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Crysonic INPRESSA v1.0 screenshot
Crysonic INPRESSA v1.0
TEAM R2R | 2012.08.26 | 11.76MB

Providing Zero Latency, Stereo & Mono compatibility together with a unique proprietary Technology provides flexibility and total creative freedom. Transcending other similar plugins of it's type, INPRESSA is designed to achieve Vintage and Modern sounding professional results on individual busses and the final Master Mix. INPRESSA has full Double Precision Processing natively which employ very Steep 24 dB/Oct crossover filters virtually eliminating leakage into adjacent compression bands. All available parameters are variable supporting full automation with extreme precision control. INPRESSA, amongst other unique features automatically chooses the most appropriate peak detection circuit depending on the audio material being worked on previously impossible to do unless you have a countless number and flavor of 'expensive' compressors.

The most noteworthy part of INPRESSA is expressed not only by employing a new state of the art technology but understanding and providing incredibly efficient workflow without crowding the interface with 'most of the time unnecessary' options. INPRESSA, the ultimate Mastering, Mixing, Tracking compressor.

We allow each license holder to install INPRESSA (all our products actually) on up to three music PC's , so if you have a Mac and a PC and a laptop, feel free to install on all of them! Download the Free Demo now

• AVAILABLE FOR Mac OSX and PC (Native 64/32 Bit UB on the Mac)
• V2 Next Generation Physics Based Audio Compression Engine
• 3-Band 24 dB/OCT Crossover Filters eliminates leakage
• Dry / Wet Mix on Each Band Plus Final Output Mix
• Accurate Analog Style Calibrated UV and Gain Reduction Meters
• Multiband Brickwall Limiting with Tube Saturation at Hi gain
• Analog Physical Model Results with Unique Digital Style
• Incredibly Intuitive and Easy to use Interface
• ZERO Latency
• Double Click to Reset, Option Click for Fine control
• Very CPU efficient can be used on every track
• Full 64-bit internal precision
• Full Smooth Automation of all dials


DOWNLOAD: @ Netload | Uploaded | Rapidgator
download from Private Server: INPRESSA v1.0
download from any file hoster with just one Zevera account
download from more than 100 file hosters at once with Zevera.


  Moderator 21.01.2012 843 6242
Thank you
Is there an x64 version?
  Resident 22.07.2011 1441

There is already a 1.0 version that was released in May by PROPER? Does any body know if there is any difference between the PROPER and R2R's release?
I got peace not of this world!
  Resident 3.12.2008 92
No, this is a dupe.

The last was perfectly cracked.
  Resident 8.08.2011 401
No, this is a dupe.

No it's not. The other was a non-group release using ASSiGN's method of patching.
  Resident 3.12.2008 92
It is a dupe.

Satan, I see you are not a scener and do not have any clue.

DUPE = "if something exists already, then there’s no reason for it to exist again without good reason"
  Resident 8.08.2011 401
Satan, I see you are not a scener and do not have any clue.

Clues sent via PM.
  Cleaner 22.01.2012 4259 2845
Crysonic INPRESSA v1.0 | 11.78 MB


I will reupload any links. Write in PM

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