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Memorymoon Plugins Pack 12.8.2012 by R2R screenshot
Memorymoon Plugins Pack
R2R | 12.8.2012 | 25.9 MB

"I needed a fat synthesizer that could compete with loud guitar amplifiers and sound better than distorted guitar sounds. So I built the memorymoon. It has 6 voicecards with 3 oscillators. You can set drift values for osc1 tuning, osc2 tuning, pulse-width, filter cutoff and VCA level to emulate the variations between voice cards in analog synthsizers. Osc1 has a drift button to do LFO drift. Unison will make a single note play from 1-6 voicecards at the same time."

The main focus in the design of Messiah was low CPU. The audio part of the synth engine has only modules by Chris Kerry hand coded in Microsoft assembly language for low CPU (the effect section has modules by other developers). The design is inspired by Prophet5, but instead of saw, tri and pulse oscillators it has 3 innovative oscillators: Morph oscillator with 4 waveforms, unison oscillator with 7 voices (and you can put this oscillator into 5 voice unison for 35 voices), and flexi oscillator that consist of 2 seperate waves that can perform PWM, ring mod. and phase distortion with very low CPU.

The sound of ME80 will remind you of an acoustic instument. It sounds synthetic, but has the expression of a real instrument. You can shape the tone with aftertouch like you would do on a brass instrument. The velocity feels very alive with a seperate velocity-envelope that took 1 year to develop. Different velocities will have totally different envelope shape. If you want arpeggiators on this synth you do not deserve to play it. The instrument takes practice to master, like a real instrument. Polyphonic aftertouch is supported, but you can select "last played" mode for the aftertouch, and you will have fake polyphonic response from your mono aftertouch keyboard.

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  Member 23.02.2012 1 129
big big thanks :-)
  Resident 9.04.2011 1 674
...and an eye blink to Thisisit ;) rofl
.....::::: The best warez are yet to come :::::.....
  Resident 1.07.2012 101
Very nice! However, v1.3.13 is not the newest version of Messiah. Version 1.3.14 has been out since April.
  Member 15.09.2014 6
Hi..... On page, NEW Updates .... Someone came could epend the pass?... un millon de gracias

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