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Zynaptiq MORPH 3 PRO v3.0.1-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 2024.04.02 | 243.5 MB
A massive upgrade to the classic MORPH 2, MORPH 3 and MORPH 3 PRO extend the classic's sonic bandwidth even further, adding new algorithms, a patent-pending real-time style transfer module, file playback, transient bypass functionality, a redesigned and scalable UI, and much, much more.

Heard on blockbuster feature films and shows, AAA+ games and state of the art music productions, MORPH takes two input sounds and creates a new, hybrid sound that features characteristics of both, and that can smoothly transition from one to the other. Creature voices, alien hardware, futuristic ambiences, unique new instruments - you name it, MORPH has you covered.

Features in Detail
What's New in MORPH 3 and MORPH 3 PRO:

6 New morphing algorithms: INTERWEAVE V3, IMPRINT SMOOTH, IMPRINT CRYSTAL, ENHARMONIC, FUSION (PRO only) and SONANCE (PRO only). The entire suite of V2 algorithms is included, too, of course, for a total of 11 algorithms.

New MODELER module that provides particle/granular synthesis based style transfer functionality, as well as straight file playback. MORPH 3 PRO includes a multi-zone mapping editor and additional analysis features for advanced MODELER control.

Improved FORMANT SHIFTER with +-24 semitones of range; the v2 formant shift algorithm can be activated for the v2 algorithms to get the exact same v2 sound, using a prefs setting.

New TRANSIENT BYPASS module that can significantly improve the morphing results. The transients are taken at the A and B inputs to the morphing, and added back in, with their mix controlled by the morphing X/Y control. The transients can be boosted, and may also bypass the formant shifter for increased crispness. MORPH 3 PRO features an additional DETAIL mode for the TRANSIENT BYPASS.

Optional internal double precision processing - internal processing can be switched to 64 bit.

New soft-knee output limiter.

Redesigned, scalable UI with interactive-signal-flow-diagram design, built using vector graphics for sharp visuals when zooming, with up to 200% UI scaling for 4k and larger displays.

Lowcut/Highcut filters for all four mixer channels (PRO only).

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A witch says,

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* Our release loads faster and uses less memory than legit version.
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  Member 5.07.2023 77
I kneel down r2r thank you for this incredibly fast release
  Member 22.10.2021 268
Thank you for the extended try of this extremely creative plugin.
  Member 9.02.2021 1 366
Cubase crashes.

Edit : Yesterday it crashed all the time, today its working.
  Resident 10.01.2020 61
win 11 cubase 13 working completely fine.
  Resident 25.11.2015 1231
a really great plugin for sonic mangling and sounds designs!
make music, not walls.
  Member 9.11.2016 68 402
Zynaptiq dev still req high end cpu blaster to run vst ?
  Member 2.11.2014 2 42
Yes, this one is worse than v2. Cannot be loaded on a crowded project smoothly, you'll get CPU spikes for sure.
  Member 25.04.2021 10 66
Does this version sound better than v2?
  Member 28.03.2024 6
Thank you R2R for this breakthrough in sound design
I'm Batman.
  Member 23.08.2023 14
thanks but it wont work for me it instals i load ableton and then says "ableton cant load this plugin"with the vst3 the vst2 just gets stuk in the scaning process and i cant see how why all my other stuff is great but this seems janky , but just for me i guess any ideas?
  Member 23.08.2023 14
ok ignore my last comment got it going after a few more trys was something above my knowledge definitely something weird going on as i did nothing different the time it worked
as for the plugin the plugin is fun but as far as putting a sample in to a algorithm, i think synplants single algorithm runs rings around this as far as being able to mangle sounds maybe this has more of a leaning curve or something but fun all the same thanks again audioz and r2r for another one
  Member 8.04.2024 1
its not working in ableton, need to activate trial in iLok

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