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Gloria EQ VST WiN32 only - Freebie screenshot

Gloria EQ VST WiN32 only - Freebie

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Spanish only info found!

Gloria es un ecualizador VST para win32 cuya particularidad es la forma de las campanas. Para que me entendáis consiste básicamente en dos campanas superpuestas, unas de ellas con la Q ancha y otra que se va estrechando a medida que se aumenta la ganancia.

Gloria también tiene Filtro pasa altos entre 20 y 200 Hz con un control de  pendiente (slope) conmutable entre 6, 8, 12 y 24 dBs.

El Filtro pasa Bajos abarca entre 20 KHz y 2 KHz y con un control de pendiente de idénticas características que el pasa altos.
Low Shelf con una ganancia de +-12 dBs  y  un rango de actuación entre 50 Hz y 2 KHz.High Shelf con ganancia de +-12dBs y un rango de actuación entre 1 KHz y 17 KHz.La pendiente (slope) de ambos es fija.

Las dos Bandas, aunque parecidas son levemente diferentes en cuanto a Q se refiere. La primera actúa entre 35 Hz y 2 KHz y la segunda entre 200 Hz y 20 KHz, al tener oversapling no se deforma la campana al llegar a 20 KHz.

También tenemos un interruptor de encendido y apagado, otro para conmutar entre mono y estereo, otro mas para invertir la polaridad y un ultimo para cambiar el modo de saturación ente A y B. El modo A contiene tanto armónicos pares como impares siendo estos últimos mas prominentes. En el modo B tenemos la misma cantidad de armónicos pares pero aumentando solamente los impares. En cualquier caso ninguno de los dos modos tienen una saturación excesiva. Modo A tiene -62 de THD (distorsión armónica total) y el B -41.

Gracias por descargarlo, ya me contareis.
Un saludo
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aethe the the the te. mucho macho muchacho grande!
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@ Kookaboo,

Thank You for this 'Gloria' Lady EQ VST wink
Lady !?!... Yes, 'Gloria' is a female name ! rofl


For those who could be interested, here's the English translation as accurate as possible :

Gloria is a VST Equalizer for Win 32bit which particularity is
the shape of the Bells.
For understand it, it consists basically in 2 Bells superimposed,
one of them with a large Q, whereas the other narrows progressively
with the increase of the gain.

Gloria has also a High Pass Filter with a range of 20Hz to 200Hz
and a switchable control of 6, 8, 12 and 24 dB over the Slope.

The Low Pass Filter range is between 20kHz and 2kHz with also a control over the Slope whose characteristics are identical to the High Pass Filter (6, 8, 12 and 24 dB).

A Low Shelf Filter with a gain of -/+ 12dB with an effective range
between 50Hz and 2kHz.
A High Shelf Filter with a gain of -/+ 12dB with an effective range
between 1kHz and 17kHz.
Their respective Slope is fixed.

The 2 Bands even if similar are somewhat different in relation with the Q.
The first acts between 35Hz and 2kHz, the second acts between 200Hz
and 20kHz.
As both are oversampled, the Bell doesn't deform when it reaches 20kHz.

You have also a Bypass switch. Another switch is available for switching between Mono and Stereo. A third switch is available for phase inversion. Finally, a last switch is available for switch the Saturation Mode between
A and B.
The Saturation Mode A contains as much pair Harmonics as odd Harmonics,
however the odd ones are the most prominent.
The Saturation Mode B contains the same amount of pair Harmonics,
but increasing solely the odd ones.
Anyway, in any case, both Modes don't have an excessive saturation.
The Mode A has -62 of THD (Total Harmonic Distortion),
whereas the Mode B has -41.

Thanks for downloading it, and you will tell me.
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Studio 555 – thanks much for the translation! mates
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im sorry i dont speak spanish right cuka tongue
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