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XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 v2.0.7 Complete HAPPY NEW YEAR-R2R screenshot
TEAM 2015.01.01 | 7.06 GB
With Addictive Drums 2, we’re taking it to the next level. More world-class instruments, more amazing sound shaping features, more tools for rhythm creation and transformation, and total freedom to pick only the kits and add-ons that are right for you. All this while maintaining the fast, clean, musician-centric interface that made us successful in the first place. We hope you'll love what we have made.

Build your perfect kit

Don't like your snare drum or crash cymbal? Swap them out in seconds with any other kit piece in your drum collection! Want to turn down the ride, turn up the cowbell and maybe beef up your kick drum by linking it to an electronic sub-kick? Not a problem. The Kit page makes all this easy.

This page is where you can make changes to your drum kit. Easily modify any of our professionally designed presets or build your own presets from scratch. Our simple interface presents information in ways that musicians understand while eliminating unnecessary complexity.

Tweak your sounds to perfection

Are you a recording engineer at heart? Do you love diving down to the individual microphone and instrument levels and tweaking everything to perfection? We think you're going to be very happy when you see all the amazing features on the Edit Page of Addictive Drums 2!

This page contains in-depth controls to let you tweak specific parts of your kit (like the Kick, Snare, or other parts). Here, you'll find things like multi-band EQs, compression, distortion, tape simulation, our brand new Tone Designer and Transient Shaper modules, and much more.

Find the perfect beat

Addictive Drums 2 is more than just great sounding drums in your music. It's also a collection of outstanding rhythms and grooves played by professional drummers. Even if you are an experienced drum programmer, you're sure to find inspiration here. The only thing better than these beats would be hiring a professional drummer, booking a studio, and spending hours recording.

On this page, you can browse through all of the rhythms to find your inspiration. If you have a specific beat in mind, it's very easy to search your collection using the Grid Search tool. And if you'd like to modify an existing beat to make it uniquely yours, the powerful Beat Transform system makes it easy. And once you find a beat you love, simply drag-and-drop it to your host's timeline. Easy!

Add great drum effects

The FX page contains two Delerb effects. This outstanding effects processors combines delay and reverb effects in one place and lets you push the sonic envelope. With two of them at your disposal, you'll have no shortage of options when designing exciting sounds.

Find new ways to use your kits

ExploreMaps let you step through all of the ADpaks and audition and select any of the professionally designed presets. Each preset includes a beat that was specifically designed to show off that preset in the best light. You can also audition ADpaks you don't own yet to get a taste of what they have to offer!


Our new Transient Shaper gives more or less 'snap' to individual kitpieces or your overall drum mix.

The new Tone Designer makes a drum sound more or less dampened, letting you add or remove ringing with ease.

Two Delerb processors combine Delay and Reverb effects that are ideal for drums. A unique 'Swirl' thickening feature and advanced EQ give sound designers lots of exciting new options.

Six additional Kitpiece Slots let you build kits with up to 18 individual drums.

New FlexiSlots let you load additional Kicks, Snares, HiHats, and more.

Kitpiece Linking lets you easily link drums for a fatter sound.

Specialty "Trigger" Kitpieces (sine waves, white noise, one shot drum samples, etc.) open up a world of new sound design options. You can link them to acoustic drums to give more “oomph” or even use them on their own to create new analog and digital drum machine sounds!

New Response section lets you tweak performances to fit them into a mix.

Two MultiFX inserts on every channel for even more sound design options.

New Beat Transformer lets you tweak any existing rhythm to make it fit into a track and to make it uniquely yours. No more cookie-cutter beats!

New Grid Search system lets you quickly find the beat you hear in your head!

Improved Beats Browser lets you easily browse beats to find your inspiration.

The Record MIDI feature saves time by letting you record MIDI directly from your host software into Addictive Drums 2.New 4 band EQ with additional Low and High cut controls.

You can now Drag’n’Drop Audio directly from the Addictive Drums 2 engine. Play a drum—or even a whole rhythm if you like—and simply drag it as an audio file straight into your music software’s timeline or desktop.

