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GForce Minimonsta2 v1.0.1 Incl Keygen-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 2023.03.13 | 142 MB
Minimonsta2 - Boldly going where no mini has gone before

When we first released it, the original Minimonsta gained heavy praise from fans and critics alike for providing an extraordinarily accurate sonic replication of the legendary Model D®.

But it went much further, augmenting the simplicity of the original design with a host of new features that allowed the deeply familiar tones to be pushed into previously unexplored sonic realms.

Minimonsta2 retains the fundamental architecture at the heart of its predecessor, but builds on this in ways that extend its sonic and musical capabilities into a uniquely deep & musical instrument and sets it apart from other Mini.

New in Minimonsta2
Minimonsta2 features
a new fully resizable UI,
an improved audio engine,
a powerful new Preset Browser,
over 300 new presets,
a new Reverb effect,
a Vintage control for adding subtle analogue imperfections,
four programmable Macros,
selectable 4-stage envelopes,
an alternative bass-preserving ladder filter,
PWM for OSC1 and much more.

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  Member 18.08.2012 5 51
Released: 08/03/2023

Fixed bug that prevented Minimonsta2 from opening in Windows 7.
  Member 28.10.2021 252
Well, that's a small step in the right direction.
The standalone works fine, but vst and vst3 still don't work.

Edit: This is on Win7, sorry I forgot to mention that.

Edit 2: Won't work in Cakewalk.
But it works fine in Waveform (!)
  Member 16.09.2013 25
Have you tested on win 7 64bit?
  Member 28.10.2021 252
Oops, that's what I meant. It was indeed Win7 64 bit I tested on.
  Member 16.09.2013 25
At least vst3 works fine here on Win 7 64bit
  Member 5.02.2013 115
tested on win7 64bit. I can confirm it works in standalone,vst and vst3(these on multiple daws). If you have also ToneX installed with a large database pay attention because it can slowdown the search of new vsts in daws and sometimes it seems that there is some problems with vsts, just wait a looong...

Thanks again for this one
  Member 29.02.2020 5 35
Thanks Funtime, R2R and the developers,
Win 7 : Standalone and Vst3 works, haven't checked vst2

But came across a weird issue though both on standalone and Vst3 not a big deal though. For some patches while clicking the keys on the keyboard of the plugin the sound just stops like hitting the panic button but never makes sound again, after selecting the next or previous patch it stars working normal, but stops just after the click. This happens only when clicking with mouse, not while normally playing with midi keyboard.
  Member 28.10.2021 252
I can't get it to turn up in Cakewalk.
But now I found it works fine in Waveform 12.
So the problem must lie with Cakewalk then....
  Member 5.02.2013 115
I have Cakewalk on my win7 x64 and for me it works (vst2 and vst3) so the problem it's not CbB. I don't know what it can be on your system.
Maybe like I said before I noticed a small problem because ToneX (now with a large db) hangs the new plugins search at start, not only in cakewalk but in other daws also. However it seems that cakewalk don't like this long wait and sometimes this can cause problems to it. If you have ToneX with a large database installed try to check if this can be the problem. For example I had to retry a second time the plugins scan with my CbB but now after a long wait minimonsta2 is recognized and works both in vst2 and vts3 inside cakewalk (latest 2022.11).
  Member 28.10.2021 252
No, it can't be due to ToneX.
I have that installed, but other new stuff I install turns up immediately, so it can't be that.
It may be due to the fact that I tried to install Minimonsta2 v1.0 which didn't work, and now Cakewalk has decided to ban it as it has the same name.

Edit: After hours of rescanning manually and messing about in Cakewalk, I FINALLY got it to recognize Minimonsta2. So it works!
  Member 5.02.2013 115
glad that your problem has been resolved
  Member 17.08.2019 331
Thanks R2R and Funtime.
Everything working on Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Standalone, VST and VST3 no issues. I have a habit of always testing any new VSTi and plugins on a spare PC before installing on my work unit. For quick testing I use Tone2 Nanahost 1.2.2 or Hermann Sieb's hosts before trying with my main host program it keeps things uncluttered and simpler for verifying. The plus of Nanohost is making any VSTi a standalone.
  Member 22.10.2021 149
So many Windows 7 users I see above, here I am still stuck on Windows 10 (LTSC) 21H2 19044.2673 and will never install Windows SpyFurther with more AI 11.
  Resident 28.09.2015 1 211
Does this release work OK under Win10?
  Member 3.06.2015 35
Hi Guys Keygen not working for me Win 7 64 bit
Any help Thanks

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