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The Complete Piano Technique Book: The Complete Guide to Keyboard & Piano Technique with over 140 Exercises screenshot
English | 2020 | ASIN: B0892SZBBW | 117 Pages | PDF, EPUB + MP3 | 164 MB
The Complete Guide to Keyboard and Piano Technique with over 140 Exercises

At last – a method that addresses every aspect of piano technique and is clear and easy to follow! This book lays the foundations for a lifetime of effortless piano playing.

Do you want a simple method to learn perfect piano technique, step by step?
Want a clear guide that will speed up your progress on piano?
Need a resource to help you master scales and arpeggios at the same time?

The Complete Piano Technique book is a carefully structured method, developed over several years, to help you build perfect piano technique from the ground up. It covers every aspect of piano playing technique and you will learn essential scales and arpeggios at the same time!

In order to enjoy a lifetime of playing, it’s very important to have a solid technical foundation. With this in place, you can focus wholeheartedly on playing the music you love.

You’ll Learn:

How to play with ease and efficiency
Practical exercises to achieve good posture and avoid muscle strain and injury
Perfect finger, hand, wrist and arm movement
How to relax hand muscles effectively and still achieve great tone
The correct fingering for all scales and arpeggios
The counterintuitive technique needed to play flourishes of notes at lightning speed

Clear diagrams throughout the book will ensure you avoid the mistakes many pianists make. You’ll also learn the techniques you’ve heard professional pianists use to introduce light and shade into their playing, and to create exciting or reflective moods.

This is a practical book packed, packed with useful exercises distilled over many years of teaching, to refine your technique and make you the best pianist you can be.

Here’s What You Get:

Strike and release exercises to build finger strength and independence
Exercises to master legato and staccato technique
Introduce light and shade into your playing using one simple technique
Switch effortlessly between 1/18 note and 1/16th note passages
Master complete left- and right-hand independence

There’s more! In the process of crafting your technical skills, you’ll learn every major and minor scale and key arpeggios. You’ll also learn how to apply these techniques to the pieces you are working on.

Make quicker progress by learning the right way to practice, and how to have a productive practice session – every time. You’ll also discover a proven method for learning new pieces

Audio Examples Included

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Audio Examples Included but Double, Audio Examples we can download free from official site


The audio files for this book are available to download for free from
www.fundamental-changes.com. The link is in the top right-hand corner.
Click on the “Guitar” link then simply select this book title from the dropdown menu and follow the instructions to get the audio.
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Fool book. Call it complete , is to force the sale of these methods, thankfully we can see, analyze before even refer to a poor friend who thinks he will play the piano after 30 years old.

The technique of the piano is absurdly difficult even from the 5 years of conservatory, on this method he begin withthe old Hanon, as if it were the truth of the methods applied to the piano.

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