New “Sound Ideal” search system lets you sort all your presets from ‘clean’ to ‘distorted’ to help you narrow down and find the right sounds quickly.
Snapshots makes A/B comparisons super easy. Take snapshots of all your settings and instantly recall any four snapshots instantly.

New CloudSync system means your presets are always up to date and with you no matter where you choose to work.
Standalone version of AD2 is your perfect jamming companion. Fire it up quickly and start playing along without dealing with your music software. The new Tempo control makes it easy to adapt beats to your needs.

Many improved Copy/Paste features.

New great sounding presets and ExploreMaps for all your existing kits lets you get your drum track sounding great in no time.

All Presets now include a MIDI preview to let you hear the preset played as the sound designer imagined. Use it to find inspiration or write all new music.

Users can now preview all ADpaks and MIDIpaks (even ones they don’t own) from directly from Addictive Drums 2.

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  Member 23.06.2014 145
I've been waiting for this, thanks for sharing!!
  Banned 3.08.2012 74 17716
download from free file storage
Prove that you're not a Bot to get Download Links
  Resident 28.05.2013 675 2813
SOFTWARE-Addictive Drums 2 v2.0.7 Complete-R2R
  Resident 12.10.2013 33 222
seenupload/uploaded links

Mega account was deleted so all old mega links are down! will re-post soon
  guest -- 0
i dont know where to start happy new year to you and R2R thanks so much
  Member 23.06.2014 145
But it would be better if you shared update only.
  Resident 25.09.2014 285
Thank you guys
  Member 18.07.2014 179
+1 Update Only
Try, Fail, Repeat!
  Resident 20.07.2013 4 1653
Bummmmmm fireworks ready HAPPY NEW YEAR MATES
R2R and Sunny start dancing
Reputation is an idle and most false imposition, oft got without merit and lost without deserving
  Member 22.12.2013 2 472
Thank you very much R2R and Sunny! Great stuff!
To update only guys:Thank them for providing the whole package for FREE!!!
  Member 23.06.2014 145
It's already available as you can see


and many people who are waiting for update like me already have it. So i don't wanna download whole package for only updating the program.
  Member 22.12.2013 2 472
I already have it but since its free i really dont mind redownloading it...
  Member 23.06.2014 145
It's 7 GB and i don't have premium.
  Member 22.12.2013 2 472
Me neither, try rockfile its fast and you dont have to wait.
  Member 23.06.2014 145
Yeah it's very fast
  Resident 31.05.2010 1858
why does everyone who dont have premium complain use torrent for god sake i always use torrent for big stuff
  Member 23.09.2014 2 21
thanks. would be best if you could upload updates only !!
  Resident 23.05.2012 5 172
UPLOADED sunbird, acousticsamples PLEASE
  Member 23.06.2014 145
It seems impossible. I wish but i don't think so.
  Resident 16.11.2013 3 1028
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 23.06.2014 145
Why did you delete my comment?
  Member 12.04.2014 130
this 2014 was amazing down here!!! you guys who knows how to do this great comunity works... share stuff and all of that...

i really wish you guys have a nice and happy new year

GOD bless... peace!!! and make good music in this 2015 !!! see yaaaaa
  Member 16.10.2013 79
Rapidgator please
  Resident 17.02.2009 874
Thanks And Happy Everything ;)
Touch The Wires : I Dare You
  Member 16.10.2013 79
Wooo hooo, thx for rapidgator!!!
  Member 18.02.2014 1 20
Awesome! Thank you for sharing!
  Resident 8.03.2014 1 201
Thanks for the awesome shares today, don't even know where to start!
Though, the whining kinda does destroy the joy a bit.
Just buy the product if you don't want to wait. It's kinda disrespectful don't you think?!
Anyways... Wish everyone a healthy and happy new year!
  Resident 4.02.2014 1 105
Fuck yea!! THANKS! A LOT!!
  Resident 15.09.2011 1 3219
Thank you so much for AD plugins R2R and Sunny!
Happy New Year to you and everybody on AudioZ and AudioSex! May the next year be better than the last! Much better!
"The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited
  Member 24.12.2014 270
You guys made my holidays

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