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Future Audio DST v1.1.0 Incl Keygen-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 07 Nov 2023 | 11.5MB
DST is a next generation Multi-Band Distortion Plugin with Innovative distortion algorithms unlike anything on the market to help you create the freshest sounds.

Offering a wide range of options to manipulate your sound, including multiple distortion types, a versatile EQ section, and presets to trigger your inspiration. Its intuitive user interface and powerful features make it an essential tool for musicians, producers, and sound designers alike.

DST is a multi band distortion plugin to process your sounds and bring them to life. Stop wasting your time with complex plugin chains that kill your inspiration, get the sound you want.

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  Member 9.11.2016 68 406
yes yes yes
R2R to president world
  Member 20.06.2021 320
wow sounds so crisp n clean for distortion, kind of sounds like irs. reminds me of Acustica or the like, but its innovative distortion algorithms unlike anything on the market to help you create the freshest sounds.. Rings out loud using on Viper , you can differently deafen the crown with this. Good for dull stuff i guess or anything. lol
11mb for a multiband. good coding. comes up to 18 maybe. Thanks to Reverse to Revolutionize i beg you to act like a star.
  Member 22.10.2021 18
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 21.07.2021 5
keygen running on an old macbook via winebottler crashes with "Error 1 (internal error)"

anybody else?
  Resident 28.05.2020 42 101
Yesss! We expected from R2R! Thanks my heroes! <3
  Member 5.10.2021 7 179
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 17.01.2016 178
quote by tomferrykeygen running on an old macbook via winebottler crashes with "Error 1 (internal error)"

anybody else?

Keygen does not run on my programmable calculator Casio Fx702p from 1976.

But fun aside. If it is not your productive machine haven't you got a friend with a Win box wouldn't that be easier (with challenge/response)?
OR, most of the time errors are due to rights. Test if you give the directory a chmod 777
  Member 21.07.2021 5
i think wine doesn't run great on apple silicon.

I did ask a friend with a windows machine to run it for me but it's not a chal/response keygen according to him. Or maybe he was doing it wrong. I'll just keep my eyes out for updates
  Member 7.09.2022 1 47
Hmm, sounds cool? I don't hear anything special here. I think I would use it as a simple MB Dist but the UI wastes so much space, WHY?

HUGE Borders, and why do I need to click edit to "fill" the wasted space? If this square is empty, why isn't the Multiband there in the first place? Really strange decisions here.

Sad, I would love a very simple and streamlined MB Distortion Plugin.

Would love to hear opinions on this, maybe my UI is bugged?
  Resident 11.01.2020 138
It sounds better than 99% of other distortion plugins, that's enough for me to use it. Who cares about GUI?
  Member 7.09.2022 1 47
Why does it sound better in your opinion? And GUI is important for many people?

Often Plugins like these are just a Multiband Waveshaper with a fancy GUI and marketing.
  Resident 11.01.2020 138
the Comment has been Removed

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