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Lexicon PCM Native Effects v1.2.6 INTERNAL-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 15 Nov 2023 | 21.1MB
Once again, our reputation precedes us.
Following the award-winning success of the PCM Native Reverb Bundle, Lexicon introduces a complete collection of the finest effects plug-ins available. The PCM Native Effects Bundle is the ultimate studio plug-in package for creating professional, inspirational mixes within popular DAWs such as Pro Tools®, Logic®, Nuendo® or any other RTAS®, AudioUnit™, or VST® compatible host.

With all the flexibility you would expect from native plug-ins, this powerhouse bundle delivers 7 Lexicon effect plug-ins -- and with decades of legacy products to pull from -- the PCM Native Effects Bundle includes the finest collection of Factory Presets available. Designed to bring the highest level of sonic quality and function to all of your audio applications, the PCM Native Effects Bundle will take center stage in your DAW.

Includes 7 Unique Lexicon Plugins

Pitch Shift
MultiVoice Pitch
Resonant Chords
Random Delay
Dual Delay

7 sonically brilliant Lexicon effect algorithms
Hundreds of versatile presets
Formats that work seamlessly in any AAX, VST, Audio Unit, or RTAS compatible DAW
Graphical real-time display for visualizing the effect in different ways
Stereo/Phase meters for ensuring mono compatibility
Presets can be stored in a DAW- independent format which allows custom presets to be transferred between DAWs
Full parameter control and automation
Input, output and feedback meters for quick assessment of audio levels within the algorithm
iLok protected software (Requires iLok2 or later USB smart key - not included)

A witch says,

* No iLok Driver installation is required to run.

* Our release loads faster and uses less memory than legit version.


This release has better loading speed like other R2R-iLok releases, and there are no memory leaks during DLL loading. (The early releases from AudioUTOPiA has the memory leaking issue in the packer. It is fixed in the later releases).

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  Member 28.11.2016 892
Been missing these on AAX for a long time, used to use them as VST but no longer on that DAW. Thanks!
  Resident 11.05.2013 6 241
Work just fine VST 2 Windows 11 Ableton 11
Thank You R2R and DECiBELLE
  Resident 8.02.2016 148
Why don't you use vst3 instead of vst2? Isn't it faster and more cpu friendly?
  Member 10.01.2020 32
Lexicon Plugins = VST2
  Resident 11.05.2013 6 241
There is no vst3 in Lexicon
Vst3 is good but is some cases you have to install both Vst3 and vst2 then try and chose with one is more stable.
many times developers they still work under Vst3 to fix crashes and bugs in some DAWs.
  Member 31.05.2020 1 186
This is SO great!!!!! :D R2R kings forever
Keith Don't Go!
  Member 2.03.2019 5 108
Many Thank you's kind witches!
  Member 19.12.2022 2 149
iLok USB is dead
  Member 9.12.2014 341
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 20.05.2014 734
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 15.10.2023 3
the Comment has been Removed
  Moderator 21.01.2012 2349 15816
This is the windows section...
  Member 18.11.2013 1039
Muchas gracias R2R, mis brujas favoritas por todo su trabajo. Gracias AZ.
Solo una duda, que diferencia hay entre esta versión y la Lexicon.PCM.Native.Reverb.v1.3.8.FIXED-R2R publicada hace unos dos años. Gracias por responder.
  Moderator 21.01.2012 2349 15816
Si preguntas en Ingles, tendras mas posibilidades de recibir respuestas.
  Resident 29.08.2015 502
Here, this is not the "Reverb" bundle but "Effects" bundle
  Member 23.11.2021 114
Esa version es solamente efectos de modulacion tal como chorus, pitcher, delay etc. La otra es la suite de reverbs. Dos bundles distintas
  Member 25.03.2014 10 1040
the fonts (letters) appear giant to me and don't seem to be the right ones, does anyone know what the names of the letters I should have
  Member 14.01.2021 3
In case that you doesn't reach a good answer yet, I'm writing an explanation of a member whose name I really don't remember for now (Other post, about same developer...). Give a try.

"Presets not showing or showing with strange characters probably reveals the fact that your Windows font cache is corrupted (Or was already corrupted, even if you didn't notice.).
Rebuilding the cache will in this case, solve the problem.
Try applying these instructions to rebuild your font cache:
  Member 25.11.2013 4
does it still supporting windows XP¿¿

  Member 5.02.2013 149
I tried for you on an XP OS just for a test... the R2R install setup hangs with "Internal error: Cannot access 64bit registry keys on this version of Windows". So it's clear, it can't be even installed on 32bit old OS.
  Member 18.11.2013 1039
Version 1.2.6 y, v 1.3.8. Thank you very much for answering. I made the comparison of both versions, PCM Native Chamber, PCM Native Vintage are not included in this version.
  Member 29.11.2020 29 2347
there are 4 versions of Lexicon plugins bundle.

1) PCM Native Reverbs - reverb, plate, room, chamber, vintage plate
2) PCM Native Effects - effects like delay, chorus, pitch shift, resonator etc (this post)
3) LPX Native Reverbs - 4 reverb with lighter algorithm, room, hall, plate, chamber, blue interface
4) MPX Native Reverb - another reverb plugin, blue interface
It makes no sense to say you’re not good at it. It’s like saying, “I’m not good at being a monk.” You are either living as a monk or you’re not.
  Resident 11.03.2013 240
Thanks for the clarity. Didn't know that they made a pitch shifter.
Factoid....The Warehouse (Chicago House Music Nightclub) is officially a LANDMARK!!!
  Member 2.03.2019 5 108
Lexicon PCM Native Effects v1.2.6-R2R

Inventory of this package via installer info's;
Lex Chorus
Lex Dual Delay
Lex Multivoice Pitch
Lex Pitch Shift
Lex Random Delay
Lex Resonant Chords
Lex String Box

Just as listed in the nfo section above...

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