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Channel Robot Empire Of Bass v1.0.0 Library-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 08 Nov 2023 | 1.90GB
Empire of Bass is the first in the Performance Series, a set of instruments designed to give you powerful and immediate access to a range of customisable great quality sounds along with ease-of-use that include performance related features over and above the “normal” dual-rompler fare. Download the demo now to take it for a spin.

Sound Features
Empire Of Bass has 430 presets and 300 meticulously sampled bass instruments taken from our popular Folio Bass Kontakt instrument; acoustic basses, electric basses, synth basses, we’ve covered all the bases, (sorry couldn’t resist it). Combine any two sounds together to quickly get a unique instrument just right for your track no matter the genre or target. Each of the two independent voices includes:

Wave form display
Volume and pitch controls
Reverse mode
Mono/Poly Switchable
Glide controls
a simple Attack and Release envelope
unison controls
multimode filter (8 different filters to choose from)
multiple shaped LFO, assignable to Filter freq, Amplitude and Pitch
FM processing
4 Send Levels
Keyboard split

Alongside the two main voices Empire of Bass includes a Sub-Voice, a Sine wave synth with switchable Octave, Volume and Attack and Release controls.

There are 4 Send Effect Slots each loadable with any of 8 effects:

Wave Shaper
Convolution – with 9 IRs to select from

There are 4 Master Effect Slots, also loadable with the same effect types.

Performance Features
The two main voices can be mixed together in varying ratios, using the large central Cross-Mixer control. Movements of the Cross-Mixer control can be recorded and replayed in a loop, or retriggered for each new note, or even set to a controlled random position on each new note.

There are two independent ARPs – one per voice – with the standard ARP controls and our all new Pattern Builder panel – that allows you to build new musical and useful ARP patterns quickly and easily.

Empire of Bass has a simple and easy to use Preset System that includes 430 presets to get you going quickly.

All this wrapped up in a single page UI with performance and speed of access at its heart. Why not try it out right now?

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  Resident 21.04.2014 1584
It seems that this product is very good, but we can't get a clear idea about it, it seems that they choose the worst people in the world to talk about, and worse, we can barely hear the aphonic and boring voice of this citizen who regurgitates words for 14 unbearable minutes.

I've seen demos here that last just 1 minute and manage to show the reason for what they came for.
  Member 17.10.2021 25
I agree with you. Sadly, most new products are presented like this. For most people new to a particular software, we just want to know what it sounds like and if the sounds fit in the type of music we make. Talking about this button and that button is great after we've bought the plugin, not before.
  Member 24.02.2023 176
Not my point of view.
I listened to all audio demos ...

They all sound BLAND and bread'n butter generic whatever...
The first freeware you download will sound better.

Surge example :

Thanks for sharing anyway !

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