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Acustica Audio Magic Flow 2023-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 21 Nov 2023 | 60.0MB
MAGIC FLOW is the newest Studio DMI plugin in the Acustica Acqua series (VST3/AAX/AU) featuring direction by Josh Guwin. A powerful mixing product carefully designed for a fast audio workflow based on the Josh Gudwin’s everyday workflow.

This plugin is the perfect choice for those seeking an innovative chain with a distinctive sound, ease of use and a unique feel above all, perfectly suited for the leads and backing elements of your mix.

Thanks to its special features, it aims to soon become a standard and a state-of-the-art tool for the pro-audio industry providing the most accurate digital representation of Josh Gudwin’s signature sound, combining specific features of several hardware and digital devices into a single, awesome product, capable of excellent performance and sound quality.

Key Features

Initially, the concept of MAGIC FLOW was as a vocal plugin but expanded to a hybrid channel strip built around Josh’s analog and digital workflow.

A Center Display for easy and proper comprehension
Master Insertion of Josh’s hardware chain before the digital processing
2 Preamps: one for input and one for output stage
High Quality Filters
A Peak Levelling Unit and a Dynamic EQ with pre-established parameters
A Dynamic Resonance Compressor with a Sibilants Detector
High quality Post Compression EQ with 4 different recalls
Global Dry/Wet Control
A final limiter never exceeding 0

A witch says,

Library is completely decrypted, decompressed, DRM related bloat removed, and built to the clean one.

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  Member 13.04.2015 1 171
they apear in a new folder in VST3
Studio dmi
they are not paired up with he other AQUAs
  Resident 29.11.2020 29 2637
Space Control too. I guess all the Studio DMI collab plugins will be like this.
It makes no sense to say you’re not good at it. It’s like saying, “I’m not good at being a monk.” You are either living as a monk or you’re not.
  Member 4.12.2023 1 167
So you should put them in a new folder called Studio DMI in VST3? apart from the Acustica folder? I put all the AA plugins into one folder named Acustica in VST3 and they all seem to work or should I move the Studio DMI plugins (MAGICFLOW and SPACECONTOLR) to their own folder called Studio DMI?
  Resident 27.08.2023 17 135
okay plugin. adds brightness and you can push gain hard
  Resident 1.01.2021 254
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 1.01.2021 254
One TIp When you use AA plugins Always save your project every 5 mins. It can crash your system anytime. No matter what the specs is. This happens with legit version too.
  Member 22.10.2023 1
legit user - never happened to me once but still a good idea
  Resident 30.10.2012 52 857
Do we need any special emulator or such to run these?
  Member 4.05.2021 332
in the release there are a COUPLE OF NFO with all the infos and instructions by R2R


you should install
1. R2R AA framework (released a couple of days ago)
2. R2R AA FIRE THE PUMP (as a test plugin for your system)
  Member 15.02.2023 10 138
wow multiband processing with no option for linear phase crossover filters! look at this phase response
more like free multiband plugins technically
BTW great work dear R2R
  Member 13.11.2023 8
Is that a good or a bad thing. I'm learning mixing so I'm in the dark about this
  Member 4.05.2021 332
if you dont know "what to to do to manage non linear phase crossovers" then LETS SAY its a bad thing

but it can be a good thing if you are lucky...
  Member 15.02.2023 10 138
when you splitting audio for multiband processing you get ripple like phase response and that ruins your multiple audio materials like when you use it on bus or drums so it is just usable with low transient single source audio maybe only vocals
perfectly suited for the leads and backing elements of your mix

but to my ears phase distortion is very unpleasant that was the first thing i heard then double checked it with Curve Analyzer
  Resident 11.08.2012 17 225
@noisia> did you enter the correct plugin latency value in Bertom?
Come back, on the fonky track
  Member 15.02.2023 10 138
yes! this phase incoherency is nature of non linear phase steep filters
try ott with curve analyzer you get same result.
  Member 2.05.2016 45
just the first preset of master 1 is so gooood!
  Resident 29.05.2012 641
I was really looking forward to this plugin the most. I've seen so many videos on youtube praising it to the skies, but to be honest I'm pretty disappointed. It almost feels like it's smearing transients. The sound alone when all the filters and preamps are off is strange. It still boosts the low-end.
Maybe I'll have to take another approach.
  Resident 29.11.2020 29 2637
it's one of the ones I've been waiting for too. I'm more interested with the Artist Series stuff from AA. Studio DMI etc.

will note what you say and check it out myself, haven't finish reading the manual and watching Josh demoing it. I kinda like the resonance taming but the plugin looks like one big box of dynamic EQ and multiband compression. It was intended for vocal processing at first but Josh said can be used for Busses too.
It makes no sense to say you’re not good at it. It’s like saying, “I’m not good at being a monk.” You are either living as a monk or you’re not.
  Member 23.11.2021 136
I played around for a while with this and have some considerations:

For a vocal processing box it really outstands. It's like a Soothe with different target bands on the dynamic EQ section, with the multiband MCDSP trick Jaycen Joshua uses for suppressing ressonances on very especific areas. Dynamics Balance seems to be a RMS compressor while the peak level a peak compressor (o rly). The EQ curves make sense in a tonal way and none of them sounded bad, just different. The preamp was the part i liked less. It sounds too bright, i thing that i generally avoid with saturation, unless i'm using an aural exciter. The preamp sounds like one.

Tried on busses also, but the compression is awful on this kind of source, lots of pumping and weird artifacts on any of them (dynamic eq, balance and peak). I would use only the eq section if i'm lazy, but i don't think it makes sense at all on complex material.

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