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Although this is an AUDIO site... What are some books you COULD NOT put down? How can websites tell when I'm using a VPN? how often you put limiter on single tracks and why? How do you get the most out of 'Construction Kits'? What do you think this sound is? Need help uninstalling Windows Defender or an antivirus program that doesn't delete patches etc. Kontakt Wallpaper Request & Comments What are you listening to now? Omnisphere 2.6.4 failes recalling presets & timebombs For Sale :XLN ,Serum , Izotope , Arturia , D16 , Bitwig , Korg,KSHMR, Output , Rift ...


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Education » Literary
Audio Effects Workshop *HAPPY NOWRUZ* screenshot
ISBN: 9781435456143 | 2014 | PDF | 353 Pages | 7 MB
AUDIOZ Exclusive | Team LiBER8

The topic of audio effects probably excites more passion, more discussion, and more controversy than almost any other aspect of recording and especially mixing. Yet even after reading never-ending streams of magazine articles and participating in any number of discussions in the ever-expanding range of Internet audio forums, musicians and producers can still find the subject of effects shrouded in mystery, myth, and confusion...
Education » Literary
Mic It! *HAPPY NOWROZ* screenshot
ISBN: 9780415823777 | 2014 | PDF | 358 Pages | 7 MB
AUDIOZ Exclusive | Team LiBER8

Capture great sound in the first place, and spend less time "fixing it in the mix" with Ian Corbett’s Mic It! Microphones, Microphone Techniques, and Their Impact on the Final Mix.With his expert guidance, you’ll quickly understand essential audio concepts as they relate to microphones and mic techniques, and learn how to apply them to your recording situation. Whether you only ever buy one microphone, are equipping a studio on a budget, or have a vast selection of great mics to use, you’ll learn to better use whatever tools you have. Mic It! gives you the background to design and discover your own solutions to record the best sound possible. The information in these pages will help you record great source tracks that can be easily developed into anything from ultra-clean mixes to huge, organic soundscapes.
Education » Video Tutorials
Video Tutorial: How To Make Your Drums Fatter (1st Edition) screenshot
wheelon Date: 2015 03 21 Size: 884,7MB
Known for having some of the biggest & best drums in the game, !llmind finally reveals his secrets to how he makes his drums sound FAT. A priceless, detailed walk-through video (Protools screen-share) of which plug-ins he uses + how & why he uses them. These special techniques & universal foundations can be applied using ANY DAW of choice. An absolute must have to take your drum production sonically to the next level.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Education » Video Tutorials
Lynda - Up and Running with ABSYNTH 5 TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P 20.03.2015 | 134 MB
In this quick Up and Running course, author J. Scott Giaquinta covers another of Native Instruments KOMPLETE components, ABSYNTH. ABYSYNTH is a powerful synthesizer that allows for almost unlimited combinations of oscillators, modulations controls, and filters—leading to some truly unique sounds. Here J. Scott G. gives a brief overview of ABSYNTH's features and main sound making components, including its modules, oscillators, filters, modulation controls, effects, and automation. Then he puts its features and sound-making abilities to work, so you can see how ABSYNTH fits into a real musician's workflow.

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Education » Video Tutorials
[dead] Udemy Play Any Song in ANY 12 Keys Using A Powerful Number METHOD TUTORIAL-COMPRISED screenshot
TEAM COMPRISED 2015.03.18 | 434 MB
Are you frustrated in playing songs in different keys?

Do you want to learn how to transpose a song easily at the piano?

Here's the Secret: Learn how to turn a score sheet into a Powerful Number Method so that you can play

This material is no longer available for download. Sorry.. PiRAT

Education » Literary » Magazines
Keyboard Magazine - April 2015 screenshot
Keyboard Magazine - April 2015
True PDF | 56 pages | English | 16.4 MB

Keyboard Magazine is a magazine that originally covered electronic keyboard instruments and keyboardists, though with the advent of computer based recording and audio technology, they have added digital music technology to their regular coverage, including those not strictly pertaining to the keyboard related instruments.
Education » Literary
Headphones: Buyer's Guide 2015 screenshot
English | Mar 13, 2015 | ISBN: 1508860815 | 34 Pages | AZW3/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 1 MB
Headphones can be considered loudspeakers that were specifically created to be placed over the ears of user’s. They are electrical devices that convert electrical signals into sounds to be heard by the user.


