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Groove 3 - Creative Racks & Sampling in Live screenshot
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In this video tutorial series, Ableton Live sage Brian Funk, akaAfroDJMac, shares his secrets for building truly unique sampler instruments and racks. You'll see not just how to sample, but how each component in a rack builds upon on the others to create way cool instruments and sounds.

AfroDJMac starts with an explanation of sampling and how to record audio in Ableton Live, and then demonstrates how you can streamline the sampling process by sending MIDI notes to your hardware to trigger them automatically. That leads to a discussion on how to think outside of the box when sampling.

Next, AfroDJMac dives into Live's resampling function, and how you can use it to capture audio during playback. Once the samples are recorded, the next step is to process those samples by cleaning them up and adding effects. AfroDJMac also describes when you might want to use Simpler, the more basic sampler in Ableton Live.

Moving on, you'll explore when to use Sampler, Ableton Live's deep and powerful sampler, and how to work with multiple samples within it. Sampler Tuning, Key Zones, Velocity Zones, the Sample Chain selector, and modulation are then all explained and explored, showing you how to make samples that are unique and stand out.

AfroDJMac now turns to the Drum Rack, revealing how it can be used for non-drum sounds, and how to layer non-drum samples in the Cells of a Drum Rack. Routing in Drum Racks is also demonstrated for even more creative control and options.

Then it's time to delve into the other kinds of Racks in Ableton Live, such as Audio Effects Racks, MIDI Effects Racks, and Instrument Racks, and how each enables further sound design and exploration.

AfroDJMac now talks about the experimental options available, such as how you can stack up to 128 different instruments together, and create Macro knobs to cycle through drum cells or choose between instruments.

Crazy sound design options with Sampler and Simpler's Slicing mode wrap it up, followed by how to organize your presets for easy management.

If you're new to Ableton Live and sampling, or an experienced user who wants to get more deep into sound creation, don't miss "Creative Racks and Sampling in Live"!

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Total Length: 2hr 31min

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