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VirSyn Plugins Pack 10.1.2012 HAPPY NEW YEAR screenshot
VirSyn Plugins Pack 10.1.2012 HAPPY NEW YEAR
ASSiGN | 10.1.2012





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  Resident 25.12.2010 8 193
thanks for upload wink but is this working good hate to waste my time
  Resident 29.07.2011 12 74
thank's for sharing really i need it im in my music thank's wink wink rofl
  guest -- 0
virsyn klon???
  Resident 3.12.2008 92
[Edit] Ok, Kankun is right: Feedback Filter Knobs on VTape Delay cause "SynsoPOS" error message and creates a VERY LOUD noise. The SAME goes for Reflect Reverb. Turn all knobs for a minute and you SPEAKERS will BLOW! VTape Saturator also has extreme noise peaks when turning knobs too long. No good ASSiGN, no good. I advice everybody here to stick with the AiR release if you don't want to destroy you speakers and go deaf.

Virsyn always had a weak ELicenser implementation, ASSiGN did not emulate the dongle, they just "bypassed" it. Not the stylish way of beating Syncrosoft. I call it the PeaceOut-way :p Hey just joking around! I know how annoying and tough this protection is. I am still very thankful for your release! And it's cool that you try it and already had some success!
Don't give up on this, guys! I still love you for the PPG v3! (although it also has some minor flaws) :) And the other plugs including Matrix 2 seems to work ok. It's one of the best vocoders available!

BTW I would like to see a fix for the missed protection in Synthix. AiR where art thou?
  guest -- 0
Very nice job on the E-Licenser, TEAM ASSiGN!

NOPE, not yet!

Here's what i got: VTAPE delay, after a while, playing with the loopback filter, crash occurs with a window informing something about unexpected interface. Also damaging noise ( not that one you might expect from pushing the feedback of a tape delay too far...)

So be advised and dont let this virsyn releases out of your system unprotected! You might hurt your ears, damage speakers/HP.
  Resident 30.01.2011 1 345
So this is a shit released then? Thanks for the info guys! Damn, i was lookin forward to this one!! damn
  Resident 31.05.2010 1716
I advice everybody here to stick with the AiR release if you don't want to destroy you speakers and go deaf.

Thanks for the info just what i thought
but maybe i try the Matrix update
  guest -- 0
Matrix has the same issues as written above.
  Resident 3.12.2008 92
Well...I hope you read this thread Quadra! We are your testing division ;)

Matrix is working good here, tried for 15 minutes, turning all knobs, tweaking all parameters, loading saving, no noise here.
  Resident 11.11.2009 15
Thanks for the report.
Found the problem on the VTAPE Delay.
Other bugs are not crack related.
We experienced same issue on the last AiR release.

This is not a simple peace-out-y bypass crack and works better than dongled one.
PM me if you need more technical notes.
  Resident 2.05.2011 360

MATRIX certainly CRASHED my Cubase......! I was looking forward to using it!

And that really Shiver's Me Timbers.......... angry
Love Is Just A Heartbeat Away
  Resident 6.01.2011 566 2644


  Banned 23.03.2017 5
the Comment has been Removed

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