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Cherry Audio Mercury-6 v1.0.5.84 FIXED-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 2023.03.12 | 16.8 MB
The Sleeper Has Awakened
Mercury-6 is a meticulous recreation of the Jupiter-6 analog synthesizer, just in time for its 40th anniversary! Sandwiched between the earlier Jupiter-4 and Jupiter-8 models in name only, the sophisticated Jupiter-6 has sometimes been considered a sleeper release. These days, it has persevered to become one of Roland's most notable and coveted classic synthesizers due to its distinctive dark and complex character. Mercury-6 captures all that is exceptional in this treasured polyphonic classic, boosts its extraordinary feature set for today's DAW production and workflow, and celebrates the ground-breaking innovation from the era that changed music forever.

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FIXED : Previous release fails loading encrypted content when the
virtual DLL is not located to the original image base.


The issue was not simple. There was a bug in the Cherry's virtual DLL
loader when it solves the relocation. It fails loading if there were no
relocation specified in DLL's Image Data Directory.

Because relocation happens only when original image base is already
used by other DLL (our one is 0x180000000), it was hard for us
to reproduce in our simple testing environment.

We don't think Cherry fixes this bug because their DLL does not trigger it :)
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  Member 14.09.2019 1 196
I'll report to Cherry Audio that they have a bug in the cracked version of their software

Thank you R2R for everything you do!!
  Resident 22.10.2021 203
maybe it was done deliberately? by Cherry? But thx R2R for fixing it, amazin!!!!!
  Member 3.10.2020 8
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 5.05.2019 1 164
Amazing work R2R and thank you funtime .. your hard work will never go unnoticed
  Resident 11.12.2010 356
Standalone, VST2 & VST3 are working until AAX is launched.
AAX still presenting the Cherry Audio logo with the space/matrix background.

Is this a middle finger to teams?

Reinstalled everything except AAX. Working!
  Member 29.05.2015 644
ok that's fine but at least it works or not? on windows 7 ultimate 64 bit... does it work?
  Member 3.02.2014 32 43
somebody please give boss the answer!!!
  Member 29.11.2020 26 1598
anyone knows if the metallic noise problem (dev. bug) still there for you ? I played with it for an hour but no such thing happens, not sure what really triggers it and would like to test it.
I can only be responsible for what I say, not what you understand.
  Member 27.10.2021 111
R2R saves the day. Thanks!

One thing I don't like about Cherry is their reliance on "layered" presets. 90% of the presets are layered, and that's jut not how the JP-6 was used. It's a cheap trick to make the plugin sound better than it actually does IMHO.

If it can't stand up on its own without using two layers, then how can it actually claim its a good JP-6 emulation?

Same goes for the GX-80, almost all its presets are layered, and none of the "button presets" work like they should. But that's enough complaining
  Member 22.10.2021 149
Thank you, Cherry plugins are the cherry on top, they sound and look a lot like the old Roland clouds without subscription and may even surpass them sound and quality wise. This company definitely deserve our money.
  Member 27.10.2021 111
LOL. I'm sorry, but they do not surpass Roland Cloud at all. Roland uses actual circuit modelling. Cherry doesn't even have the real hardware on hand half the time and only guestimates (like the Oberheim Eight Voice). But it does the job and isn't $299, so they justify their position.

Seriously, System-8/Cloud take on Jupiter-8 is by far the most accurate Jupiter-8 emulation. Cherry side by side of Memorymoog/Jupiter-4 and real hardware was just sad when I looked.
  Member 28.12.2016 253
I agree, but you should give this one a chance I suggest
  Member 28.12.2016 253
Rolands' envelopes are much tighter, that's for sure, absolutely perfectly modelled.
  Member 14.12.2022 3
Hi guys, there is a bug in the archive file I downloaded from katfile.
  Member 27.10.2021 111
Must be your internet.

Kat works - RAR archive works in 7zip. Archive SHA1 is
  Member 14.12.2022 3
the same applies to the file of rapidgator...
  Member 28.12.2016 48
try 7zip, or if it is complaining about "data after the end of the payload data" ignore it
  Member 8.02.2016 77
Thanx. Works fine on Win11 FLStudio 20.9.2.
  Member 28.12.2016 253
The first time I\m really impressed by something from Cherry Audio, it sounds electric/analog well done
  Member 17.08.2019 331
Yes KingOfSwords, it works perfectly on Windows 7 ultimate x64, but I didn't install AAX as per warning from quadcore64 . besides I never use aax anyways. So then SAL, VST and VST3 are working fine, no issues.
  Member 11.09.2015 2 69
I also use legit CA stuff, by installing this will it have an impact on legit registered stuff ? As far as I know, this was a problem a few months ago.....Thank you for any info and thank you R2R !!
last night an oscillator saved my life
  Member 27.10.2021 111
IMO only pirate it if you're willing to abandon your Cherry account if things go bad, and switch to pirating all versions - They use Online DRM and can blacklist you if they detect your IP doing suspicious things

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