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Udemy - Quick & Easy Piano Chords: Play more songs with more chords TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P 28 February 2016 | 2.52 GB
85 piano chords to learn or use as a video chord book. More chords, more songs. Know more chords & play with confidence

Learning to play piano or keyboard is a wonderful thing to do. It takes time but every minute spent learning piano is worth it.

Anyone who has learned the basics will love learning these chords.

Anyone who knows nothing about piano will love learning these chords. (beginner lessons are included.)

Being able to play in a wide range of keys is essential if you want to play with a band. Or for that matter to play at home. Imagine playing for someone who cannot sing in the key you know. You can easily change key if you know this many chords.

You could find a new song in a key you don't know, not if you know this many chords. Or if you don't know the chords for a particular key, have a ready lesson source, to teach you how to play the chords required.

Are you using your fingers properly for the chords you do know? Get it wrong and it will be difficult to move on to the next chord. That’s where Quick and Easy Piano Chords comes in.

Quick and Easy Piano chords is designed by a qualified piano teacher to teach over 80 chords in 17 keys, so that you will only have to learn songs, you already know the chords.

Ideally the course is suitable for someone who has learned the basics, knows their fingers and their notes and wishes to increase their chord knowledge. Of course anyone even just starting out could take the course. A video on finger numbers and a second one on notes of the piano is included, so it is suitable for even a total beginner.

The course consists of:

HD Video lessons- so that you can clearly see how you should be playing each chord.
High Quality Sound- so you can here how you should sound when playing your chord.
All Major, Minor, Major 7, Minor 7 & 7th chords in 17 keys covered- so one chord course will be all you need.
Teaching is provided by a qualified piano teacher, who will only teach you the correct way to play each chord. Just as she would teach you if you were a private student coming to her school for lessons.
Proper fingering taught for both left and right hands, to ensure you play properly and can reach all of the chords, even the difficult to reach chords.
Can be used as a teaching course to teach you all or some of the chords you wish to learn, or as a video chord book for you to check chords you have forgotten and need refreshing.
Each chord is taught in an individual video to ensure quick and easy access any chord.
In order to take the course, you will need
A piano or keyboard
A means of accessing the internet which can be
A computer
A tablet
In fact anything that can play video
A printer to print the documents but this is not essential as they can be viewed on screen

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  Banned 3.08.2012 74 17235
  Member 1.09.2015 438 1497
  Resident 21.04.2014 1585
Man what´s this damn video? Worse than that chinese of "Jazz Cocktail Sound". You´ll agree with me if see a little 3 MB sample i did of it, you´ll learn more in 'idiots guide':

Imagine to whatch an entire lazy alzheimered video, in which you don't learn how to constructed them, I mean the concepts, she just says; put your second finder here or there etc.

Do it differently and resolve all in one day:
Any one who´s not from keyboard, can learn the concepts using simple maths, just know the root and count steps in semitons to build the third, fifth, seventh, ninth, eleventh and thirteenth, chord construction in music is just this, the sequences in major and minor thirds, nothing more, further you just used transitional notes to build dissonance that´s is called long appoggiatura, but return to all those above, an example is the forth that return back to the third, whatever major or minor.
Chopin did something new, when did the same using the augmented fifth that became his mark.

There are tons of books from people that travell a lot on mars trying what their don't understand, writing all chords on papers, some just use the ignorance of many to sell books, they create new nomenclatures and sold "secrets", when the stuff is so simple.

Schoenberg in the first chapter of his book "Harmony", teaches the idea that:
The harmony must be viewed like a craftsman who make straw baskets.

If you use combinatorial analysis to summarize in numbers what can be done with chords including all it´s invertions, you will be shocked by such poverty of so few useful combinations and everything closes on a single sheet of paper, and still people buying Chord dictionary.

But learning chords isolately is good for nothing, the rhythm is the crucial thing in music, even choral writing when using only whole notes has rhythm
But what make a music goes on, is how mathematics is distributed in all contents, such as instrumentation, distance between all frequencies that build the sonority complex and the pauses between all this that build the rhythm, all that among your own attitude and your intention.
  Member 9.10.2015 18
@Hans - I agree with you that the math and relationships between the chords and sounds being important, but i think moreso, just the idea of music theory and harmony.

I looked at this course's preview content in a few sections on the Udemy page, and while a preview doesn't necessarily give us all the information, it made it seem that this course will teach you how/where to place your fingers and what keys to press to hit a certain chord. That's not all bad, really, and could play a part in the overall learning of all of the many parts of playing music.

I think as long as folks know that chords alone won't be enough, then that's really it.
  Member 29.02.2016 35
Wow man thank you for the great comment! Actually i've signedup just for reply to you : )

Can you please advice some courses to see which teach the correct harmony maths you're telling about?
  Resident 21.04.2014 1585

The first harmony book I studied at 14, was 'Paul Hindemith', it shows objectively, as the harmony in music works, and a minimum of rules, Hindemith works much for a Germanic nation when you do not need to give excessive examples on how to reach the obvious conclusions, it is no wonder that mathematics and especially the mechanics and other technologies had and have a very high development in Germany that makes up Japanese hair stand on end and that worries other nations to try to get rid of their installed multinationals in their countries, making traps, etc.

Continue reading...
  Resident 21.04.2014 1585
quote by john-whippercorrect harmony maths

correct harmony maths is the easiest thing, if you avoid those encyclopedias and books with THE SECRET of harmony you go far take care with the obsolete"THE". There is no 'stupid book' ,but stupid people buying books. In my case is differently, I have more than 12.000 books about music, many used for simple research like a real paper 'Groves Dictionary' and classical, pop, rock, jazz and philosohy in music books. When I found audioz, it was the best place to meet other books I never listened about. Posts from bubacarak, satch, Sunny, rzl, Rotten Surfer are amazing, I see literature from other parts of the world.
  Member 29.02.2016 35
Hans. This is absolutely brilliant. I shake your hand.

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