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Soundtracks - 642 (5.57%)
Pop, R&B, Funk - 985 (8.54%)
Rock, Metal - 1608 (13.95%)
Rap, Hip Hop - 2266 (19.65%)
Jazz, Classical - 426 (3.7%)
World, New Age - 117 (1.01%)
Avant-Garde - 118 (1.02%)
Folk, Country - 99 (0.86%)
Ska - 24 (0.21%)
Electronic (general) - 2479 (21.5%)
- Ambient, Lounge - 225 (1.95%)
- Club, Dance - 360 (3.12%)
- D&B - 392 (3.4%)
- House - 1050 (9.11%)
- Trance - 544 (4.72%)
- Industrial - 194 (1.68%)

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DVDR.D1.PROPER-R2R fix How and where to re-sell\upcycle a particular NI Kontakt Library License !? Studio One 5.4 Keeps Resetting on Launch Plugins and DAW upgrade : same settings different sound Cracks and pops while exporting spitfire solo violin Phase issue of chorus part in mono Unpack the Ableton Live Suite installer (v11/v10) Spectrasonics New release Question concerning sus2 and sus4 chords Go outside and take pics


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Education » Video Tutorials
Groove3 Ozone 5 Explained TUTORiAL screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | Sept 09 2012 | 645 MB

iZotope Ozone 5 is now considered the "go to" plug-in for mastering and polishing sounds inside your DAW. Professional mix engineer Michael Costa takes you deep into this wondrous and powerful plug-in, breaking it down step by step.
Education » Video Tutorials
Groove3 Hybrid Explained TUTORiAL screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | Sept 01 2012 | 512 MB

Pro Tools Instrument legend Russ Hughes is back with this highly anticipated 'Explained' title. Russ takes you through the Hybrid power synth plug-in from start to finish, exploring every part of the synth and finishing off with some sound creation examples that will get your creative juices flowing.

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Education » Video Tutorials
Groove3 Compression Explained TUTORiAL screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | August 30 2012 | 529 MB

Compression can be your best, or worst friend when mixing and tracking. Do you really know who your sonic friends are? DAW Master Sedric Pieretti shows you, using different DAW's and plug-ins from different manufacturers. Everything you need to know about compressor plug-ins and how to use them in your productions and songs is right here. Plus, the information you'll learn can be used on any hardware unit or software plug-in compressor made.

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Education » Video Tutorials
Groove3 Z3TA+2 Explained TUTORiAL screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | August 27 2012 | 384 MB

Presented by DAW master instructor Doug Zangar, this in-depth series about the powerful and awesome sounding Cakewalk Z3TA+2 will show the deepest features & functions of this amazing virtual synth.

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Education » Video Tutorials Smartsound Sonicfire PRO 5 Workshop screenshot
JWARE | 24/08/12 | 1.0GB

SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 is not only amazing soundtrack scoring software, but also a collection of royalty-free music clips that are fully customizable, with features like Mood Mapping and Timing Control. You can easily pull out select instruments and “write” a complete score of any length you wish. In this workshop, filmmaker Jeff Foster explores the process of selecting and editing the various customizable music libraries using both the Web-based “Quicktracks” and the professional Sonicfire Pro 5 software. You’ll also learn a round-trip workflow with a few nonlinear editors and get tips and tricks for further customizing your soundtracks.
Education » Video Tutorials
Ken Scotts Epik Drums EDU DVDR TUTORiAL screenshot
TEAM AiRISO | 08/2012 | D1: 3.95GB | D2: 4.24GB
EpiK DrumS EDU is the best tool for anyone interested in learning how to record and mix real drum kits. With today's technology, sampled drums are used more and more, but every engineer and producer needs to know how to record and mix a real drum kit.

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Video Tutorials, Magazines
Musictech MTM Vol 109 DVDR TUTORiAL screenshot
Musictech MTM Vol 109 DVDR TUTORiAL
BSOUNDZ | Jul 2012 | 3.27 GB

Making Trance in Logic
Sonic Academy and legendary trance producer Chris Agnelli take us through a tip-fuelled 60 minutes of videos taken from the How to Make Trance in Logic tutorial. Starting with a play-through of the finished track, we then have videos covering creating a kick drum and building percussion parts using Ultrabeat, adding an off-beat bass using the ES-P synth, and layering in a fast arpeggio bass using the ES2. Be sure to copy the six videos to your hard drive before viewing to get the best playback.
Education » Video Tutorials
Digital Labz Music Octane and DLR DnB Seminar screenshot
Digital Labz Music Octane and DLR DnB Seminar | 3.58 GB
This is a tutorial we are extremely excited to be hosting! Both of the producers in this duo are incredible talents, and combined they are now making waves in the deeper tech-funk style of D&B. They have a unique and creative sound which in this video tutorial they discuss not only how they make their basslines, but also how they approach production in general.

