Piano Keys'.

Reuploaded. PiRAT


loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Vandalism Shocking Miami Leads WAV MIDI screenshot
Shocking Miami Leads is a compilation of 74 unbelievable dry and wet WAV files and 32 MIDI loops inspired by today's top producers and their sounds. This collection provides you massive synths and stunning melodies. There is everything you need to make your tracks awesome.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Samples, loops
Best Service XXLarge Extreme 5 [WAV] screenshot
Best Service's series of XX-Large Extreme sample CDs is one of the most comprehensive dance-music drum-loop collections available, offering thousands of loops on each volume. XX-Large Extreme 5 features 1,200 drum loops ranging from 142 to 175 bpm, geared toward faster genres like drum 'n' bass,jungle, hardcore, and speed garage. There are also 375 synth, bass, and sound effects thrown in for good measure.

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