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Windows, Mac OSX, Essential
Synthogy Ivory Italian Grand Expansion VSTi/RTAS + Mac screenshot
PC + MAC | Standalone VSTi/RTAS/AU | 18GB
Ivory Italian Grand is now a complete Virtual Instrument, combining the extraordinary Italian 10 Foot Concert Grand Piano with Synthogy's award winning Ivory piano engine. The Italian Grand is a magnificent addition to Ivorys award-winning collection of pianos. Expertly regulated and recorded at the famed SUNY Purchase, concert hall in New York using Class-A equipment, this Italian 10 foot concert grand is well known for its dynamics, expressiveness and full-bodied character. Twelve velocity layers are included in this expansion pack, as well as soft pedal samples and release samples at multiple time and velocity levels.

* Over 2000 samples, 19 GB
* 12 discrete velocity layers
* Una corda (soft) samples and release samples
* Plugs into Ivory version 1.6 and higher
* Takes full advantage of Ivorys new browser feature

PC Installation Instructions by Nikon

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  Resident 7.01.2012 4 68
It Would be really nice if there could be a torrent dl so you can download everything in a single file.

Saint, is that possible?
1st Donator to the Community that is, AudioZ. Go Saint! ;)
  Resident 13.06.2011 82
thanks saint, this is wonderful
  Member 10.02.2012 113
Unfortunately doesn´t work with Lion. Any updates available?
With best regards
  Administrator 1.01.2004 276 1012
MrDope, sorry, we don't deal with torrents sad
  guest -- 0
How do you authorize library . I'm on osx 10.6.8
  Resident 1.02.2009 12
Italian grand was never cracked for the mac... keygen didn't work, so don't bother

stop posting this again and again... keygen doesnt work for italian on the mac, never did never will, air released a "proper" keygen that didn't work "properly" either MAC USERS DON'T GET THIS, AS THIS IS USELESS, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AS I DID, ONCE AGAIN..

  Member 22.03.2012 8
Italian Grand (and the other pianos) work fine on the Mac with the uncracked Ivory AU 1.64 (download from This was the release before they introduced the iLok. You can reset the 5-day demo period with the following commands (which I have in a login script):

rm ~/Library/Preferences/.Mach\ ID
rm ~/Library/Preferences/.[a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z]
rm ~/Library/Preferences/Ivory\ Preferences/Registry
rm ~/Library/Preferences/Ivory\ Preferences/Timeout

This works fine on 10.6.8. Occasionally the GUI does not draw correctly but closing then opening the AU fixes it.
  Administrator 1.01.2004 276 1012

i promise to test anything you want if you buy me a Mac
  Resident 13.06.2011 82
saint, is the keygen for the italian keyset working for you on pc? it seems to have 'expired' for me
  guest -- 0
Expired for me to. Does anyone knows something to do?
  guest -- 0
Hey guys, mine just expired too. I thought it was timed to expire every few months (because this happened before), but if it happened to both of you then maybe it's something from Ivory's end. I don't know. Anyway, you can reactivate it by running "Authorize Ivory.exe" in your Ivory folder and re-entering the serial number. You may have to re-enter serials for both Ivory itself and the Italian expansion. I had a hard time finding the keygen for the Italian one again, so I uploaded it here:

Please be aware that my AVG does detect a generic trojan on this so you might wanna run it sandboxed or on a pc you don't care about or something. It does work, however.

  guest -- 0
How does one install this on Lion? I keep getting Power PC errors when trying to install
  guest -- 0
SNOW LEOPARD INSTRUCTIONS: Lion and above sadly won't work.
Alright I've been messing around trying to get this working on a Mac since I have no cracking noise on OS X at low latency which I do see on Windows. The keygen "Fox" supplied above does not work for Mac. We'll have to use "smaug"'s script also supplied above to extend the grace period.
How I got around doing it: first install Ivory 1.5 since Italian is an expansion; I think it's recommended to install one of the three pianos so that the installation actually does it's thing, the Yamaha is the smallest for which you'll need disk 1, 8, 9 and 10 of Synthogy Ivory. !!IMPORTANT!! WHEN PROMPTED TO ACTIVATE, DO NOT. This will mess up the Italian Expansion, since we need the 5 day grace period to be active. Once the Yamaha or whichever is fully installed, you can just remove the piano files (keep Synth 1 and 2) from the Local Disk/Ivory Items.

