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Native Instruments Session Percussionist KONTAKT-FANTASTiCFabFilter Total Bundle v2024.02.05 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2RVertigo Sound VSC-3 v1.6.92 READ NFO-R2RWave Alchemy Triaz Plugin Full Content WiNIK Multimedia T-RackS 5 MAX v2 v5.10.4 U2B Mac [MORiA]Vertigo Sound VSE-2 v1.5.73-R2RVertigo Sound VSM-4 v1.5.215-R2R



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World, New Age - 137 (0.95%)
Avant-Garde - 156 (1.08%)
Folk, Country - 118 (0.82%)
Ska - 28 (0.19%)
Electronic (general) - 3051 (21.2%)
- Ambient, Lounge - 286 (1.99%)
- Club, Dance - 433 (3.01%)
- D&B - 490 (3.4%)
- House - 1232 (8.56%)
- Trance - 645 (4.48%)
- Industrial - 253 (1.76%)

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fresh releases

Windows, Essential
Cubase Elements 7.0.7 (Unlimited Tracks And VST's) Unlocker x86 x64 screenshot
Steinberg Cubase Elements 7.0.7 Unlocker x86 x64| 35 KB

It's powerful set of instruments, the many audio effects and tools for recording, editing and mixing audio and MIDI tracks let Cubase Elements 7 turn your computer into a complete production system. Including the new MixConsole, Chord Track for easy chord management and the award-winning audio engine, Cubase Elements 7 welcomes you to the exciting world of Cubase.

NOTE: This crack/patch will allow anyone to transform Cubase Elements 7.0.7 into a FULL working version of Cubase 7.
Software » Windows
Adrosoft Audio Recorder v2.4-CHAOS screenshot
Team CHAOS | Feb 13 2014 | 1.5 MB
AD Audio Recorder is a sound record program for Windows. It can record in normal mode as the most known audio recorders and in sound activated mode. Intuitive user interface and sound visualization in real time make easy setting and adjusting of recording parameters.
Software » Windows
Steinberg Cubase v7.5.0 WIN x64 Incl Keygen iNTERNAL-AiR screenshot
Steinberg Cubase v7.5.0 WIN x64 Incl Keygen iNTERNAL | 2.87 GB
Its powerful set of instruments, the many audio effects and tools for recording, editing and mixing audio and MIDI tracks let Cubase Elements 7 turn your computer into a complete production system. Including the new MixConsole, Chord Track for easy chord management and the award-winning audio engine, Cubase Elements 7 welcomes you to the exciting world of Cubase.
Software, Windows
LiveProfessor v1.1.1 x86 Cracked-Chaos Tracer screenshot
Chaos\Tracer | Date: 2014.02.14 | Size: 12,4 mb

Long awaited - now it's done... :)
LiveProfessor is designed to be an effect rack of VST-plugins and we have created it specifically with live sound in mind.The concept is very simple, yet extremely flexible. Using a ASIO audio card you can route inputs and outputs through your VST-plugins in any order and way you like.The program supports snapshots of all settings, for easy switching between songs. LiveProfessor also has advanced MIDI routing and manipulation features, and can be controlled using hardware controllers or Midi Show Control....
Software » Windows
CuteDJ v4.2.8 Cracked-F4CG screenshot
TEAM F4CG 02-14-2014 | 9.07 MB
The easiest way to start really djing. CuteDJ is the ultimate DJ mixing software which enables you to mixing audio, video and karaoke.

CuteDJ combines intuitive user interface, and powerful mixing engine that takes digital DJing to the next level for professional and beginner DJs alike. With CuteDJ mixing software you can mix your music and video like a pro DJ. Beat-matching is just a click away and also are seamless beat-aware loops, cueing, VST effects and many other features. you can also DJ music on your computer with accurate control from a range of supported hardware. support connect up to 8 hardware controllers at the same time that gives absolute control over mixes without even touching your computer.
Software » Windows
e-mix Pro Edition v5.7.0.0 Patch-RCG (Win XP-SP3 only) screenshot
TEAM RCG 13.02.2014 | 18.2 MB | Win XP-SP3 only
e-mix Pro Edition is an application created for professional DJs. The user friendly surface secures for everyone a safe entrance into the world of music mixes.

Sound mixing becomes the pleasure and due to the auto-mixing mode it is an absolute ingenious software for bars or discotheques, which cannot afford each evening a DJ. If you are looking for a mixing software with a control panel, then our e-mix pro edition with the mp1200 control panel is the right one for you!
Windows, presets, patches, impulses
Internet Co Kokone for Vocaloid3FE/AE screenshot
AlexVox | 14 February 2014 | 218mb
kokone (心響) is a new Japanese VOCALOID developed by Internet Co., Ltd., released on February 14, 2014 for the VOCALOID3 engine. Her name means "heart sound". kokone is a VOCALOID designed to have a large vocal range. At the time of her release, her vocal range was the largest of any released VOCALOID. kokone is built to handle normal singing vocals, yet go high to sing falsetto without the change of range noticing. This allows her to act both as a main singer and as a backup singer to other vocals.
Software » Windows
Zebra2 v2.7 Reve 2126
Zebra is our wireless modular synthesizer. It combines many different types of synthesis with a powerful modulation engine. Imagine – you can create any additive, freehand or spline-based waveform you like, apply a vast selection of spectral effects, morph between those waves and send them through classic synth filters. Perhaps use that entire sound as modulator for an FM oscillator, or route it through a comb filter – the building block of physical modeling synthesis. All generator modules, all signal paths, all effects are stereo.
Software » Windows
Mus2 2.0.6-SERiAL screenshot
Mus2 2.0.6-SERiAL | 102.17 MB
Mus2 is an easy to use and handy music software designed to help you notate microtonal works and music. The application comes with support for microtonal MIDI recording and playback options. It allows you to work with non-12-TET tunings and pitch systems, offering you full control over the lines and pitches.
Software » Windows
PSPaudioware Plugins Pack 2014.02.12 Incl.KeyGen-CHAOS screenshot
Team CHAOS | Feb 12 2014 | 185 MB
Lexicon PSP 42 v1.6.2
2Meters v2.1.0
PSP 85 v1.1.1
608 MultiDelay v1.6.1
BussPressor v1.0.3
ClassicQ v1.8.0
ConsoleQ v1.8.0
EasyVerb v1.7.0
Echo v1.0.1
MasterComp v1.7.1
McQ v1.8.0
Neon HR v2.0.3
NobleQ v1.7.0
oldTimerME v2.0.0
preQursor v2.0.0
RetroQ v1.8.0
SpringBox v1.0.0
VintageWarmer 2 v2.5.2
X-Dither v1.0.0
Xenon v1.3.2
Software, Windows
V-Raxtor Activator only x86 x64 -Tracer screenshot
Tracer | Date: 2014.02.09 | Size: 4.06 mb
V-RAXTOR is a software solution for audio plug-in hosting in a versatile and intuitive racks battery, connected to a multi-channel virtual mixer. High operation flexibility and total control over plug-in interconnection enable users to implement a consistent audio-stream processing system. IDE-style workspace with direct manipulation emphasis offers new step of naturality to the human/software interaction process. Modern pseudo-3D graphical interface with shadows, highlights, relief-mapping and smooth animation produces a realistic virtual studio representation. Popular technologies support makes it easier to utilize today’s software/hardware solutions...


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