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Relab LX480 Lite VST v1.0 screenshot

Relab LX480 Lite VST v1.0
Team: AiR | Date: 10/2010 | Size: 3 MB

For over two decades, the Lexicon 480L Digital Effects System has been the standard by which all other signal processors are measured. The Lexicon 480L remains a popular choice among top producers for the most demanding tasks. Even today the Lexicon 480L is widely considered as one of the best-sounding reverbs ever built.

When creating the first entry for their own product line, Relab Development decided to create the most accurate emulation that could replace this legendary hardware reverb. The LX480 plugin goes far beyond emulation by using the exact same reverb technology and introducing higher density modes and functions not found on the original.

The LX480 will set the new standard for reverb plugins in the future.


• Faithful recreation of the Random Hall algorithm from the well known hardware reverb.
• Modeled input and output stages - Everything is modeled from internal clipping to quirks in the feedback loops.

Additional exclusive features and functions not found on the original:

• Continuous controls.
• Flexible and additional filter structures for better sound shaping.
• More ER delay lines.
• Stereo manipulation.
• 88.2Khz and 96Khz support.

• Improved algorithms with higher density than the original.
• Quick controls and customizable display.

Product homepage: Click HERE

Relab LX480 Lite VST v1.0 screenshot
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  Resident 6.01.2011 558 2633
We hope maybe AiR or R2R will be able to make release of New Complete version 1.01. wink

You can try a DEMO of new plugin on the site of developer.
  Resident 25.04.2012 74 7712
Nice! I actually seem to have misplaced my copy so this is great. Thanks KRock. mates
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  Resident 17.02.2009 876
New Complete version 1.01

Its still beta and no x64 yet, and you might be waiting for a while dunno

Also (trivial information) the SSL vers is basically the same .. Cheers

Touch The Wires : I Dare You
  Member 30.07.2013 321
headbang Thank! wink
  Resident 15.09.2011 1 3290
I immediately jumped when I saw "Relab LX480" but it's the old version. Shame. :(

Yes, maybe this will remind some people to crack the newer version of it? So thank you, AiR and KRock! :)

It is true that the guy who made LX480 worked on SSL reverb, too, but it is not the same thing. Same-ish, yes, but LX480 is a step further from it. Now that I think of it, maybe put some saturation on SSL reverb and the results would be even closer to LX480... ;)
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  Resident 17.02.2009 876

The SSL i like esp the later vers that cleaned up a few issues.

The demo of the Complete version 1.01b doesn't do much for me, its close but nothing to rave about i like the clunkiness of the original hardware 480 with its artifacts etc once you use one over time you tend to forgive the limitations and enjoy its tonal quality esp for its vintage age.
Touch The Wires : I Dare You
  Resident 30.06.2013 194
just get the lexicon plugin bundle.. imo the best reverb is Sonnox.. just look past the miserable gui..
  Resident 17.02.2009 876

Its fine we know of those bundles etc i was just having a chat with SineWave.
Touch The Wires : I Dare You
  Resident 24.10.2011 1 816
The last versions will probably use iLok 2, so forget them.

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