Next up, boot up the Ivory Italian Grand DVD 1(DO NOT USE THE 1.72 OS X PACKAGE ABOVE, IT'S INTENDED FOR OFFICIAL iLOK USE) and use the installer. Once it's done, you'll notice nothing installed at all besides presets, so much for the official installer. Manually copy all Italian 1 to 11 files from the 5 DVD's to the Local Disk/Ivory Items folder. Next up, we'll need a library converter. Either use Pacifist to extract the Library tool from Italian Grand DVD 1 and move it to Local Disk/Ivory Items/Tools, or download any of the 1.72 leopard files from synthogy and do a custom install of the library tool; when using it it will ask to install the iLok extension, but won't ask any authorization.

Almost there, you still need an interface. All official ones don't work anymore, luckily there's ONE cracked version available: 1.62.4 AU. You should still be able to get it through torrents, although it's badly seeded. I'll supply it at the end of my post. Once 1.62.4 AU is copied to Local Disk/Libary/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components, you can run it through your preferred Audio Workstation. It'll warn you that there's a grace period, and possibly that the library isn't formatted correctly. Hit okay, and load up any Italian Grand preset. It'll work.

To extend the 5 day grace period, you'll need to run smaug's script once the five days demo is over to reset it. I don't know much about apple scripts, but I think I compiled a working script (I'll see in five days lol), I'll add it to the 1.62.4 package uploaded here:
You can either double click the script, or right click open and save as -> "application" to somewhere like "Documents", then you can go to System Settings -> Account -> Start up items, browse to the freshly made application. Click "hide" so that it works by itself. That way, Ivory should check if it can reset the grace period each start-up; that is if the script works.

If you just want the Yamaha, Bosendorfer or Steinway, you can use the 1.5 or AiR keygen and authorize (no scripts needed); you'll still need the 1.62.4 AU and the library tool to convert to native format.

I'm unsure if cracking is possible on Lion/Mountain Lion. I figure installing everything but iLok extensions through the official revamped installers, and then inserting the 1.62.4 AU could work, I only fear the library tools will give PowerPC errors, or the grace period just won't work in Lion. It's worth a try though.

You can also copy the piano files from the Ivory Items folder on a Windows computer since they'll be intel formatted and should work on a Mac, that way you don't need the library tool. EDIT: this works for the 1.5 pianos, but the Italian is "expired" when copied from windows, maybe verifying the files through the library tool fixes that.

All in all it's quite a bit of messing around. Personally, once I have some $$ saved up I'll be purchasing ivory II although I don't like the idea of an iLok, but Ivory is worth the money.
  Resident 28.05.2012 419
Hey, the original Ivory worked fine, but since installing this expansion pack (and running the auth/keygens) it started to bring up the "expire in 5 days messsge". Its now run out of its grace period and wont work even though i reactivated both Ivory editions. Does anyone know if you need to use seperate Authorize tools for each programme or can you just use the one? Im running the 1.64 plugin and have only one Auth tool in the Ivory Items path (i overwrote the original Auth tool with the expansion pack one - assuming it was the same). Have tried both activations using Airs Keygen. Still wont reactivate ??????? Please help, i need to evaluate this thing!
  guest -- 0
jaja: reveal hidden files and delete the following
this will reset the 5-day period any time it expires
the scripts above don't work, doing it manually does, though
  Resident 3.06.2014 1 60
Is this for Windows and if so where do I find this? It's not in my library folder.
  guest -- 0
The installation don't work. It says source cannot be open for majority of the ivory items. I have place all the items in DVD 1-5 all together and when I run installation it couldn't open source file. I open the library tool folder and tried to convert it and it says mac format. I'm on windows so I don't know if the files were wrong. Somebody have an idea what to do? This thread says PC+MAC so where are the PC files? ohh...
  guest -- 0
hey, its asking me to insert dvd 2 but this download only has dvd1?????
  guest -- 0
Great thanks to smaug who gave us the good key wink
For Mac users :
I finally arrange this to get an applescript working (backslash was the problem)
(*Synthogy Ivory reset grace period*)
do shell script "rm ~/Library/Preferences/.Mach\\ ID"
do shell script "rm ~/Library/Preferences/.[a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z][a-z]"
do shell script "rm ~/Library/Preferences/Ivory\\ Preferences/Registry"
do shell script "rm ~/Library/Preferences/Ivory\\ Preferences/Timeout"
end try
tell me to quit

You can copy, past it in a blank script in Applescript editor and run direct.
You can also compile a standalone application and run it automatically at computer startup.

We still have annoying message at every ivory start up about the 5 days left, but not so bad...
  Member 15.12.2013 2 6
Hi Saint,

Is it possible to re-up? All links are dead...

Thanks, regards!
  Member 21.07.2015 75
Got it working in yosemite im confused to post a new post or i explained here
Rey Audio Kinoshita V4 Wrap 5 Never Hear Better than it
  Member 25.02.2014 1 83
Does someone have the new AiRISO Keygen only ? I cannot find it anywhere but on torrent (not easy to get it)...

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