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Tracktion Software Waveform 13 Pro v13.0.37-TeamCubeadooby screenshot
TeamCubeadooby | 04.2024 | 200 MB
The most creative, inspirational and affordable digital audio workstation ever created.

Whats New in Waveform 13
Clip Launcher
Say hello to a new, inspiring workflow. Whether you’re looking to break out of a creative rut, embark on a live performance or quickly sketch out ideas the new clip launcher has you covered. Simply drag MIDI, Step or Audio clips into the grid or choose to record directly into a slot while getting visual input feedback in the clip.

Sequence actions can be used to quickly build complex arrangements algorithmically. Choose from the list of actions, stack them and adjust the probability of each for human-like variation or wild, unpredictable sequences.

Sometimes you’ll want to capture these rich sonic performances and happy accidents; enter Performance Recording. Performance Recording prints the performance to the arranger window providing the opportunity to edit, mix and further arrange your ideas later on.

Controller Support
Waveform 13 supports a range of popular launchpad style controllers right out of the box. Zero configuration is required - simply plug in and enjoy pre-mapped pads, pots and buttons. javascript API has been added for additional controller configuration plus support for Ableton Link. Supported controllers:

Novation Launchkey Mini MK2
Novation Launchkey Mini MK3
Novation Launchkey MK3
Novation Launchpad Mini MK3
Novation Launchpad MK1
Novation Launchpad MK2
Novation Launchpad Pro MK3
Novation Launchpad X

Wavetable Synth
Wavetable is a powerful synthesizer with flexible modulation and a huge sound! It features two wavetable oscillators, plus a sub and noise oscillator. There are 150 wavetables included, plus you can create your very own by simply dragging and dropping a .wav file onto an oscillator. Serum format wavetables are also supported.

The flexible dual filter module can be set in either serial or parallel configuration and clicking the FX button toggles the panel to reveal 5 powerful effects which can be dragged and positioned as you please. You’ll find: Trance Gate, Chorus, Distortion (10 types), Reverb (plat and natural), EQ, Limiter and a Filter.

The modulation sources include: 4 LFOs, 3 envelopes, 4 macros, MPE pressure timbre and bend, MIDI note number, Velocity, MIDI pitch, mod wheel and all the MIDI controllers. Simply drag and drop a modulation source to a parameter and its assigned! You can choose to draw your own LFO shapes or choose from a list of carefully crafted and highly useful shapes.

Two wavetable oscillators with 150 included wavetables
Serum format wavetables supported
Sub and Noise oscillators
Two filters, parallel or serial
5 FX can be dragged into any order
Flexible modulation system
4 LFO, 3 ENV and step LFO sources

Refined UI
Waveform 13 further refines its look and feel with a fresh palette of colors, a selection of new schemes to choose from, plus the option of creating and saving your OWN schemes.

Managing automation is made much easier with new, vibrant, color-matched lanes and general UI responsiveness has been optimized, especially within larger projects.

Requested by You
You spoke and we listened. Waveform Pro 13 includes some of your most requested features including:

Record without having any inputs armed for easier punching
Option to "Mute track contents whilst recording" aka "Tape Style"
Auto-monitor record mode monitors when inputs are armed
Start flag where playback can optionally start from
Improved Ableton Link support with option to sync start/stop + option for manual offset

Exclusive Content from Mode Audio
Waveform Pro 13 ships with a wealth of new content from prolific sound design team Mode Audio. Including exclusive content created just for Waveform users you’ll find drums, basses, synths and more in a range of popular contemporary styles. Perfect for use with Waveforms new clip launcher! 

330 loops
250 one-shots
10 Drum Sampler ready kits
Plus 100 MIDI files to kickstart your creativity
ModeAudio is a small but passionate team of sound designers obsessed with all things sound & music. Besides creating sounds for their own extensive catalogue, ModeAudio has collaborated with Ableton, Native Instruments, Reason Studios, U-he, Image-Line, Elektron, Bitwig, Applied Acoustic Systems and many more.

x64: Standalone application

Uninstall previous version then just install!

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  Contributor 11.10.2014 6671 13861
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  Member 12.12.2023 249 1180
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  Resident 17.02.2014 8 871
This DAW ver 13 has everything I wish was in Ableton. Mixer, Arrangemant and Clip Launch all on the same screen (3/3). Bitwig has arrangemant and clip launch (2/3), Ableton with ver 12 has mixer and arrangemant (2/3). Ableton seems to bullshitting its users literally, as the 'mixer and arrangemant' solution together changes absolutely nothing in the workflow, whereas Bitwig has had the smarter solution from the start. Ableton users are paying for the irrational and purely marketing decisions that developers are making as a function of Bitwig. Waveform has all three, which makes it a real gem, at least in terms of workflow, both in the studio and especially in live sets. I don't know the quality of Waveform's SRC, latency management, midi, etc. etc. because I've never installed it, but I think I'll give it a big stick now and hope that it will surprise me...
If any of you have used this DAW (Waveform) before, please share your thoughts briefly. Thanx
Anomaly is Something Which Deviates From the Standard or Expected;
It's an Irregularity Which May be Difficult to Explain Using Existing Rules or Theory
  Member 15.04.2024 1
I interested Waveform 13 because of clip launcher but at this moment this tool is completely unuseful when you try to record any loop.
See comment section @toony_grant

If you want mixer, arrangement and clip launcher on the same screen try Acoustica Mixcraft.
If your main goal is to record loops Mixcraft offers the most useful and elegant clip launcher (performance panel) on the market.
  Resident 17.02.2014 8 871
Thanx so much for your suggestion.. Anyway, What you're saying falls into the category of clichés that often put off potential users, just because there's someone who can't read a manual well, or doesn't read it at all, or someone who makes judgements without even trying, trusting the people mentioned above.
So... the Mixcraft is great DAW, I like too much but I use DAW on Mac, not Pc and Mixcraft would be a beautiful dream for Mac...
Anomaly is Something Which Deviates From the Standard or Expected;
It's an Irregularity Which May be Difficult to Explain Using Existing Rules or Theory

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