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Seeing Music on the Guitar: A visual approach to playing music screenshot
English | 2020 | ISBN-13: 978-1078210256 | 79 Pages | PDF | 1.1 MB
Unlock Your Imagination and Start Making New Music – YOUR music – with Complete Knowledge of How Chords, Scales and Melodies Are All Related.

Seeing Music on the Guitar is the first book of its kind: Using an easy, visual method to teach practical music theory so you can make new music with confidence.

Learn music, FAST! Step inside the mind of successful guitar players. Great guitarists develop an ability to “see” the music they play on the fretboard of the instrument. They see their music as a simple relationship of shapes and locations. As easily as you already can distinguish a triangle from a square or a circle, guitar players see music on the fretboard of their instrument.

It’s this EASY: Just as you can draw the basic shapes of triangle, square or circle from memory, guitar players can visually “draw” chord shapes on their ­fingerboards and move those shapes around easily, creating new music.

MASTER your music: Guitarists ­find this “visual roadmap” on the fretboard a powerful tool, making things like improvisation or transposing a song to another key quite easy. Your ­fingers will follow these roadmaps to get to the music. Seeing Music on the Guitar will show you how to see music as simple shapes and use these shapes to quickly and con­fidently create and play music.

Have you learned some chords but lack the knowledge to take them further? Want to create new and interesting music but feel stuck?
You’re not alone! Most musicians find themselves search for answers to the “Hows” and “Whys”? How can I build new chords for my music? Why do some chords sound better together?

Learn the secrets of how scales, triads and chords are all related.
Once you’ve seen the connection between the elements of melody and harmony, you’ll never be the same. Because the concepts are fundamental, you will be applying them to any music, any style and at every level of musicianship. The best part? There’s very little to memorize.

Music (like everything else) is built on fundamentals. Here, you’ll learn those harmonic basics the fast and easy way to create music for a lifetime.

In Seeing Music on the Guitar, you will learn:

- How Major, Minor and Blues scales are built
- Why chords use particular notes
- How to learn the entire fretboard QUICKLY
- How to play ANY chord in the universe!
- How to create your own chords and music
- How to leverage scales and chords to improvise
- How to transpose any song EASILY

Complete Chapter Listing:

- Getting Started
- Fretboard Diagrams
- Fretboard Basics
- Major Scales, Triads and Chords
- Intervals
- More Major Scales and Chords
- Seeing the Whole Fretboard
- Minor Scales, Triads and Chords
- Chord Progressions
- 7th Chords
- Transposing Chord Progressions
- Extended Chords
- Basic Improvising
- Creating Your Own Chords
- Creating Your Own Progressions
- Chord Reference

Expand your musical horizon and begin your mastery of music with new confidence to put you ahead of the pack.

You don’t need a degree from music school to have knowledge of music theory. In just a few lessons, you can begin to unlock the door to your imagination, letting you create ANY music you like.

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