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Sonible SmartEQ4 v1.0.2-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 16 Apr 2024 | 182.3MB
smart:EQ 4 uses AI to correct spectral issues and achieve tonal balance. This equalizer empowers you to approach a project from a mix’ perspective: Intelligent cross-channel processing offers hierarchical control over multiple tracks and enables you to get spectral mixing done via drag and drop.

Intelligent cross-channel processing for spectral unmasking
AI-filter to automatically correct tonal imbalances
Dynamic EQing, mix profiles, reference track feature, auto gain,..

Keeping the mix context in mind – effortlessly
Unlike usual equalizers that leave the context of a mix out of any processing, smart:EQ 4 lets you take control over multi-track unmasking processes easily and get spectral mixing done by simple dragging and dropping up to 10 tracks. This set priorities for each smart:filter, bringing some elements to the forefront of the sonic stage, leaving some in the middle, and pushing some into the background. Switching back and forth between instances is a thing of the past in this innovative tool – any instance within the same group can be remotely controlled from any other instance.

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  Member 28.11.2023 5
Is the network protocol failure for groups solved?
  Resident 30.12.2017 1 1739
would be curious to know as well although i'd guess this is a smartEQ issue and not so much an R2R issue
  Member 26.03.2013 134
groups feature works fine.
you have to block all tcp connections on your daw. It really depends on which one you are using. Just allow udp and you're good. On Live you just have to block the main .exe file. Bitwig uses additional files to manage vsts v2, v3... and so on. You have to block bitwig's main and those extra files too to make them work. No idea about S1, but must be something similar.
  Member 27.04.2024 1
Can I block just Smarteq or do I have to block all tcp connections? Some of my plugins require internet access. Using FL Studio 21. Thanks!
  Member 26.03.2013 134
I guess you can block sonible's connections only, but I really don't know which are the ones you have to block. Maybe if you download a third party firewall/blocker that analyzes network traffic on your computer you can get that sorted out.
  Member 17.04.2024 2
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 16.09.2015 147
You're new here "re uplode this". and I'm not looking to play cop over your shoulder... but just to let you know, the site usually doesn't take very well to people using these threads to make requests. They like to limit discussion to the app being shared in the thread. I see you did this in a second Sonible thread too. You might find it easier going here if you use the request section instead.

Good luck!
  Member 3.06.2015 78
Patience dear newbie
  Member 31.12.2023 17
The ultimate in fboy technology
  Resident 3.12.2015 48
is the network protocol still problematic?
With daw S1 blocked, it's not possible to work with groups.
I seem to remember that on an older version R2R solved the problem.
  Member 26.03.2013 134
juat block in and out tcp connections. it works fine
  Member 17.12.2021 4
Muito obrigado!
  Member 25.06.2021 407
This is one of my favorite plugins but don't tell anyone!
be kind :)
  Member 12.01.2021 1 54
Hi Nitroflare is not accessible in to UK anymore. Any re-ups? Thanks

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