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Voxengo r8brain PRO v2.12.0 Incl Patched and Keygen READ NFO-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 19 Sep 2023 | 3.7MB
r8brain PRO is a professional sample rate converter tool software designed to deliver an unprecedented sample rate conversion (SRC) quality. Unlike other existing SRC algorithms available on the market, r8brain PRO implements sample rate conversion processing in its full potential: interpolation and decimation steps without exploiting any kind of simplifications; the signal is resampled in a multi-step manner using a series of intermediate sample rates based on whole-numbered up/down factors. This makes conversion perfect – both in signal-to-noise and timing precision aspects. Such whole number-factored SRC can be considered a golden standard in sample rate conversion since it is not subject to jitter nor timing errors.

Like many existing SRC algorithms, r8brain PRO offers you a linear-phase conversion mode. But more importantly, you also have an option of using the minimum-phase conversion mode, which finally brings SRC with true analog qualities to affordable digital audio workstations: in this mode, r8brain PRO works like an ideal digital-to-analog converter followed by an analog-to-digital converter, to resample the audio. This eliminates pre-ringing associated with linear-phase designs while introducing a minimal amount of phase coloration.

r8brain PRO can read mono, stereo, and multi-channel files in WAV, RF64, Wave64, and AIFF file formats, creating 16-, 24-, 32-, and 64-bit mono, stereo, and multi-channel WAV (RF64) files in fixed- and floating-point formats. EBU BWF (broadcasting) extensions, extensible wave format, markers, sample loops, and textual data residing inside a file are also supported. For the sake of convenience, r8brain PRO allows you to perform multi-threaded batch conversions that utilize the full potential of your computer.

r8brain PRO's bit-depth conversion uses an industry-standard “flat” TPDF dithering. We have decided not to implement noise-shaping dithering because audio production software available on the market usually offers the user a noise-shaping dithering of some kind already (you can also use our Elephant plug-in for this feature). We also based our decision on the fact that the sample rate conversion process often adjusts peak profile of the original program material, thus, in many cases, making a subsequent peak-limiting a necessity. To prevent output audio from clipping we have implemented a level normalization feature.

A witch says,

In 2020, Voxengo changed their protection to new serial number. We made 90% keygen in a day, the last 10% was 512bit signature using SHA512, but we weren't able to find out what was exactly used. Bypassing the signature check is very easy but it does not fulfill the R2R quality. We didn't release it.

In recent research, we found that it is Ed25519 (SHA512 + EdDSA). It's one of the modern signature scheme like RSA, DSA, ECDSA. So, here is the legit attack from us. Only EdDSA public key is swapped.

Our keygen generates serial with proper license information, that is always missed in other cracked ones.

As a celebration, we added "patch" function in the keygen. It works with all current plugins for the both OS. Have fun :)

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  Member 21.06.2015 45
Thanks alot! And these informations are always really interesting.
  Member 5.02.2016 318
I'm having trouble getting sound output with every Voxengo plugin, even though I've activated them using the R2R patch and serial.. Can anyone help me fix this issue?
  Member 23.05.2022 3
Have the same issue with plugins (vst3 on win10, tested with reaper and studio one)... Original and patched do work with limitations in DEMO-mode. As soon as it's registered with (any type of) generated key, the sound output will die (one time after almost one minute, another time after 6 seconds, a 3rd time after 27 seconds...) Seems like some kind of timebomb. This happened with internet-connection disabled, so probably not due to home-calling. Previously voxengo complete bundle from TCD was installed, but complete uninstall and thorough system cleanup was executed before trying this R2R piece of art, unfortunately without success. Please fix this issue or give some guideline to patch and license correctly to make it work with sound-output.

  Member 16.03.2021 38
Open keyGen, if you downloaded it from the website click on site license click on register then click on patch, look for the vst3 plugin. I tested it here with elephant and it worked. Then tell me if it worked for you.
  Member 3.02.2018 24
No it didnt works
  Member 5.02.2016 318
I did as you said still no sound
  Resident 10.01.2009 2 739
Congratulations R2R
Your efforts are greatly appreciated
  Resident 22.10.2021 2 468
Keygen is top notch & high level wizardry involved
  Resident 21.10.2014 10 824
I mean READ NFO - is kind of short but so enjoyable article to read and it is pure magic i would say, because after all witches are involved in it . Thanks a lot TEAM R2R you made the history, a real true history in the warez scene. Appreciate a lot the fact that through the years back and now you still give the people opportunity to try before buy without any charge for it. And if developer is crooked you expose them.
AiR addict!
  Resident 29.09.2008 7 473
I love the R2R explanations, I enjoy it much more than when I went to school.
  Member 5.07.2016 44
I also like those.

