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Windows, Mac OSX
GForce impOSCar3 v1.0.0 Incl Keygen [WiN macOS]-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 04 Jun 2024 | WiN: 65.6MB | MAC: 75.6MB
impOSCar3 – Inventive, Imperious, Imperative
At the heart of GForce‘s impOSCar3 lies the design of the legendary British hardware synth OSCar®. Like the original, its hybrid architecture combines the precision of digital oscillators with the warmth of analogue filters, providing a wide range of sonic possibilities.

Craft expansive, lush, dark or ambient pads, resonant bells, and precise leads with this exceptional recreation. The finely tuned filter, aligned with the new wavetable editor, blends the best digital clarity with an unparalleled analogue richness. If that’s not enough, switch to poly-unison for a true wall of sound. Prepare to be surprised.

Unique Filters & New Custom Wavetables
The one-of-a-kind dual filter resides at the core of impOSCar3 providing its remarkable character and quality. Multiple configurations of LP, HP, BP in 2-pole or 4-pole along with various parallel configurations open the path to formant-like textures, phasing, and resonance effects that enhance tonal control and widen sonic possibilities.

The brand new wavetable oscillator (containing over 150 presets) along with the new user LFO open huge tonal and modulation power. Design and save your own custom wavetables or draw the partials in, additive style.

Wavetable switching offers a simple yet effective way to explore new tones within a selected patch while retaining the core characteristics of the original sound.

What’s New?
impOSCar3‘s oscillators have been augmented with fully editable 256-step wavetables, drawn as shapes or edited as partials.

We’ve added 450+ new factory Patches and our powerful browser to allow easy navigation through the vast array of included patches. Over 1800 in total.

Additionally, 4 new macros, a new reverb, an improved layout, a user designable LFO editor, aftertouch control, undo & redo, a fully scalable UI and more. Finally, we’ve simplified the operation of the instrument whilst keeping all its depths and compatibility with legacy impOSCar2 patches.

A witch says,

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  Resident 22.12.2022 171
A witch opens his chest
  Member 21.09.2016 21 39
It is great synth) Legendary synth, legendary R2R
  Member 21.11.2013 2 243
I'm not very GUI tended but I have to say that imposcar 2 has a much more realistic interface. Appreciated R2R
  Resident 17.02.2014 8 883
IMO, if we talk about GUI, there is no comparison between this new version and the previous two. This one unquestionably wins.
Anomaly is Something Which Deviates From the Standard or Expected;
It's an Irregularity Which May be Difficult to Explain Using Existing Rules or Theory
  Member 3.05.2024 17
There is another version already available. Is the R2R version any better?
  Resident 23.08.2023 110
I'm still using the other one for now pretty much the same both v1.o.0
If it ain't broke don't fix it imo if you already have it but both are good as far as I can tell tcd always solid so is r2r but r2r has key generation
  Resident 4.02.2012 2 426
Welcome back dear witches.
  Resident 25.01.2014 2445
The impOSCAR kicks ass. Nice to see v3.

thank you R2R and DECiBELLE.
..grateful for HEXWARS, R2R, SYNTHiC4TE, CASHMERE, HCiSO & ALL teams, AZ crew past and present, and friends I have met here . RIP and LOVE to Olymoon and his family.
  Resident 12.10.2016 407
Yes! Thanks so much!!
  Resident 18.08.2020 307
I didn't expect to see this updated ever!
  Member 22.10.2021 294
That demo track sounds so nice, especially liked the rich smooth dual filter swept deep lows, thank you so much for this awesome synth.
  Member 9.10.2021 2 17
Thanks R2R & Audioz!
  Member 23.11.2023 22
This is the year of next gen synths, both analog emulations and digital.
We were blessed by Zebralette 3 and The Legend HZ. This one is also pretty good.
  Member 5.07.2018 77
we have bought the first version. we are curious to test this version now if we like it we buy it
you spam me? i tell everyone & block you
  Member 23.11.2023 22
The Legend HZ is better.
  Member 3.05.2024 17
Up until now it all really worked well. But traying to change the presets leads to a complete software crash in Studio One.

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