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Video Game Music by Daniel Ross EPUB screenshot
2015 | Elliott & Thompson Limited | ISBN: 9781909653665 | 97.8 KB | 98 Pages | EPUB
From electronic beeps to orchestral scores, video game music has truly arrived. Rapidly growing in popularity around the world, it looks set to play an important role in the future of classical music. This handy reference guide from Classic FM steers you through the evolution of video game music, from the arcade to mobile and interactive gaming, highlighting some of the best-loved composers and tracks, and exploring the hugely successful industry of bestselling recordings and sell-out concerts along the way.

High quality soundtracks composed for video games have only been around for a few decades, but their popularity is fast becoming a global phenomenon. Packed full of essential information, this pocket-sized handbook explores the way the music has developed in step with gaming technology, as the once-niche genre increasingly enters the mainstream. Classic FM's Handy Guides are a fun and informative set of introductions to standout subjects within classical music, each of which can be read and digested in one sitting: a perfect collectible series whether you're new to the world of classical music or an aficionado.

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  Resident 5.12.2012 823 20871
  Member 14.12.2019 2 206
Nice read, interesting details..
however is a bit limited in scope, more like an introduction,
as it doesn't mention many great composers like:
Matt Uelmen, Paul Romero, Cris Velasco, John Broomhall..
Hitoshi Sakimoto, Motoi Sakuraba.. and so many many other!

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