I'd love to be a cracker on my next life
  Member 9.11.2016 68 402
Ty R2R and AUDIOZ all

win 10, studio one

Voxengo Polysquasher VST2
patched and reg "site"
not output sound
  Resident 1.07.2015 4 649
Thanks witches & DECi! @darthloud: Was the vst a version before 2020? Check the keygen isn't being blocked by your firewall / av (see if "generate" gives you a file on ur desktop?)
Thx to anybody posting Spitfire / OTB libs!
  Member 22.10.2021 278
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 28.11.2021 132
Voxengo stuff is awesome. It will be handy to have this keygen. At the moment I have to manually input all the serial numbers in to each and every plugin, copying and pasting from a file that contains all my serials. I bought the Premium Membership a little while back, and there are a lot of plugins! It's a real PITA.

What I'm actually doing (because I'm lazy) is using TCD's Complete bundle. It saves me having to authorise each and every plugin one at a time. Unfortunately Voxengo don't provide a download installer / product manager - and all the better I say! Aleksey said when asked if he would consider making one and he said definitely not! So there.

The Voxengo bundle is one of the first bread and butter bundles I use when I mess about with a new system. I'm forever losing my serials.txt file and forgetting my login for the Voxengo site. So it will be handy having this, knowing I can quickly knock up a serial for the plugins I already own, when I test a new system. It's good to have the option anyway. No big deal blocking the Voxengo site, there's not a lot there as I already have all the manuals.

I'm particularly fond of Voxengo's Compressors. Crunchessor for a bit of dirt. Marquis for flexibility. Deft for clean and transparent more gain riding stuff. I also use Voxformer channel strip quite a bit on stuff, not just vocals. I use Drumformer on a lot of stuff too, but I do tend to use that more on drums.

The Premium Membership is worth it if you can afford it. I already owned a few plugins so got a good discount, plus there was a sale, so it didn't cost that much for what you get (compared to Fabfilter say). Also Aleksey is true to his word, he's included a few new plugins and not charged extra for them, stuff like TEOTE for example and the new reverbs. So far there isn't anything he hasn't included in the whole bundle.
  Member 2.07.2022 3 142
I didn`t understand : "As a celebration, we added "patch" function in the keygen. It works with all current plugins for the both OS." Does it mean that i can download all plugins from official site and patch it ?
  Member 28.12.2016 117
yep, it sure does
  Member 8.10.2021 33 124
I tried registering automatically and manually but all plugins stay in DEMO mode, I then tried patching the vst3 files with the keygen, but the plugins are muted. I made sure to uninstall the TCD versions with Revo Uninstaller beforehand. Only r8brain pro is working properly.
  Member 16.03.2021 38
Open keyGen, if you downloaded it from the website click on site license click on register then click on patch, look for the vst3 plugin. I tested it here with elephant and it worked. Then tell me if it worked for you.
  Member 8.10.2021 33 124
Nothing. I downloaded the plugins from the official website and I use Revo Uninstaller every time to restart the process. I think I've tried registering in every combination and every order possible. My conclusion is that it will stay in DEMO after registering either manually or automatically, and as soon as there is patching involved, plugins will turn silent. It doesn't matter what type of license it is, or whether I patched first and register later, or viceversa; or if I did only registering, or if I did only patching. It's always the results I described.
  Member 8.10.2021 33 124
By the way, I managed to get for a few seconds audio from the plugins if I uninstall the plugin and delete all the folders inside C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Voxengo\Audio Plug-Ins , on Windows 10. So I can install again from scratch, open keygen, select "site license", then patch the plugin, click "generate" and copy the serial key. When I open the plugin I will get DEMO mode and I can now register to remove DEMO. There is audio now, but only for 30 seconds until it mutes. Seems like BMS is working fine, but the others aren't.
  Resident 23.02.2018 2 77
Holy $hit... R2R you're genius. What a legend!
  Resident 14.11.2011 600
is it now better than the old weiss saracon converter?
Software is like sex,it's better when it's free!
  Resident 15.09.2011 1 3791
Voxengo r8brain was always better than Weiss Saracon. There is actually a few better than Weiss. Look here for comparison of various SRCs:
Never let the price fool you. But most of the SRCs these days should work alright. Like SoX which I sometimes use in Linux, but I routinely SRC with Reaper's r8brain implementation.

Thank you so much R2R and Decibelle for r8brain Pro! I hope I can make some other Voxengo plugins work, too. Cheers!
"The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited
  Resident 14.11.2011 600
thanx sineWave .
Software is like sex,it's better when it's free!
  Member 21.10.2022 42
same thing here, all the voxengo plugins have been patched and registered with the keygen but I don't have any output sound.
  Resident 15.02.2019 292
Same for me too. As much as I appreciate R2R and trust his releases, this time he stumbled on a tough one. The Voxengo guy is no fool.
Lets see if there will be a 'FIXED" anytime soon :).
  Member 16.03.2021 38
Open keyGen, if you downloaded it from the website click on site license click on register then click on patch, look for the vst3 plugin. I tested it here with elephant and it worked. Then tell me if it worked for you.
  Member 21.10.2022 42
Indeed, for Elephant it works using the keygen in this order (thanks) but not for other plugins like TEOTE for example (same problem, no output sound).
  Member 9.11.2016 68 402
I'm sure that r2r time can make true keygen without the need for a patch

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