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Windows, Mac OSX, multi-libraries
Native Instruments Maschine Full (All Updates, All Expansions) screenshot
Native Instruments Maschine Full (All Updates, All Expansions)
Create tight rhythms, harmonies and melodies in moments with MASCHINE - the groundbreaking instrument that combines a pattern-based sequencer, professional sampler, multi-effect unit and VST/AU plug-in host with tactile control. Experience a fully creative workflow with the integrated hardware/software system, combining the flexibility of computer-based music production with straightforward, two-handed control for composing, performing, browsing, sampling, slicing, sound-shaping and tweaking effects.

MASCHINE combines the flexibility of computer-based music production with the ease of a groove box into one powerful creative tool. Utilizing onboard samples or your own audio files, MASCHINE's symbiosis of hardware and software not only ensures a fast and fun workflow, but lets you easily turn your ideas into professional productions.

MASCHINE comes loaded with over 5GB of production-ready sounds and patterns. Everything from fat drum kits to state-of-the-art synthesizer sounds and pristine acoustic instruments have been sampled, sliced and tagged for your convenience. MASCHINE also features studio quality effects ranging from dynamics processors to beat-mashers and even mastering tools, all tweakable in real time via the hardware controller.

MASCHINE's pattern-oriented concept frees you from the limits of linear arrangement. Build song "scenes" by layering patterns, and re-arrange the scenes on the fly. MASCHINE offers external sampling through your computer's audio interface as well as internal re-sampling, precise editing and slicing, auto-mapping, effects and an ultra-convenient browser – all perfectly attuned to the hardware controller.

The MASCHINE hardware is both instrument and controller in one. Sixteen illuminated, velocity-sensitive pads form an interface to intuitively make beats, tweak sounds, create patterns and sequence whole songs with the powerful MASCHINE software. Two large, high-resolution displays with eight corresponding rotary encoders, buttons, and transport controls integrate perfectly with the MASCHINE software.

MASCHINE unifies and vastly improves on familiar groove production workflows. Using the MASCHINE hardware controller you can jam out ideas in a pattern-oriented environment, and use them as the building blocks to create your track within MASCHINE. New samples, loops, effects or arrangements can be added, edited and tweaked in the same intuitive way, utilizing the ultra-convenient hardware interface.

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  Member 13.09.2012 14
y esto para que sirve??
  Member 2.05.2011 10
Could somebody tell me if the expansion pack works? (on mac)
  guest -- 0
Yes they work but as there is no serial you will only be able to use the samples, not the kits and projects.

  Resident 14.11.2011 2 344
And what if someone can tell us what samples is there in each kit ?

We would be able to load those samples and save the kit with it's original name.

Is it possible to find (Or if someone can do it) the list with what samples in which kit ?

Would be awesome ! :)
Without obsession, life is nothing.
John Waters
  Member 21.03.2012 1 47
+1 for Dark Pressure samples in each kit
  Resident 2.05.2011 360
"Maschine Standalone PC 1.7.1 Update Only is corrupt.........can't unzip ".bin" file, on Rapidgator & Ul.to!

I also tried repairing the archives....haven't tried the other dl's.........anyone else?


Ok....I was able to extract it with "7-Zip," hurray! Strange, cause it dl's as a WinRAR file by default!

All's well that ends well!
Love Is Just A Heartbeat Away
  Member 3.05.2012 23
Can you upload the links on mediafire too ?
it will be a great help.
Thanks wink
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3688
are there any new Expansions thanks
  Resident 12.11.2009 4 61
I totally agree with Jessycd, could someone please upload the list of sounds that each kit uses, it coul be just a photo of the screen, and also the midi files. it would be great! wink mates
Keep On Grooving!!
  Resident 4.09.2012 420 -27
NI.Maschine.v1.7.1.STANDALONE.VST.VSTi.RTAS.Update.Only.PC-ASSiGN.rar file updated.
popeye, korgrog thanks! wink
Do not forget that bin file does not open in Winrar. Use Diamond Tool and Ultra ISO.
  Resident 16.12.2010 12 1158
@ Gelido,

I totally agree with Jessycd, could someone please upload the list of sounds that each kit uses

Well... and have you thinking that maybe some of these 'Kits' are mapped and set with some specific options like : different Panning settings, different Volume settings, certainly also different Velocity settings (Layers,... ) among the several samples included within a 'Kit', and all that may be done in different ways for each 'Individual Kit' !

In this case, I really don't think that the fact to know the exact sample content of each 'Kit' can help you, apart if you decide to make your own 'Kits' from scratch... but they will certainly not sound exactly like the original ones.

  Resident 2.05.2011 360
No problem, always here to help.......!

For ".bin" files.........I use "Bin2ISO" to covert them, it's easy, fast & free!
Love Is Just A Heartbeat Away
  guest -- 0
Thanks much for this large post!!!!
Is it possible to just install the first 1.0.0 AirISO DVDR and then skip ahead to v.1.8.1 update? Thanks again! mates
  Resident 14.09.2012 1 75
I installed the expansions over a legal install of maschine and cant open the kits. Does someone know a workaround this?
  Resident 23.12.2009 2 1177
1.8.x wasnt released for mac yet, no?
  Resident 27.12.2010 343
Thanks to Billy.J
  Member 4.03.2011 24
I have a question regarding authorization, online or offline. My friend owns Maschine and is letting me install it using his serial. However, I am weary to authorize the software on my mac, which houses pirated material such as Kontakt. My question is should I update via a pirated crack, or go ahead and legitimately authorize online or offline? THANKS GUYS !
  guest -- 0
Somebody know where to download the "Maschine.182U.Mac.dmg" file to try crack it myself.

If I can crack, I share it with all the community because is necessary to have the 1.8.2 update cracked for Mac.

  Resident 23.02.2012 148
Very well done work!
Thx Billie J., R2R and others! wink
  Resident 2.11.2013 216
All those installed , but now i bougth a used maschine mk1 with serial.
I need to know if i can use the service center if i have r2r version installed.
Cause i need the ableton live 9 Controller template

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