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TUTORIAL: How To Make Lite Versions of KONTAKT Libraries – rollerball screenshot
AudioZ | AudioSex | 27 December 2021 | PDF | 1.7MB
After so many requests and such a long wait, it's finally here! This is a detailed tutorial on how to make Lite Versions of KONTAKT libraries. I initially planned to make a forum post, but I realised that the length would be too long for a forum post. So I decided to make a PDF instead.

In this tutorial, I've taken the conversion of one of my previous libraries, Cinematic Studio Strings rLV as an example. The tutorial goes through all the steps of the conversion process in detail. Screenshots have been added wherever appropriate to make the understanding clearer. The steps have been given based on the procedure I use and justifications have been given as well. Wherever possible, a few alternate methods have been discussed.

The links to the various tools and utilities used during the conversion process would be found in the download link container below. Along with them, a few forum threads have been linked as well which have some important discussion related to the utility. The reader is encouraged to go through these threads.

Hopefully after completing this tutorial you'll be able to go ahead and make your own Lite Versions of various libraries! Even though this tutorial is intended for those completely new to this subject, I hope that experienced LV makers might some find some use for it as well, in the form of alternate methods to do things.

I'd like to thank everyone who has been waiting so patiently for this tutorial, and apologise for taking so long to complete it. I hope everything was clear and easy to follow. Feel free to contact me via PMs in case you have any doubts and I'll be happy to help!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays ahead!

While I was writing this post, I noticed that the developer for one of the utilities, conNCW, has recently released an update to the utility after almost two years. So the commands used in this tutorial might not be the most up to date. At the time the post first appears, the tutorial will contain the steps corresponding to the older version (04). The link for this version is included in the container and all the steps described in the tutorial work with this version of the utility.

But I'll try to update the tutorial at a later date so that it works with the latest version. So if you're reading this at a future date, check the primary link container for the most up-to-date versions of the files.

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  Contributor 3.05.2011 642 4445
this will be helpful for a lot of people!
If you want to supply something, you can. PM is open for that.
  Resident 27.05.2020 28 445
Hope so!
  Resident 3.01.2021 27 34
Thank you for the Tutorial RollerBall...

But I wanted to share one small GUI app for NCW Conversion Tool known as GUIXCON.
This was again created and shared by the same guy who created conNCW tool. This is really a handy tool for NCW Conversions.
But please remeber to keep both conNCW04 & GUIXCON in the same folder when you run the GUI tool. Because GUIXCON will be depending on the codes written in the conNCW04 .

Below is the link for the same.
  Resident 27.05.2020 28 445
Thanks for the link! I did see it as I was about to post the tutorial, but decided not to link it just in case there's a conflict of instructions. I'll update the tutorial at a later date and include the tool!
  Resident 15.08.2012 1152
thanks so much, whats Xontakt? :D
  Resident 30.12.2017 1 1698
So cool of you to share this knowledge, I'll probably never even attempt it but I respect your share a lot. Wishing you the best for 2022!
  Resident 27.05.2020 28 445
Thank you! Wishing you the same as well!
  Resident 27.05.2020 28 445
  Member 14.09.2019 1 206
Not something I need, I don't think, but that's super awesome of you to put this together.. thanks Rollerball!
  Resident 5.04.2011 5 365
WOW!!! You are amazing!!! And that is why you will always be the AudioZ King of Kontakt Lite Version Libraries :D!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise and for always creating lite versions featuring the minimum supported KONTAKT version from the original release! Your hard work is greatly appreciated! Happy New Years in advance :D!!
  Resident 27.05.2020 28 445
Hope this is useful! Wishing you the same as well!
  Resident 30.09.2014 64
So awesome thanks!
64° 19' 12.9864'' N 96° 1' 31.1304'' W
  Member 2.06.2016 2 342
Hey man, many thanks for all your good work.
  Resident 23.04.2017 3 577
Wow! Awesome thanks!
I've flipped through the first few pages just to get a feeling for it and I must say it's very well done and accessible....congrats!
  Resident 27.05.2020 28 445
Thanks a lot! Great to know it's accessible.
  Member 2.11.2021 216
Many Thanks
  Member 1.03.2019 56
Thank you so much, that was immensely kind of you :)
  Resident 12.02.2014 1 769
the Comment has been Removed
If it ain't loud? I don't wanna hear it!
  Resident 27.05.2020 28 445
We had a discussion about it quite a while ago. Hope this makes the process easier to understand.
  Member 11.11.2014 11 93
LOL! The best audio engineers at work!
  Member 5.02.2013 137
Many thanks to you (and Xupito also...) for your work on this! It will certainly be useful for me to deepen my knowledge in the management of NKX containers. Thank you again and I wish you an happy 2022!
  Resident 27.05.2020 28 445
Really grateful to @Xupito for providing the info and the tutorial about Total Commander!
  Supplier 18.01.2014 128 245
Thanks so much for your hard work very nice and clean Tutorial @rollerball i think this will push the Kontakt Lite Version apperance to a new Level
  guest -- 0
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 19.06.2021 61
  Member 25.08.2017 84
Wow! This is nice too know! Thanks!
( is this Windows only?)
illegal downloading and home taping is ruining the major music industry... keep up the good work!
  Resident 27.05.2020 28 445
Unfortunately, yes. Both Total Commander and conNCW are Windows-only utilities. The developer of conNCW has shared the source code so it might be possible to port it over to Mac.
  Member 18.02.2016 104
AMAZING, thank you sooo much !!! ROLLERBALL is Back Baby !
  Member 13.04.2021 9
Dear Mr.RollerBall,can you share your experience with removing mic? I see that most of embryo just only close mic, but you are different.

Thanks for all your good work!
  Member 19.06.2021 61
embryo also remove some articulation and phrases because his main focus is to reduce the size of the library as much possible

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