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Kriminal Spitfire VST WiN FREE screenshot
VST WiN | 671.09 KB
This synth has a bit of a story behind it...

after making lots of stuff in SE, mainly to learn SE as i was going along, i dedicded to make a synth i would actually use.

Bass sounds are nearly always the first thing i use in a track, along with beats. Most synths make decent bass sounds, but most are far to complex for my need, drenched in mods and fx...not for me. So, i went for the simple approach, a synth that would produce hard hitting bass sounds without having to spend all day switching off stuff i didnt need.

Spitfire is the result.

Its a very basic 1 OSC synth with EG for filter and amp, a simple drive unit which is plenty good enough for the kinda sounds i am after,and a VERY useful EQ that makes it easy to get my bass sound sit well in a mix by simply cutting or boosting a certain freq, quick and easy.

It has a few modulation parts, velocity to drive/filter/fm which works well. The OSC itself has 4 waveforms, with FM and PWM for the Pulse (obviously)

I spent a long time studying alot of my old songs and the sounds i used, how they worked etc, and the resluts kinda formed this synth.

GUI is of course functional, im not really into making it look amazing (tho some may say it sounds better if it looks good!)

So far, its replaced every other synth i previously used for bass tracks. Something this simple and this useable is exactly what ive been trying to build in SE for a long time, i just wasnt sure what i was after or how to do it until now.

I stuck in 16 presets, but they took 5 mins and arent worth bothering with. To be honest, a synth this simple doesnt need them. Personally if i need a bass sound, i know roughly what im after and i build it from scratch.

Im very happy with it, and if you're into the same kinda thing, give it a try.

If you dont like SE synths, dont like me, or simply dont have any interest in the synth, dont try it. Its free, and its made for me, but im sharing incase any other musician has a similar interest.

- Dave (Kriminal), 2008

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