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[dead] VAZ Synths Pluglins Pack 6/11/2011 screenshot
VAZ Synths Pluglins Pack 6/11/2011
ASSiGN | 6.11.2011


VAZ Modular
A software modular synth, inspired by the classic analogue modular synths. It has an immediate approach to patch creation with modules created, connected and tweaked with a single-layer interface.

VAZ 2010
The inspiration of powerful analogue monosynths realized in software. Taking VAZ Plus as a starting point, the synth engine has been extended and combined with a sub-mixer handling 16 synths and effects.

VAZ Plus
A software synthesizer modelled after the most powerful 2-oscillator analogue monosynths, with flexible modulation routing allowing a huge range of sounds. This has then been made polyphonic and an analogue-style sequencer added on top.


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