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Udemy - Learn How to Use Ableton Live and Become a Better Producer TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P April 03 2015 | 420 MB
With early support from the Laidback Luke Forum, the Essential Music Guide will teach students of both beginner and intermediate levels the necessary steps towards producing electronic music in Ableton Live. With this course you will be able to create professionally sounding electronic music from start to finish. Have you recently made the switch to Ableton Live? Or are you just starting out in the world of music production? The steps towards creating professional electronic music can be found all over the web but with the Essential Music Guide exclusively on Udemy you gain access to years of production knowledge using Ableton Live across various genres. Learn from professional producer/instructor Castilian with over 10,000 views on Soundcloud and over 6 years of music production experience!

Each Step of the Way!

The course is designed for students of both beginner and intermediate levels interested in learning music production without having to rely on the trial and error of doing it alone.

Carefully Organized Sections

The course is structured into 6 sections each targeting a specific area of music production to help students learn how to produce professionally sounding electronic music. The sections cover a wide range of general topics including...

General layout of Ableton
Keep the Beat Going Drum Production
Sound design with Massive and Sylenth1
Piano in Ableton Live
Audio Effect Tools
Session View

Providing an extensive overview on how to use various audio effects such as Compression, Limiting, Delay, Reverb, Stereo-Imaging, Side-Chain Compression and More! Learn premium sound design techniques on world renowned Plug-ins, Massive and Sylenth1. Learn Drum production techniques to create punchy sounding drums that cut through heavy sounds in your mix!

Practice Makes Perfect

Music Production often takes lots of time to learn and the Essential Music Guide is designed to guide students through the process of learning music production without having to work alone!

Exclusive Lessons on All major Plug-In's

The steps to learning music production are in your hands, don't hesitate give it a try and create music you can share with the world!

What are the requirements?

Ableton Live Demo or Full Version
Computer speakers or headphones
Sylenth1/Massive for Added Sound Design
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 35 lectures and 3 hours of content!
By the end of this course you will know how to create a song from start to finish
Learn Premium Sound Design Techniques
Learn Specialized Audio Effects to Craft your Sound
Create Drums That Stand Out
Discover the Basics to Mixing and Mastering in Ableton Live
What is the target audience?

Beginner and Intermediate Students
Producers and Dj's
Electronic Music Enthusiasts


section 1 essentials to music production in ableton
lecture 1 ableton live layout
lecture 2 audio preferences
lecture 3 keyboard shortcuts
lecture 4 difference between 32 vs 64
lecture 5 a lesson on volume
lecture 6 session view
lecture 7 introduction to plug ins

section 2 essentials drums keep the beat going
lecture 10 making fat sounding kicks
lecture 11 kick frequency
lecture 12 making punchy snares that stand out
lecture 13 keeping track of samples
lecture 14 drum techniques bringing it altogether
lecture 8 foundations of electronic drum production
lecture 9 using drum racks in ableton live

section 3 essential sound design
lecture 15 massive layout
lecture 16 massive synth and plucks
lecture 17 massive bass sounds
lecture 18 sub bass in massive
lecture 19 layout of sylenth1
lecture 20 learning plucks in sylenth1
lecture 21 white noise and crashes

section 4 layering and melodies
lecture 22 layering synths for fullness
lecture 23 using piano in ableton

section 5 essential audio getting the right sound
lecture 24 adding depth to a melody with reverb
lecture 25 side chaining and lfo tool
lecture 26 automation techniques
lecture 27 how to make wider sounds
lecture 28 using an equalizer to maximize sound
lecture 29 saving cpu
lecture 30 steps towards using a limiter
lecture 31 izotope ozone layout

section 6 the finish line
lecture 32 mixing balancing sound levels properly
lecture 33 how to stop clipping
lecture 34 foundations of mastering
lecture 35 exporting and enjoy

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TUTS-Learn How to Use Ableton Live and Become a Better Producer TUTORiAL
  Resident 8.03.2014 2 204
Fantastic tks a lot!!!
  Resident 31.05.2010 1904
Strange Header
I use many DAW:s (Reaper Cubase Samplitude/Sequia sometimes also Sonar and Logic) Live is NOT a Daw i like ( i tried Live on both v7 & v8 a few years ago) it did NOT make me a better musician (i am not a producer) and i am pretty sure it is NOT which DAW you choose that make you a better producer .
  Member 22.03.2014 124
udemy 2015 courses are a big Joke. you dont need to learn Live to become a better producer. Get the hang of Eq's and Compressors (and other effects) in both producing and mixing, (yeah! they do different things in both) and you can become a better producer regardless ur DAW! anyways, Ive not watched this course and I wont but by the title, I can say, there are better courses about Live out there. best of luck and last but not least,

Thanks SUNNY for the effort! Regars!
  Resident 2.02.2014 467
that's a bit harsh. is this really not worth d/l?
if not, can you recommend something similar which you consider good?

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