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Education » Video Tutorials
The Art Of Acoustic Blues Guitar The Basics TUTORiAL DVDR screenshot
The Art Of Acoustic Blues Guitar The Basics TUTORiAL DVDR
TEAM BX8 | 2012-07-24 | 3.51GB

Whether your favourite blues guitarist is Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Blind Blake, John Lee Hooker, Big Bill Broonzy, or Mississippi John Hurt, studying the basic techniques presented in this program is the first step toward being able to capture the essence of their traditional styles. In The Basics Woody Mann shows you practical ways to develop fundamental technique and offers you insights into the musical logic of blues guitar.
Education » Video Tutorials
Remixing Techniques: Time Stretching screenshot
iNKiSO | July 2012 | 978 MB
In this course, author Josh Harris demonstrates time-stretching techniques in four of the major digital audio workstations: Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reason, and Ableton Live. Josh covers the basic time-stretching treatments, where minimal tempo adjustment is needed, and then moves into more difficult territory—remixing at a much slower or faster tempo than what the original tracks were recorded at—where time stretching is pushed to the extreme. Another technique shows how to create a composite vocal from multiple time-stretched tracks. Each lesson employs real-world musical examples to clearly show where each time-stretching technique is useful and how the results of time stretching affect the sound of a song.


Education » Video Tutorials
Rock with Red Hot Chili Peppers screenshot
2011DVDRip | AVI 4:3 (672×512) | MPEG-4, XviD, 25.000 fps, 732 Kbps | English: MP3, 128 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 2 channels | 180 min | Backing Tracks / APE | 1.23 GB
Learn to play the lead guitar parts for five of the Chili’s greatest songs. This DVD presents clear step-by-step instructions for the full lead guitar lines as recorded by the band. Each song is presented in original form, and as a playalong track minus the original guitar for you to jam with and perfect your performance.
Education » Video Tutorials
Guns N’ Roses – Master Session screenshot
DVD5 | VOB | PAL 4:3 (720×576) | MPEG2, 25.000 fps, 8606 Kbps | English: AC3, 192 Kbps , 48.0 KHz, 2 channels | 29 min | 1.85 GB
This DVD is not a concert or a compilation of the bands videos. It is an instruction DVD where you are taught by a very skilled guitarist (not Slash) how to play some of Slash’s best riffs. There is a very good selection of riffs and solos demonstrated, they are all the Guns N’ Roses classics such as Welcome To The Jungle and Sweet Child O’ Mine.
Education » Methods
Bass Aerobics by Jon Liebman screenshot
English | Sep 1, 2011 | ISBN: 1423495632 | 112 Pages PDF | RAR / MP3 320 kbps | 359 MB
Perfect for beginning to advanced players this book/CD pack by world-renowned bassist and educator Jon Liebman provides a 52-week one-exercise-per-week workout program for developing improving and maintaining bass guitar technique.
Education » Literary
Guitar Electronics for Musicians PDF screenshot
2010 | English | ISBN: 0711902321 | 128 Pages | PDF | 43.11 MB
From this book, you can learn more than you could ever have hoped to know about the design concepts and the practical details of the hardware used/made by guitar manufacturers all over the world.

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Education » Literary
Lead Guitar Jam Vol.3 Unplugged CD Tab screenshot
2011 | Publisher: Id Music | ASIN: B005E5O8U4 | PDF+MP3 | 32 pages | 73.1 MB
Méthode de guitare tous niveaux. Notations en solfège et tablatures. Etudes de chansons des Beatles, de Bob Dylan ou encore Neil Young. Conseils et positions de gammes pour l'improvisation. Inclus un CD avec une heure de Jam.
Education » Literary
101 Bad to the Bone Blues Guitar Rhythm Patterns (Book+CD) screenshot
1999 | Publisher: Mel Bay Pubns | ISBN: 0786640448 | English | PDF+MP3 | 46 pages | 31.08/11.95 MB
Seasoned Mel Bay author Larry McCabe teaches you to play authentic four and eight-beat blues guitar backup rhythms recorded like the pros. The companion CD contains all blues rhythms recorded exactly as they appear in the book – each based on the C7 chord or on the Cm chord. For ease of learning, most of the patterns are played at a moderate speed.
Education » Literary
Solo Jazz Guitar The Complete Chord Melody Method screenshot
2007 | Publisher: Hal Leonard Co | ISBN: 0793595436/1423422767 | English | PDF | 63 pages | 5.59 MB
The complete chord melody method, including 20 songs and step-by-step lessons! This comprehensive volume covers diatonic and minor third substitutions, contrary motion, back cycles, walking bass lines, modal chord scales, chord scales with tension, and standard notation and tablature.
Education » Methods
Chord Bassics by Jonas Hellborg screenshot
English | January 1, 1992 | ISBN: 0825610583 | 78 Pages | PDF | 31,3 MB
(Music Sales America). This amazing book is a must for every bass guitarist's library. It contains virtually every chord a player will be asked to produce. With clear, readable diagrams, it contains more than 500 chord shapes. What's more, it's designed to fit easily into your guitar bag so you never need be without it!
Education » Literary » Magazines
Guitar Techniques - Spring 2015 screenshot
Guitar Techniques - Spring 2015
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 20.92 MB

The magazine has established itself with guitarists who wish to better themselves as musicians in both the UK, Europe and as far afield as the USA and Hong Kong! When it comes to choosing music, GT's Abba to Zappa policy means that there's always something for everyone! Take out aGuitar Techniques magazine subscription and learn to play better now.

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