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Windows, Mac OSX, Samples
Toontrack EZkeys 2 Core Library v1.0.0 WIN MAC-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 2023.05.20 | 2.5 GB
A grand piano isn’t just iconic in stature and tone, it’s an indisputable songwriting staple. EZkeys 2 comes with an all-new core library featuring a breathtaking instrument captured to offer the broadest possible tonal palette.

A carefully captured Fazioli* F212 grand piano

Recorded at Riksmixningsverket Studio in Stockholm, Sweden

Approx. 4 GB of multi-sampled sounds

Recorded using a Neve* 8068 64-channel console

Captured using spot mics on hammers and strings

Overhead and two secondary room ambiences

Adjustable hammer release and pedal noise controls

Pedals: Sustain, Una Corda (soft pedal) and Sostenuto

Adjustable MIDI controller velocity response

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  Resident 3.03.2020 766
does this core library differ from the one from VR-release ?!
I'm here , That's more than enough !!
  Member 9.02.2021 1 406
Same library.
  Resident 3.03.2020 766
thanks a lot

I downloaded both to see thinking that may be R2R tweaked the library or something to suit its cracked version but luckily they are the same
I'm here , That's more than enough !!
  Member 27.04.2019 449
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 13.08.2021 103
SO is the only sound one piano in V2?
I'm not seeing anything else in the soundpack but a single piano
Is that really all v2 is soundwise?
  Member 6.01.2023 53
Correct. More of a gui update but now I have a reason to try ezkeys. The first version is an eye sore. This one is slick and more congruent with their other products
  Member 18.10.2016 18
How can I install it manually on Mac?
  Member 2.12.2022 38
Install Mac please 😩
  Resident 3.03.2020 766
Updates are not in the library but in the main app

Bandmate, so many others like those in Ezdrummer
I'm here , That's more than enough !!
  Member 26.05.2016 99
How does one manually install the library?

The Installer in Monterey gives the error: “The application “” can’t be opened.”

----Future me----
Just drag the folder named "Contents," but rename it "EZkeys"

Drag to Library → Application Support → EZkeys.

only 1 folder called EZkeys. Not EZKeys 2 as you might expect.
  Member 28.11.2014 46
Cannot get this to install on Mac, not sure where Im going wrong says No installer configuration file was found.. Tried the 'move the content folder' workaround. No dice
  Member 31.05.2014 13
Katfile down

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