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Linplug CronoX Sample Synthesizer v3.5 VSTi PROPER DVDR-DYNAMiCS screenshot
TEAM DYNAMiCS | 07/08/2007 | 1.34 GB
CronoX mixes up your samples in realtime like no other instrument. If you start with a kick sample you may end up with getting a fascinating pad from it, and you should not be astonished to get some punchy drums just from your vocal samples. Its CronoX, samples are only food for its versatile and unique engines.

* Versatile architecture with 4 generators and 2 filters.
* Analogue-modeled Oscillator Generator
* Time-Sampler with independent real-time, modulateable time stretching and pitch-shifting.
* Wavetable (Schrader) Generator that offers wavetable operation using any sample.
* Loop Sampler Generator, capable of loading up to 64 samples.
* Loop Sampler Generator
* individually modulatable loop-points and start-point.
* Easy-Edit panel allowing preset browsing and quick access to main synthesis parameters.
* Free Filter with unique, continuously adjustable and modulatable filter-type.
* Powerful, editable arpeggiator with up to 32 steps.
* Stereo and 5.1 support with powerfull 5.1 mixer
* Sampler Generators support audio formats including WAV and AIFF up to 24bit/96kHz.
* 2 analog-style multimode stereo filters
* 7 ADSFR-type envelopes for various purposes
* 4 LFOs with various waveforms and midi-sync capabilities.
* LFOs are programmeable in almost any aspect
* Modulation Matrix with 10 routings
* 30 modulation sources and 56 destinations.
* Recognizes Velocity, Aftertouch, Pitchbend, Modwheel etc
* "MIDI Learn" function for easy controller assignment.
* 6 simultaneously available multi effect units
* Mono/Polyphonic adjustable Portamento/Glide
* 32-voice polyphony (CPU dependent),
* sample-accurate, settings are saved with the song.

v3.5 Changes

* On PC: Reduced CPU usage (10..20%)
* Many new presets (about 350), only in the full version, not in bundles
* New GUI
* Presets and Samples of the factory library can now be installed in any location and not need to remain next to the plugin


* a VST2.0 capable host software
* a screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher
* 1.4 Gb free space on your harddrive
* Windows XP or newer
* 1.25 GHz CPU
* 1 Gb RAM

NOTE: The retail product include CronoX3 Philippe Favre Signature Set, which not exist in AiRISO release.

"NOTE: This Set is already included in the boxed CronoX 3!"

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Reuploaded. PiRAT

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  Member 17.11.2013 16
(29-06-2015) DEAD LINKS

Outdated... Discontinued...

I have a TEAM ASSiGN version... but i don´t have a BANK of PRESETS...

Any people can REupload??? PLEASEEEEE

  Resident 19.11.2013 1 1282
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 17.11.2013 16
Thanxxxx bro

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