Education » Video Tutorials
GuitarTricks - Doug Fearman screenshot
Doug Fearman
iNTEGRAL | 2.6 GB | WEBRip

Doug Fearman has been with Guitar Tricks for years, and has a large catalog rich with lessons that focus on blues and southern rock styles. He'll teach you licks and riffs, solo approaches and scales, how to play over changes, how to improvise, and lots more in the blues and southern rock milieu.
Education » Video Tutorials
GuitarTricks - Lawrence Katz screenshot
Lawrence Katz

We're fortunate to have so many great players and teachers out of L.A. here on Guitar Tricks. One of those is Lawrence Katz, the guitarist for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. His catalog is centered around popular licensed songs like Wild Thing, Ace of Spades, What I Like About You, and more. His ska expertise is shared in his Ska Guitar 101 lessons, and he also has an artist study on The Edge.
Education » Video Tutorials
GuitarTricks - Lee Wanner screenshot
Lee Wanner
iNTEGRAL | 0.7 GB | WEBRip

Lee Wanner is a serious metal and rock player, and he brings that focus and expertise to his lessons on the evolution of metal guitar along with a 20+ catalog of songs (and growing!). Lee is busy recording in Los Angeles, including a recent project with bass virtuoso Ric Fierabracci and drum great Marco Minnemann.
Education » Literary
Franz Schubert and His World (The Bard Music Festival) by Christopher H. Gibbs and Morten Solvik screenshot
2014 | English | ISBN: 0691163790, 0691163804 | PDF | 384 pages | 68 MB
During his short lifetime, Franz Schubert (1797-1828) contributed to a wide variety of musical genres, from intimate songs and dances to ambitious chamber pieces, symphonies, and operas. The essays and translated documents in examine his compositions and ties to the Viennese cultural context, revealing surprising and overlooked aspects of his music.
Education » Literary
The Triumph of Vulgarity: Rock Music in the Mirror of Romanticism by Robert Pattison screenshot
1987 | English | ISBN: 0195038762 | 294 Pages | PDF | 16 MB
The Triumph of Vulgarity in a thinker's guide to rock 'n' roll. Rock music mirrors the tradition of nineteenth-century Romaniticsm, Robert Patison says. Whitman's "barbaric yawp" can still be heard in the punk rock of the Ramones, and the spirit that inspired Poe's Eureka lives on in the lyrics of Talking Heads.
Education » Video Tutorials
GuitarTricks – Lisa McCormick screenshot
Flash Video | Sorenson Spark, ~1200 kb/s | 640×360 | Duration: n/a | English: MP3, 128 kb/s (2 ch) | + PDF Guides | 10.0 GB
Lisa McCormick has years of guitar teaching experience, and it shows in her calm, comfortable, friendly teaching style. Her catalog is rich with acoustic guitar lessons, designed to take you step-by-step through the learning process: beginner and intermediate acoustic fingerpicking, beginner strumming, acoustic core concepts, country strumming, and much more.

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Education » Literary » Magazines
Beat Magazin - Mai 2015 screenshot
Beat Magazin - Mai 2015
German | 100 Pages | True PDF | 26 Mb

Das Fachmagazin für Musik, Produktion und DJ-ing: BEAT kombiniert kompetente Hard- und Softwaretests mit engagierten Rezensionen sowie Berichten und Interviews aus Musikerkreisen und dem Musik-Geschäft.
Education » Literary » Magazines
Professional Audio Magazin Mai No 05 2015 screenshot
Professional Audio Magazin Mai No 05 2015
German | True-PDF | Retail | 100 Pages | 9 MB

Professional audio bietet durch Produktvergleiche und im eigenen Testlabor durchgeführte Produkttests eine fundierte Kaufberatung für Musiker und Toningenieure, vom anspruchsvollen Amateur bis hin zum Semiprofi und Profi. Ausführliche News-Strecken, umfangreiche Marktübersichten, Reportagen, Workshops und Interviews ermöglichen einen umfassenden Überblick über neue Trends und Produktangebote.

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